9 Instagram Apps Every Businessman Should Use For Brand Marketing

Instagram is one of the best options for all those businessmen who want to expose their business at social media. It is getting popular for branding. Instagram allows you to share your videos, pictures and profile. The procedure of making business profile is very simple and allows you to start quick marketing for any kind of business. Initially Instagram took little bit time to get popular among the people but now it’s everywhere and businessmen consider it a best choice to spread awareness regarding their businesses. Short videos are proved really beneficial to deliver your message to the target audience. Different Instagram apps are in vogue these days to promote your business and it also helps in boosting productivity of your business as well. Have a look at some of the interesting Instagram apps for brand marketing.

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Mobile web vs. app install ads on Instagram and Pinterest, iOS only. (Source: marketingcharts)

Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize will make your Instagram feed look very professional. Editing pictures and boosting the visual appearance can be done in just a few seconds.


VSCO Cam is the best photo editing app of Instagram. You can edit your business images as per your demands and make them more catchy and interesting. Photos are an important source to attract the target audience and if they are presented according to the mindsets of target population then more views are guaranteed which in turn will enhance your business image as well. So, choose the best filters for your business images and make them colorful and appealing to attract people. You can also buy different photo frames available. This app is available for iOS and Andriod mobile phones.

Hootsuite Enhance

If you want to get increased views for your business photos, you can use Hootsuite Enhance to edit your brand photos. This app gives you 41 percent more chances of getting noticed and you can get more likes, comments and views as well. This app is easy to use and it also helps you in getting the best content for your photos. Photos with well-versed description represent your company and you can also spread awareness regarding your images related to your brand. Hootsuite Enhance is the best option to market your brand at large scale. You can also crop, edit and share your business photos as well.


Snapspeed is another Instagram app for editing business images. Business photos are the reflection of your brand and they should be flawless to draw attention of the people. Snapspeed allows you to control the brightness of your business images. You can also enhance the quality of your company’s informational images as well. There are different options available with this app and you can edit your business image according to your desirability. This app allows you edit any part of your picture without changing or editing the whole pic. So, this app is the best app for every business person. It is available for Android and iOS.

A Color Story

This app is available for iPhone and smart phones. You can play with you images by making them more attractive and catchy. This app enables you to make your business images more appealing and interesting. Pictures have the power to attract potential customers and if business photos are edited wisely then you can get likes, views and huge fan following as well which is a plus point for enhancing your business image across the globe. The filters are usually free but you can also get premium quality filters by purchasing them.

Line Camera

This app is available for iPhones and Android phones. This app allows you to take bright and high quality images. You can use this app for promotion of your brands. You can take high definition pictures of your products and items which make them bright and clear. The advantage of using this app is that it keeps you safe from spending a lot of money on expensive photographers for your brand. You can take pictures yourself and save a sound amount of money. This money can be used on different other business products and items. So, save your money by capturing high resolution images of your business products and items and promote your business.

Foodie By Line Camera

This app is best suited for all those businessmen who are involved in food related business. This app allows you to capture high definition images of different food items. Blur and unclear images are less likely to attract people and high quality pictures make food items look yummy and mouthwatering. It is the trick to attract food lovers by taking high definition food pictures by using Foodie by Line Camera. Try this app to get more customers and feel the difference. This app is exclusively available for iPhones and Android phones.

Layout  by Instagram

If you are thinking to take collage on Instagram then this app is the best choice for you. It allows you to add different images of your products and items, such as you can add different cosmetics items by using this app and attract people. This app saves your time by separately adding different items and you can add a general description of you brand and items which also save time of customers as well. Download this app for sharing collage images of your brand.


This app is best suited for sharing your brand images on Instagram and on other platforms of social media. You can enjoy different features of this app exclusively free but if you want to enjoy the best features then buy these features at reasonable rates. You can crop and add text to your brand pictures to make them informational as well as beautiful. You can download this app on iPhones and Android phones and keep in touch with the latest updates and notifications of this app.

These 8 apps are the best Instagram apps for promoting your brands. These apps attract people which help your brands to get more views and more customers as well. These apps are free to download and you can save your money as well by spending it on marketers for your brands. Avail these apps and grow your business in less time. These 8 apps are going to prove as game changer for all brands.

Author’s Bio: The writer of this guest post is Jacob Arch, a CEO, Marketer and an Entrepreneur. He writes on different topics related to technology, business and marketing strategies and currently works at an online service provider company from where students can buy assignment.


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