Mac or PC for Your New Office in 2021? The Pros & Cons

Thinking of upgrading your office computers for the new year?

Can’t decide whether Mac or PC will be better for your business?

Both PC’s and Mac’s have their own key points of difference that set them apart from one another. Depending on your industry and your business requirements, you might find that the benefits of one outweigh the benefits of the other. However, before jumping the gun and making a switch, step back and do some research.

It’s important to assess your business needs before investing in one or the other. If you did rush into the purchase you could be left with a range of crippling issues that halt your business operations. Before making a switch from your current office computers to different devices, make sure you speak to your IT support provider about possible implications that could arise. Your IT provider will be much more knowledgeable about everything that is involved in the switch.

Here are some of the key features of both Mac and PC computers.

Details About Mac

Mac’s are known for their simplistic and user-friendly interface. As they have full control over all components in their computer, you can rest assured that the products are of high quality and made to perform to their full potential. Apple is also known for their incredible support and knowledgeable staff if you were to encounter any issues.


  • Great user interface
  • Less chance of being infected with viruses and malware


  • Usually more expensive than PC’s
  • Somewhat more complicated with third-party software

Details About PC

PC’s are manufactured by a range of companies, allowing a huge selection of products. The prices range from low to very high, giving you a larger range of computer choices. Although Mac computers are becoming much more compatible with different software, it still seems that some business software programs still work better on a Windows PC.

PC’s are also much more upgradable and customisable to ensure they fit whatever situation you are faced with. As it is easier to upgrade and configure your PC, the expected life can usually be extended quite substantially through upgrades. Add this to the comparably lower price tag and you can be led to the conclusion that PC’s are somewhat more cost-effective.


  • Very familiar for most people
  • Easier to manage on networks


  • More prone to viruses and malware
  • Some brand will give a less than desirable experience

Important Considerations

If you are looking to make a change from PC to Mac or vice versa, It’s important to keep a few key considerations in mind. These considerations will ensure you’ve assessed all factors when it comes to making your decision.


Software compatibility can often cause many issues for businesses who aren’t too tech savvy. While both Mac and PC are likely to run most applications, if your device happens to not support certain software, it can often lead to major issues. Put some time into researching key software you use to ensure it is compatible with both PC and Mac before making your decision.

Keep in contact with your IT support provider who can run you through the steps involved in setting up your new devices. They have the technical know-how to ensure smooth and problem-free integration to the new computers.

File Sharing

Luckily, we have peaked over the hard times when it was a painful process to transfer files from one operating system to the other. However, if you don’t have the most up-to-date software available, you may still run into problems. A great way to ensure you have easy file sharing between business computers is to invest in cloud storage.

Purchase or Lease

When looking to upgrade or change their existing computers, businesses often need to decide between leasing them or purchasing them outright. Depending on the size of your business, purchasing outright could be a very large investment. This cost is usually even more substantial if you decide to go with Mac computers.

Leasing is a great option for businesses that don’t want to provide a large primary investment but also don’t want to forfeit quality. In the world of computers, it’s usually the case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Although you may be able to purchase new, cheaper computers for a smaller price than the top of the range of computers, they may not perform to expectations and will likely need upgrading sooner.

This is where leasing may be more beneficial for your situation. Leasing allows you to rent high-quality computers at a much lower cost than purchasing. However, all decisions should be linked back to your businesses needs and situation.

Be Decisive

Once you’ve done your research on both Mac and PC computers, it’s important to apply what you’ve learned to your situation. Decide on what you believe to be the better option for your business to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Computers are a relatively medium to long-term investment so it’s important to get the decision right before investing.

One of the best practices is to invest in the same devices (whether Mac or PC) throughout your workplace. Having all staff on the same operating system will lower the risk of problems arising. It will also help to ensure staff are familiarised with the same system rather than having to learn and switch between two completely different systems.

There’s no answer as to whether Mac or PC will be a better decision for your business. You will need to spend time analyzing what your business requirements are, and matching them to the right choice.

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