How to Design a Computer Hardware Comparison Website

A сomputer hardware comparison website is a profitable online project if created properly. The popularity of websites that compare the computer hardware is easily explained. It is beyond any doubt that computers have become an integral part of our reality. Sooner or later every PC user starts looking for the missing piece of the puzzle, i.e. the professional сomputer hardware comparison website. So, if you know a thing about computers and want to have your piece of the traffic pie, then keep on reading.

Tips to Create the Professional Computer Hardware Comparison Website

Define the Basics

If you want to succeed in the web world with your computer website design, you are free to choose between custom-made websites and computers website templates. Both options have decisive advantages as well as obvious disadvantages.

A custom-made website about comparing computer hardware is an excellent choice if you know a reliable web agency. Otherwise, the whole process may be time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable. Computers website templates, on the other hand, can be reasonably priced and user-friendly. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the final product. This is important so that you do not get carried away because of the wide range of customization options.

Free Trial

So, let’s say, you have decided to go for a computer template. What will be the first factor to take into account when creating a сomputer hardware comparison website? The answer is simple – make sure that you can test computer templates before buying. The trial has to be at least two weeks long. This is the time you need to get acquainted with the admin panel of your future сomputer hardware comparison website at your own pace.

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SEO Instruments

One more important factor to consider when building computer websites is the SEO potential. As there are quite a few similar websites covering the niche of сomputer hardware comparison, you have to be fully prepared to beat the severe competition. To accomplish that, make sure that you have an access to the following SEO instruments:

  1. For starters, the computer website template that you want to use has to contain the built-in SEO tools. For instance, the template has to be able to remind you to add meta tags, meta descriptions, alternative descriptions to your imagery etc.
  2. Also, it is very important to develop a mobile-friendly version for your future computer hardware comparison website. The mobile page speed is indeed the ranking factor for your future online project, no matter what you might have heard. That is why check whether you the template you are about to use contains different modes for desktops and mobiles. Sure thing, it would be nice if a tablet mode is also available.
  3. Make your website interactive with videos. Believe it or not, there are many benefits of adding a video to your computer website design. With a video about comparing computer templates, you kill two birds with one stone, i.e. you increase the engagement of online visitors and improve the search rankings. Yes, creating quality videos about computer hardware does demand extra time and effort on your part. But once these videos are online, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor within the shortest terms.

Determine the Target Audience

With a сomputer hardware comparison website, your clientele will consist of either enthusiastic professionals or wide-eyed regular PC users. These two groups of visitors have completely different aims and expectations. That is why it would be easier if you can decide from the very beginning who your online audience consists of. Based on that decision, you will be able to make smart choices concerning the content you provide. For instance, you will choose the appropriate language. Remember that PC users that are simply looking for professional advice will appreciate it big time if you cut down on the amount of tech jargon and abbreviations.

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Best Design Ideas to Build Computer Hardware Comparison Website

TechnoFix Computer Repair Website Template

product comparison website designIf you need a computer comparison website, then TechnoFix might be what you are looking for. Responsive and SEO-optimized, this template can be transformed into one of the best computer websites on the web. View the live demo and register a free 14-day trial to experience the beauty of the friendly admin panel of TechnoFix.

Phone Repair Website Template

This computer website design is attention-grabbing thanks to its fixed menu, elegant icons, and subtle animations. Impress your prospective customers with the lightning fast loading speed and seamless designs for all modern devices. Due to the social media integration as well as Google Map, you know for sure that your future customers know the way to contact you asap if needed.

SoftAPP Computer Website Template

The color scheme used in this hardware comparison website template is calm and soothing. But you are free to change the scheme using the Color Picker. This tool is aimed at defining and editing five dominant colors on your website. This way you can redesign your future computer hardware comparison website by changing these dominant colors in a click.

Mobilland Mobile Repair Website Template

If you choose to build a computer comparison website with Mobilland, you know that your future website is in safe hands. Make your business offer personal and believable with nicely designed Testimonials and Team pages. BTW, all the photos you see in Mobilland are included in the installation package. How awesome is this?

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CompShop Electronic Store Template

CompShop is a pre-populated ecommerce template that has the potential of becoming a hardware comparison website. Thanks to the 24/7 tech support and the friendly drag-and-drop interface, this template is fun to customize and manage. All the imagery used in CompShop are included in the price so there is no need to hire a professional photographer for your future online venture.

To Recap…

All in all, designing a successful computer hardware comparison website boils down to answering the following four questions:

  1. Do you want a custom-made website or a computers website?
  2. Is there a free trial (min. 2-week long) for a computers website template you like?
  3. Are there enough instruments (built-in SEO tools, the responsive design, and video integration) in this template to guarantee that your computer’s website has high rankings?
  4. Who do you think are visitors of your future website?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you know that you are ready to go online with your computer hardware comparison website!

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