How to Generate Sales through Guest Posting?

Every e-commerce store owner is looking to generate more sales. They are always finding new methods that can bring in more orders to their stores and improve their ROI. And, one such way to improve sales is through guest posting. In this article, we will discuss how these e-commerce store owners can get the most sales by writing posts on other websites.

Let’s learn the topic in detail.

Guest Posting to Increase Sales

Guest posting is a way of writing for some other blog in your domain/niche to get recognition or value. The value can be in the form of a backlink or a brand mention. By guest posting, the guest author also increases his authority in the area.

Types of Guest Posts Your Should Write

Most guest authors write about informational topics. But, if you really want to get value from your guest posts, then you will need to publish guest posts that are buyer-intent, or transactional.

Here is how you can distinguish between the two.

Informational topics:

  • Informational topics usually start with the 5Ws or 1H.
  • For example: How to guest post for your business?

Transactional Topics:

  • Transactional topics usually start with the benefits of the product or service.
  • For example, X Ways to Write Guest Posts

The reason transitional keywords generate more sales is that people searching for these keywords are in the market to buy the product or service.

Best Ways to Generate Sales with Guest Posting

Now that you know about the two types of guest postings, let’s learn how they can help you improve your business.

Create a Buyer Persona

If you want to generate sales through your guest posts, then, first of all, create a buyer persona. The buyer persona should include the personality, interests, demographics of the person that you will be writing about.

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Here is a sample buyer persona that you can use to create your own.

In the above image, there are various sections depicting the attributes of the buyer. The more detailed a buyer persona is, the better it is to understand the customer.

When you have a buyer persona on paper, create topics that the buyer will be searching for.

Let’s say the buyer is a girl who practices yoga. She is 28. Here are a few topics she will be searching:

  • X ways to do Yoga at home
  • Best Yoga Mats for Home Gym
  • Five Best Yoga Poses for Back

All of these can become important guest posting topics. Now, if you mention mats and add a CTA to your website, she will come to your website through that guest post. Eventually, she will buy a mat or a book on Yoga.

Announce Deals & Discounts

Another way to get more sales through guest posts is by announcing discounts and deals on the guest posting website. Let’s say you have an event coming. You can promote the event on guest posting website through press releases or sweepstakes. The more websites you guest post on, the more chances you will have to get orders from first-time store visitors.

Reaching out these popular and authority guest posting sites is a pretty difficult task which could be done easily by hiring reliable guest posting service.

This is one post on TechRadar about the Amazon Prime Day. Though Amazon is a big store and doesn’t need recognition, you can also promote your event through guest posts on similar websites. TechRadar charges a fee for sponsored posts. So, make sure to ask them about their prices before you plan any such move.

Build Your Email List

Most e-commerce store owners don’t realize the importance of email lists. Email lists can lead to recurring visits and even sales. Most of the times people will won’t buy from your website in the first go. But if you have an opt-in or some bonus material that they can use by signing up, they will leave a trace in the form of an email address. Later, you can use this email address to warm that lead and then bring it into the conversion funnel.

There are many tools that specialize in lead warming, You can use either Marketo, Mail Chimp, or Aweber for email list building and email marketing automation. First, you will have to engage the potential customers through emails and then nurture them through the right type of content.

Partner With Niche Blogs

Another way to generate sales by guest posting is by partnering with the blog or magazine website where you will be guest posting. By partnering with them, you can ask them across guest post exchange. With it, they will write a review on your website and you will write a review or overview of your store on their website. This will be a win-win for both the websites and it will lead to an exchange of audience that can eventually become customers of your e-commerce store.

Now, think. What if you can partner with three to four niche blogs. You can use them for announcements, product releases, and even new event promotions that would not have made an impact if you were doing them through your own website only. This is the power of guest posting.

Experiment New Ways To Gain Sales

We have discussed many ways to guest post and there are many more. But before you follow a path designed by someone else, figure out the fastest way to generate sales on your e-commerce store on your own. By doing this, you will try new ways and fail. That’s alright because there will be one way that will lead to success.

Most e-commerce store owners simply follow others blindly and don’t experiment at all. This can lead to stagnant sales or limited growth of the e-commerce store.

So, if you want to grow your e-commerce store, then the best way is to experiment with new ways of gaining sales.

Final Word

Generating sales through your e-commerce store is hard but not impossible. We have laid out a proper plan that you can use to not only increase sales but understand various types of customers. Make sure you keep these tips in mind when you start marketing your e-commerce store.


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