How To Group Emails by Sender on MAC

If you wish to keep your mails in order, you’ll find this review to be extremely useful for you. In very deed, Mac OS Mail system can arrange your emails in a logical order; you just need to understand how to deal with them.

Besides, we’ll analyze several methods of assorting emails on your Mac device. You’ll see, this process is simple and not time-consuming, but your messages will be organized in kilter. 

How to Group Emails with Unibox?

This is a high-quality email client, which allows users of Mac devices to group their messages and keep them in order. This email client is endowed with a variety of useful features, which will help you keep things in a consistent way. This safe and lightweight client transforms the whole process of emailing into a simple and natural procedure. 

A Unibox mail client is a perfect tool, allowing you to group all your emails by sender. The application allows you to arrange your contact list by dates. Otherwise stated, you’ll view every contact once. If you need to find out more information about this particular contact and see the whole conversation history, you just need to click this particular contact. 

All attachments to emails are presented in a more handy way. With this email client, you can preview them. To do this, you just need to select an icon view. 

Unibox also transforms your emails into instant messages. It makes no matter whether you read or reply messages, all your chats will be presented in one window. 

With this software product, you’ll forget about your inbox mess. Everything will be arranged in order. Besides, analyzing customers’ feedback, we can say that having tested this mail client only once, it will be difficult to return to standard electronic document delivery programs. 

The app works on the basis of the IMAP protocol. It means that you can prefer iCloud, Yahoo or Gmail, this application will cover all of them.

How to Organize Emails with Mac OS Mail?

If you don’t want to download third-party apps, you can work with a standard Mac OS Mail system. This is a pre-installed tool on any Mac device, which allows users to work with messages. 

It is not similar to Microsoft Outlook, but it has its own benefits. Firstly, you need to know that Apple’s Mail system doesn’t have a contact manager. It receives the basic information from Apple’s Address Book. For that reason, to group emails, you always begin with Address Book. You should open it and you’ll see a page containing contacts on the left side. 

If you wish to create a group, you need to find the red Group bookmark and click it. As a result, you’ll see the Groups page. After that, you should just press the “+” button and a new group of contacts will be created. Now, you just need to name it. 

As soon as the group is created, you should open the All Contacts entry and drag all contacts you need to this group. Now, you can see how many contacts you added. 

Another Method of Grouping Mails by Sender 

You can also do this through the use of a Smart Mailbox, which provides a user with the information about the location of all messages, kept in other mailboxes. Otherwise stated, you shouldn’t move your letters between different mailboxes. 

You should find Mailbox, select New Smart Mailbox and then press Add button. After that, you’ll see several pop-up menus and fields which you should use in order to determine the search criteria for your mailbox. 

This is a simple method that doesn’t oblige you to use a third-party app in order to keep your messages organized. 

If you frequently chat with your colleagues, friends or partners via mails, you should definitely select a worthy mail client, which will help you forget about all difficulties related to the work with electronic documents. It should be multi-featured, powerful and secure!

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