How to improve your content writing skills using only 5 services

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As the saying goes, content is king. You could devise an essay, web page or journal that looks absolutely out of this world – it may have stupendous graphics and look highly professional. Without exceptional written content, however, those glitzy images are meaningless. Text and words can speak volumes. They are vital parts of content production. In today’s world, the average user, or examiner requires well-written, factual and logically developed content.

How to become a better writer and improve your content can be troublesome. Not everyone is gifted with amazing literary prowess. Fear not however as there is always help at hand! Where can you find help? The internet of course! The web is littered with a myriad of brilliant services that can drastically boost your content creation skills. In the text below, we look at 5 different ways that you can improve your text, and the associated tools: 

Grammar Punctuation & Co.

Service – Grammarly 

Using correct grammar and punctuation are often areas where people fall short. There is nothing worse than reading a piece of text and finding it packed full of mistakes. This look unprofessional. It looks like you could not be bothered to even to proofread your material. An easy method of improving your text is to radically boost your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Grammarly is one such automated tool which allows you to do this.

This platform is spelling, grammar and text checker. You can copy and paste a string of text, and the platform will analyse it. In virtually no time at all, it will then return any mistakes found. You can effectively remove any errors in mere seconds. 

Common Mistakes and problems

Service – Copywritely

Aside from grammar, there are other common mistakes and problems to consider. Concerning content generation, keyword stuffing, uniqueness and rhythmic monotony are all important. If you are manufacturing a web piece, for example, you will need to include keywords. Overusing these words, however, is classed as stuffing – it is a poor literary technique. Additionally, if your document appears to be plagiarised, this can look equally as bad.

Copywritely is a copyscape tool. It checks for these aforementioned anomalies – uniqness, keyword usage and rhythmic monotony. You can paste your text and easily see if you have used too many keywords. Furthermore, you can see if your text is too similar to other pages on the web. This can greatly improve your text development skills. Copywritely is not the only tool such as this, there are others you can use if you are asking, “can someone help me write my essay”.

General Writing Skills

Service –

Do you ever look at your text and realize you are using the same words over and over again? You are not alone as this is a common error that people make when writing. Overusing the same describing words in every sentence to describe different things. For example, you may say that three different things are beautiful. Why not alternatively say one thing is beautiful, one is gorgeous, and the other is perfect? is a brilliant website that can help you locate suitable synonyms. Literally, all you have to do is enter a specific word – such as beautiful and press the search icon. You will then be given a list of alternatives. In this example, other words that appear include alluring, appealing, charming, delightful, exquisite and pleasing to name a few. This can greatly improve your vocabulary!   

Text length and structure

Service – 750 Words

Creating text that has the correct length and structure can be difficult. You may struggle to find enough words. Alternatively, you may have too much to write and struggle to fit it all in. A simple tool such as 750 words can help. This is a community project that brings people together to create content that is 750 words. This can help you learn how to structure documents correctly.

Creating fresh content and topics on a regular basis

Service – Blog Topic Generator

Have you ever struggled to find a suitable topic for your content? Or maybe you simply can’t think of anything to produce at all? Having an excellent topic can set your content production off on the right foot. If you have a solid title to work from, the rest of your writing should flow. Blog Topic generator does exactly that – you can use this page to think up some superb titles for your text.

These writing tools should put you on a fast-track to content generation success. Why not give these services a try? Next time you have to draft an essay, produce a blog, or even create some digital marketing – look at this list and see how you think each one could help. Grammarly, for example, can be used any time you type a piece of text – you can even install the browser extension for example. Good luck with your content writing!

Author Bio – Jeff Blaylock has worked in close proximity in the field of education for many years. He has excellent knowledge of both college and high school institutes. He also has worked in an advisory capacity to college students.

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