The Future of Augmented Reality In Digital Marketing (2020)

As we advance towards modernizing the future, the latest technology today has already presented us a tremendous experience of benefits that we continue to enjoy. Apparently, the internet has transformed the world and continues to change on how people function in their daily lives.

It has escalated its promising offers of comfort, convenience, and easy access to the answers that people seek from time to time. With this, people are already dependent on the internet, may it be from simple food recipes to a wide selection of online shopping.

Thus, business industry is making a move to pave its way up towards reaching a large customer base and increase sales rate. Various marketing styles and techniques are available recently, which you can opt to apply for an online business.

Augmented Reality: The Future of Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality or AR is the technology that combines a real-world image or video to a digital one with computer-generated graphics, imagery, and information. In short, augmented reality happens with a computer-generated photo, video, and other digital graphics overlay connected to the physical world.

Popular mobile game app Pokemon is the best example of the application of Augmented Reality. The mobile game seized the vast population of the Pokemon enthusiast around the globe.

This innovation is an interactive tool which lets the digital world that only exists in our imagination come to life and connect with the reality. There are plenty of applications that provide AR using our smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

As a matter of fact, AR is starting to revolutionize consumer experiences through products such as video games, mobile apps, and smart eyeglasses. As CES stated at Las Vegas, in the future AR is going to control the market depending on the product launched.

Discover How AR Will Help In Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality

Contemporary Interaction

Augmented Reality initiates real-time interaction with the user and welcome customers to a more interactive paradigm in the usual online shopping experience.

The positive vibes that the customers feel will leave a good impression to your brand after letting them venture out with the latest tech stuff with your products.

It will increase the possibility of making your clients wanting to come back for more and will create a bigger customer base for your business.

Actual Feedbacks

Another advantage of augmented reality is it lets customers to instantly give comments, reactions, and responses after purchasing or checking out products and other services. You will also be able to know whether customers shared them in another channel or not, on what particular channels, how much time they spend on finding a product, and a lot more.

This time you can get their feedbacks real-time. The comments will help you build a reputation and let your prospects recognize the brand.


You can present a multi-channel sales approach to provide the needs and wants of the customers through an integrated shopping adventure.  You can use AR to promote a smooth omnichannel experience for your clients’ convenience and satisfaction upon deciding for a potential purchase of your business product.

An example of this is the L’Oreal’s Make Up Genius app. The mobile app lets the customer see the actual application of the makeup, how the particular makeup product works and its overall outcome. It is all possible because of the help of the app’s advanced facial recognition technology.

The app will work the same with various fashion related business like a clothing brand or an online shop. The customers can pick their desired apparel, try it on, and see how it looks on them with the help of AR. You can also add pieces of information such as the prices, colors, sizes, available designs, and other customers’ reviews about the product.

Game Integration

Anyone who owns a smartphone nowadays indulges themselves in different mobile game apps, especially during their pastimes. Introducing games to your audience can create a lively atmosphere for your business.

You can use the competitive impulse of the public to gain more attention and engagement for your products. You can use the game for the audience to earn company customized freebies, gift certificates and coupons that they can use to avail additional experience of your brand.

It helps motivate shoppers to choose your services and to indulge whatever the business has in store for them.

Record ROI

Tracking the return on investment (ROI) for an online business is not an easy task. However, Augmented Reality offers a much clearer solution to measure ROI. It presents actual models and illustration of how the brand performs in the market including additional data and other analytics. It can also help in tracking the brand’s most efficient course from the starting point to the last money box. AR aids online business to track their ROI most active way.


Modern technology has brought us to further advancement and continue to redefine its effects to our daily lives. Augmented Reality is the result of science and fiction that was only possible in our imagination but has successfully existed.

AR opens a long-lasting economic convenience both for major brands and smaller market sector. AR can not only incorporate business and digital marketing, but it also connects to the other industries like automobile and Information Technology (IT).

According to an evaluation by International Data Corporation (IDC) from around $5.2 billion in 2015, AR technologies will jet up to $162 billion in 2020. AR is one of the top digital innovations up to date that holds auspicious transformation in every consumer experience.

Author Bio: Iman Bahrani is the CEO of Searchical AU which is a premier SEO company located in Brisbane, Australia. He is a business consulting veteran and obtained over a decade of experience in SEO. Iman spends his spare time writing articles about the latest online developments. For more information about Searchical, click here.

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