How to Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

Breaking into the digital marketing industry and making your mark entails both hard work and some smart networking. You will need to be at your best both in the theory part, as well as in practical aspects. If you think you have it in you, know that you are on the path to great success and prosperity.

Why you should be keen to join a digital marketing career is because it is the best time to do so. The tenfold increase in the digital economy, as compared to the traditional economy, has created a skills gap of 900,000 vacancies. And this was in 2015!

Tips to succeed in digital marketing career

#1 Learning is the key

Not only in digital marketing, but in any field, learning indeed is the key. However, digital marketing, being a technical domain, requires constant learning and remaining current. Since, digital industry is growing at a rapid rate, it is best to identify your area of interest and master it. Be a willing learner and remain passionate about your chosen field.

#2 Be with it

The constantly evolving technical field of digital marketing requires you be in the know of all the latest developments in the digital world. So, regularly follow not only the major digital marketing sites, but also the changes being incorporated in algorithms and paid advertising platforms of major players, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and the like.

#3 Networking

Network not only works, it works wonders in the close-knit digital marketing community. If you build your online presence on social media, attend webinars and offline events, participate in Twitter chats, etc., you can come in touch with important people. You never know, who among them turns out to be your future employer!

#4 Communicate your ideas

By making people your sounding board, you can determine whether your ideas are workable and get results. For this, participate and build opinions on your ideas by communicating them through blogs and other platforms. To know how you fare in this aspect, gauge it via Klout score. A Klout score of over 60 indicates good networking skills.

#5 Get certified

You may be a whiz at digital marketing, but if this is not supported by a valid certification, you may not get noticed by your potential employers. So, enroll in a certified digital marketing course that will make you stand out from among the rest, since currently there are no barriers to become a digital marketer, even those with limited knowledge make the grade in this field.

#6 Beef up your digital marketing skills

In current times, digital marketing is considered obsolete, if it is not substantiated with statistics. Here, knowledge of analytics plays an important role. To this end, inculcate a taste for research and gain knowledge about things like CPC, CPA, etc. An understanding of the performance of each marketing channel and lessons learned from it is important.

#7 Gain exposure

Theory and networking is fine, but if you really want to imbibe what digital marketing is all about you will need a hands-on experience. And this can only be obtained, if you dive right in by taking up freelance projects, internships, certificate courses, etc. Also, enter contests and competitions to get experience and recognition.

#8 Get software knowledge

If you are adept at current software that helps you in digital marketing, it is half the battle won. This is because these applications come in handy in many situations during your career, such as handling big data sheets, a PowerPoint presentation and the like. So, master the software to project yourself as a pro.

#9 Building a personal brand

Developing your personal brand will project you as an employee who can also build an employer’s company’s visibility. In the competitive world of digital marketing, the one who has a strong visible presence will always get preference over others.

#10 Don’t let up till you succeed

There will be times when your best efforts may come to naught, especially if you are a newbie in this field. Immune yourself to rejections and keep your lines of communications open with seniors. They will help you in putting your best foot forward and reinventing yourself.


Entering the field of digital marketing is the best decision you can take since this field is blossoming. It will provide you an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, as also develop your personal skills. So, if you have still not done it, time now is to kickstart your digital marketing career!

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