7 Best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress Website

We’ve got the scoop on 7 of the most incredible Instagram feed plugins for WordPress. Each one has an aesthetic appeal. They’re also easy to install and display. The plugins we’re sharing make showing off your Instagram activity a breeze. They’ll also help you capitalize on your Instagram presence.

Instagram has over one billion users. So don’t miss out on sharing that content on your WordPress website. Try one that suits your needs. Doing so will help you convert website visitors into more Instagram followers. These plugins also make it possible to save time on updating your website with new pictures.

Most of these Instagram feed options are free. The paid solutions we’ve included are popular, with over 10,000 users.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Use the Smash Balloon Social Photo feed to install an Instagram feed on your website fast. It’s described as being “super simple” to set up. Josh Jones states it’s an “excellent plugin” that’s “non-bloated.” He reports this plugin has “awesome support” as well.

Display Instagram photos in the same feed or in separate ones with this plugin. Your feed’s appearance will be customizable, too. Set the feed’s width, height, image size and background color with ease. You have the option to display thumbnail, medium or full-size Instagram images. Installing the styled feed is simple. Drop-in a shortcode where you want the feed to display and you’re done. Website visitors can then follow you on Instagram in a snap.

Each feed displays an Instagram button at the bottom of the feed’s box. A link to “Load More” is also available, making it possible for visitors to view your entire Instagram feed. You can also present Instagram content in chronological or random order. This plugin is responsive (so the feed will look good on cell phones, tablets and laptops).

Social Slider Widget

This plugin is sometimes referred to as the “Instagram Slider Widget.” But it’s official name is “Social Slider Widget.” So you can use it for other social feeds, too. It’s great for use with Instagram because an API key isn’t required.

The Social Slider Widget will import images as WordPress attachments for swift page loads. Every image can then be linked to your Instagram profile page, an original image or a custom URL. (For the sake of SEO, it’s best to hide those useful attachments from search engines, by the way. You can locate instructions on this here.

Use the Social Slider Widget if you only want to feature the latest 12 Instagram images. This plugin can also display Instagram images by hashtag. Image randomization is an option. Or you can set the plugin to only display your most popular Instagram images.

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There’s a secret to getting priority support from this plugin’s creators. All you need to do for quicker responses is a backlink to the plugin creator’s page. Otherwise, look for this developer in their support WordPress forum and go from there.

Reviewers love this plugin because it’s free and convenient. Lucy Hudson shares it’s “very adjustable and easy” compared to other Instagram feed plugins. She says everyone should try it. JR Web Studio also reports it’s a great plugin.

The Social Slider Widget plugin is opensource software sponsored by Creative Motion.

Flo Social

Flo Social is ideal for photographers with lots of Instagram photos to share. It’s also great for anyone in need of creating feeds for more than one Instagram account. All you need to do is select a master account and then you can add more feeds and accounts.

Each feed you create with this plugin will have its own shortcode. So you can position feeds anywhere you might want them to appear. Place a feed in a page, post or in a widget, for example. Some themes even support this plugin’s placement in the footer area of your website. Those themes include Cannes, Evora, Fiji 2, Milea, Narcisse, and Rosemary 2.

The plugin developers make it possible to avoid token authorization related-errors. So common errors related to importing social media content shouldn’t be an issue.

Flo Social is easily accessible from your dashboard, which is perfect for easy access. Reviewers report this plugin is easy to get running. Just make sure your WordPress theme is current before you install this plugin.

GridKit Portfolio Gallery

The GridKit Portfolio Gallery is a powerful multipurpose plugin. It can help you create an Instagram feed gallery fast. The plugin is one of the best out there for showcasing content in grids with links to any destination.

Masonry style layouts, category support, and filters give you a lot of control over the look and feel of a feed. There’s an option for a puzzle style layout, too. If you’re looking for a gallery-style slider, this may be the perfect Instagram feed solution for you. You’ll get a tremendous amount of control over the look of your feed with this plugin. All you need to do is place some shortcode to make a WordPress page look exquisite.

The free version of this plugin comes equipped with basic popup windows. Your Instagram feed will be responsive as well. But customer support will only be available in a WordPress forum or through email.

Axiom Creative Design shares the plugin’s developers are “very responsive and helpful.”

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The premium version of this plugin features an enhanced viewer. You’ll also get more than 100 hover styles, an iFrame option and complimentary updates. This version includes hundreds of predefined style options to exploit, too. That means you’ll have lots of control over the look of your Instagram feed if you don’t mind paying for an upgrade.


Juicer offers one of the simplest ways to import Instagram content. It’s an ideal plugin if your goal is to feature hashtag campaigns and Instagram posts in a single feed. It works on most themes and looks great on all devices.

The most convenient perk this plugin offers is control over a feed’s contents. You can moderate and change a feed’s content through the WordPress dashboard. So Juicer is an ideal solution for prioritizing content curation and engagement.

If you need 3 embedded feeds or more, you can upgrade this plugin. An upgrade enables displaying content from up to 15 different Instagram accounts. Branding is then removable, too. If your goal is fast feed updates, upgrading is required. The premium version pulls new content into the feed every 10 minutes. The free version updates every 24 hours. It also allows for customization but it won’t provide you with any analytical data. If you need engagement data, or, a branding free presentation, you’ll have to upgrade.

Juicer demonstrates the social proof needed to inspire website visitors to do business. It’s ideal for use on product pages. Your authentic live testimonials provide visitors with an optimal amount of assurance.

To use this plugin, create an account with Juicer and then add your Instagram account(s) to it.

InstaShow 3

InstaShow 3 isn’t free. But it is Code Canyon’s best selling Instagram feed tool for WordPress. More than 14,000 copies of this plugin have sold to date. Its rating is also 5-stars. The reason? Perhaps this plugin’s ability to give you the power to adjust over 60 parameters is why. This high level of control makes it easy to make the feed look awesome in WordPress.

InstaShow 3 enables displaying Instagram posts within a grid or a slider. The feed can also fill the width of your website. And you can set the amount of space between images and limit the number of images that load. But that’s not all. This plugin also makes it possible to establish how many rows and columns a feed will display.

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Grab this plugin if you want to pull content from an unlimited number of Instagram accounts. Or, if you need to translate languages. InstaShow 3 is ideal for those who need to curate images from multiple accounts by username. Hashtag sorting is also an option.

As far as support goes, that’s one of the most common praises the developer receives on InstaShow 3.

Updates to this plugin are live so you’ll be notified with a new version is available.

Flow-Flow Social Stream

Flow Flow offers a free trial of it’s premium version. The premium version makes everything in your Instagram feed clickable, sharable, and sortable. Its content moderation features make it possible to exclude Instagram images by keyword, username, and URL. Its filtering feature makes it easy to kick trolls and spammers off of your Instagram image grid.

Flow Flow lets you place on one or more social walls of your website. You can pull Instagram content from multiple accounts, too. Images from other social media accounts can be displayed as well.

Smart image caching calculates image sizes within your server. Then those images get fed into a grid layout of your choice. This eliminates the need for your website to load data during each page view. Speedy page loading times result.

Flow Flow is not only ideal for beginners but also tech-savvy website designers. The CSS code can be edited from within the plugin’s 2 style sheets.

The developer’s WordPress forum is active enough to get any support you may need there. But naturally you’ll get even better support with the professional plugin version.

Alison Knott shares, “I love the masonry style of this plugin compared to so many that use unpleasant little scroll boxes.” She also loves it because it loads fast. Her recommendation for a successful integration of this plugin is reading the documentation.

To recap, Instagram provides an excellent opportunity for marketing. Use it to reach your desired target audience. Be sure to curate your Instagram content in ways that will help you achieve this goal. Your WordPress theme’s style should mesh well with any of the plugin’s we’ve reviewed. Your success on Instagram should be translating into more sales and clients. Adding Instagram content to your website is thus a wise choice. It will also help you get more followers, too.

Rumor has it that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business. We’re happy to help you make sure it’s yours. Our suggestions here should help you take advantage of Instagram’s growing popularity.

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