How to Find the Perfect Job That Fits Your Creative Side

Job-hunting can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure what job you’re looking for. If you’re looking for that job that’s going to unlock your creative potential, it can hard to know where to start. There are plenty of jobs out there that require creativity, whether they are corporate jobs or not, but figuring out the perfect one for you can be a bit of a process. Here is how to find a job that fits your creative side.

Consider Your Creative Skills

First think about what type of creative industry you might be interested in and what you are passionate about. You need to understand this in order to find a job that suits your interests and keeps you motivated. Are you an aspiring artist? A writer? Do you think in a creative way that would be suitable for an industry like advertising or design? What skills do you already have that will help you in your job hunt? If you like Thinking about this is crucial in order to know how to direct your job search.

Think About Your Experience But Don’t Be Held Back By It

If you’re looking to find a job that fits your creative side, it might be because your previous professional experience hasn’t been fulfilling your creativity and you’re looking for something that is more tailored towards your creative interests. If this is the case, it might mean that you have little work experience in creative industries or positions. This should not deter you from changing career paths or seeking out a different job. You shouldn’t be held back by jobs you’ve had previously. Instead, you should be thinking about those things you are passionate about, how you can harness your creativity, and your future potential. Keeping this in mind will give you more confidence when it comes to applying for jobs where you might not necessarily have the experience other candidates might have.

Pinpoint The Issues You’ve Had With Past Jobs

If you have been motivated to change jobs because something seems to be missing from your current position or you’re not fully satisfied, sit down and think about what it is you haven’t liked about your previous jobs. Do you think you’ve been in the wrong industry, or just the wrong role in an industry you like? Part of finding the perfect job is knowing what you don’t want out of a job. If you are a very creative person, a job where you have little autonomy may leave you feeling frustrated and uninspired.


Finding a new job that’s right for you, especially if it means breaking into a new industry, requires some networking and meeting people who could help you out or give you advice on where to look for a job and how to build connections in the industry. Networking can take place online or offline and can expose you to amazing job opportunities. If you’re interested in a more creative job, start looking at networking opportunities in more creative fields.

Search Job Boards and Look for Job Ingredients

Keep up with what type of jobs are available by constantly searching job boards and industry sites. Sites like Gumtree are a good platform because there are new jobs uploaded to the site regularly and you can narrow down your searches depending on the industry you are looking to get into. You can contact the employer or poster directly through the site which helps to ensure a faster response time. When searching for jobs, look at job ‘ingredients’ rather than the job title. This can limit your job search if you are focused on one particular role. If you are looking for a job that fits your creative side, you should be open to different roles but on positions that all allow you to work creatively. Rather than becoming too focused on the title, make sure to properly read the job description, the duties and the requirements to ascertain if it is a role that would work for you.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Changing jobs and careers can have an impact on your lifestyle, particularly if the change of job means accepting a reduction in how much you are earning or longer hours. Before taking the plunge, consider what the ‘perfect’ job looks like for your lifestyle and depending on your commitments and family, whether you can logistically afford to earn less or spend more time at work.

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