How to Increase Your CRM Adoption Rate (2021)

For many years, the implementation of CRM has failed significantly in many businesses and companies. Their failure has surpassed the failure of much corporate software in the market. A 50 percent range of failure is estimated on this software. Ironically, these failures are not a result of software or hardware failures. They are also neither part of the problems with system performance and integration. Most CRM failures, on the contrary, are a result of the low adoption rate causing increased human errors. CRM is always installed with the full knowledge and high hopes that it will reduce costs and improve knowledge. However, people may either passive-aggressively avoid it or refuse to use it whenever possible if they are not fully on board. It is also possible to achieve these adoption rates by the guidelines stated below. 

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Respect Your Sales People

CRM systems, unfortunately, have been sold and implemented to people who lack respect for sales people and sales function in general. The visible manifestation of disrespect is when non-sales executives and programmers expose the low adoption rate by canards because the salespeople are not tech savvy. While they believe that the sales people know little concerning the use of technology, sales people have always adopted the use of CRM tools faster than the other organization members. Salespeople are techno-skeptic, and not technophobic. They adopt the technology that proves essential on their part. 

Don’t Steal their Contact Data

Even if the CRM system helps the salespeople boost income, they will refuse to adopt it if they will be forced to keep their contact information in addition to entering a new system. Contacts are the blood of the salesperson’s career. Moreover, most salespeople intend to work for many firms. If the company decides to own the contact data the salesperson has been working with for it and did not allow the salesperson to copy it when they leave, a salesperson with a sound mind can quit the job immediately. If they remain, they will be forced to sign a fresh contract that allows them to retain their information.


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Start Small to Grow

Once you have established their respect and that you don’t want to steal their contact information, you can show them how technology eases their work. If they need to learn something from implementing CRM database, you will end up with no one. Instead close deals and start with the smallest data set needed. Insist on adding files as the progress of growth. Customize it to do what they want. 

Make it Always Available

If you have road warriors as your sales team, your CRM solution has to be available whenever it is needed. You will turn the system into frustration if you fail to do this. Salespeople are faced with enough frustrations. Therefore, ensure the system always works so that they continue using it. Ensure it is 100 percent covered by cell phone and wireless systems. When an offline device is necessitated, it should make relevant data available through wireless connectivity. Salespeople focus on selling rather than the data transfer processes and protocols.


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