Guide How to Promote Your WordPress Blog

Most of the business owners have a blog running on WordPress that is the most popular Content Management System. Obviously, it is a must to have a blog for any business owner who wants to bring traffic on the website and drive more sales …But just having a blog is not enough. Your prospects should know about it too. For this reason, you should work on enhancing your brand visibility and getting more people to visit your blog.

Promoting your blog is important to make money out of this most promising content marketing channel.

Here are some tips to help you out with your blog promotion strategy.

Your blog should load fast

With the attention span of human beings dwindling below that of a gold fish, you have literally no chance in the digital marketplace if you have a slow loading website. To make sure that your visitors do not abandon your website, focus on the load speed of the website. It should not be more than 3 seconds.

Update your blog regularly

Google loves regularly updated blogs. All the buoyant businesses out there update their blog with informative content and promote ideas that their target audience would be looking for. That’s the magic of content marketing. It can make you or break you. When done effectively, it can engage your visitors and entice them to make the purchase. You can endorse the valuable content posted on your blog and drive more traffic that contributes to enhancing your search engine ranking too.

Pro-tip: Gated content is a must as it will fetch you new leads that you can persuade to purchase from you.

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Add internal links

Whenever a visitor checks out a particular post on your blog, they are likely to exit that page once they imbibe the information. If you add internal links that direct the visitor to related posts on your blog, it would reflect your expertise better and prompt the reader to go to those links and increase the average session time of your website. Consequently, it will enhance the page views and help with getting the blog crawled and indexed by search engines. Ultimately, it will improve the page rank and increase the likelihood of getting noticed.

Leverage social media marketing

No promotion is complete without sharing it on social media. Same applies to your WordPress blog. As soon as you update your blog, put it up on social media by using hashtags and an attractive image. You can use phrases like New Blog, ICYMI (that stands for In Case You Missed It), etc. to get more visits from social media. Many business owners go for paid social media promotions too these days. You can get your best posts or high-performing blog posts features in the sponsored ads on the social channels for more effective promotion. Don’t forget to interact with your audience online.


Security is of paramount importance

No matter how strong your website is, it will get you no gain if you do not follow the security best practices. Install an SSL Certificate and get the information on your website encrypted so that no third party or unauthorized sources can get access to it. It will also help you to win the trust of your customers and protect their sensitive personal as well as financial details. Additionally, it also helps you boost your search engine ranking in the long run. You can buy cheap SSL Certificates from online stores such as SSL2BUY.

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Hold contests

Contests are a great way to promote your website and get recognized among the masses. You can incentivize the participants with attractive branded giveaways that will enhance your brand reputation and endorse it to a larger audience.

Organize webinars and co-hosted events

Lead sharing is one of the biggest advantages of co-hosted webinars and events. It helps you to know new prospects and showcase your professionalism and proficiency to them. You can promote your blog to the registrants and attendees and drive better engagement rate.

Try guest blogging

Approach the reputed platforms related to your industry to get your guest blogs published. Guest blogging is a brilliant idea to build outbound links and portray yourself as a trustworthy and reliable company. It is a parameter for search engine rankings too. Target the platforms with high domain authority and page authority for best results.

Do not forget email marketing

Once you get leads for your business, you should extract their email addresses and personal details to segment the list into smaller lists that share the same kind of buyer’s persona. Consider factors like demographics, location, past purchases, etc. This will allow you to send relevant and tailormade emails to them and promote your business better.

Search Engine Optimization is the key

In the end, blogging is all about the effective targeting of keywords through search engine optimization. Add keywords in your blog after proper research of what your target audience is searching for. Just see to it that you do it judiciously rather than stuffing it with keywords.

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Wrapping Up

Quality of the content is the basis of effective promotion of your WordPress blog. In the end, your credibility and word-of-mouth will work wonders for promoting your blog and offerings.

Do let us know how you promote your blog. We would look forward to your insights.

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