Top Marketplaces To Sell Digital Products [Graphics, Designs, Themes]

If you are a graphic designer or web developer it is a fabulous possibility to start working as a freelancer. And launching your online business has never been easier. It’s not so much about starting the company as it is about knowing what exactly you wish to sell, and the way you want to sell it.

Services like writing, marketing and design, and development work are amongst the most popular between freelancers. But then, there are things like eBooks, books, in fact, all physical items, as well as digital goods that can be sold and purposed online through a specific sales page. 

Are you looking to sell digital products without using your website?

I’m going to show you the best tools to sell digital and downloadable products.

Do you want to explore more about the most popular ones in the web design industry?

I bet anything you’ve been reflecting on many times, that is why you’re here. In this case, you’re in the right place. 

Stop wasting your money on endless looking for the most reliable, popular, and generous online marketplace to sell your graphics, designs, artworks, or sell website templates. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best platforms and tools to sell digital products and downloads.

I’ve done enormous research through the most beneficial marketplaces that are about to sell graphic designs, give you a stunning payment and favorable terms. 

Stop introduction, let’s check out two lists of the marketplaces for visual elements and website templates

Websites to sell graphic design

TemplateMonster Marketplace

TemplateMonster is a large and reliable webspace to sell visuals, graphics, fonts, and other personal illustrations. It has enormous traffic and millions of users. This is one you have something unusual to see about. 

Types of graphics that you can sell there:

  • Logo Templates
  • PSD Templates
  • Resume Templates
  • Certificate Templates
  • Illustrations
  • Icon Sets
  • Fonts and Icon Fonts
  • Product Mockups
  • Bundles
  • UI Elements
  • Social Media, etc. 

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • earn up to 70% – for exclusive products;
  • receive up to 40% – for non-exclusive products 

The price range of digital products: $3-$40.

There are also many success stories from sellers using TemplateMonster to sell their goods and making a lot of money doing so:

Join TemplateMonster Marketplace


Creative Market is a marketplace for handcrafted, mouse-made design content from independent creatives around the world. To become their vendor, you should open a shop and set your prices. 

You can sell:

  • PSD Templates
  • Textures
  • Icons
  • Web elements
  • Patterns
  • Stock photos
  • Illustrations, etc

There is no pre-product approval, so after you open a shop, you can directly upload your items, and they go online right away.

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • earn 70% to the authors of each sale

The price range of digital products: $2-$500

There is no pre-product approval, so after you open a shop, you can directly upload your items, and they go online right away.

Join CreativeMarket Marketplace


This is one of the most famous marketplaces and home to a wide range of designs where web designers and web developers can sell their items. ThemeForest community has an exceptional amount of traffic, that can help you sell your products much faster. You can sell any kind of website templates that you can imagine – website templates, plugins, photos, graphic patterns, and even video and music tracks.

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • Site elements
  • Logo templates
  • Photos
  • Business cards
  • T-shirt mockups
  • Fonts, etc

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • exclusive – 55% commission for each sale
  • non-exclusive – 37%-12% commission 

The price range of digital products: $2-$1M (Yes, that’s true!)

Join Envato Marketplace

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DesignCuts is a platform of digital products that are driven by the active community. They are very attentive and selective in who they allow selling on their website. Visiting DesignCuts, you will see the phrase, “We’re very exclusive and work with only the best designers in the world, curating the highest quality marketplace around.”

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Templates
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Photo pack
  • Infographics, etc

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • 50% commission 

The price range of digital products: $2-$98

Join DesignCuts Marketplace


Designhill proposes you to sell graphic designs of various goods and promises to charge itself with the printing, transportation, and delivering. 

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • Brand Identity Card, 
  • Logo & Social Media Pack, 
  • Logo Design, 
  • Business & Advertising, 
  • Brand & Identity, 
  • Mobile & App, 
  • Illustration & Art, 
  • Product Design, 
  • Clothing & Apparel

The pricing system is pretty beneficial and straightforward:

  • 20% of the retail price

Join Design Hill Marketplace

As a bonus, there are many benefits for early sign-up, such as lead a community, free promotion, exclusive giveaways, and individual community membership.


99designs offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your experiences and customers. Being just a logo design marketplace at the beginning, now they developed into much more. With print, business cards, designs of all types, and full websites and branding services, they pretty much have covered many clients’ desires.

At the same time, 99designs is fueled by the success of not just their freelance designers and clients, but also the parent company. 

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • Art
  • Illustrations
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Merchandise elements

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • $100 introduction fee is a must
  • Top Level: 5% platform fee
  • Mid Level: 10% platform fee
  • Entry Level: 15% platform fee

Join 99Designs Marketplace

99designs also implements in some game mechanics to keep designers motivated. Things like ratings, leader boards, and more contests and recognition facilitates good work.

Places to sell Web Templates


digital marketplaces for web designers

TemplateMonster Marketplace, both experienced and beginner web designers, will benefit from selling website templates on the digital market. The TemplateMonster marketplace has the ambition to become one of the biggest marketplaces uniting web design professionals in one place. 

This is an online market where your website templates can get better customer reach.

At TemplateMonster, it takes 12 hours to get the digital products approved, while more complex digital products are checked within 1-3 days.

Types of products that you can sell there:


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  • CMS templates, etc

Commission rate:

  • “Quick Start” option allows vendors to earn up to 70% commission for exclusive digital products faster than on ThemeForest;

The price range of the templates: $13-$4170

Join TemplateMonster Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace

MojoThemes can be a platform for anyone to sell themes and templates. They mostly sell website templates like premium WordPress themes, Tumblr themes, and Bootstrap. Their templates vary from Landing pages to advanced e-commerce templates. It is a great platform for premium themes and templates over 50,000+ users. 

You can sell there:

  • HTML templates
  • PSD templates
  • Joomla templates
  • WordPress themes
  • Magento templates
  • Opencart themes. 

Commission rate:

  • exclusive – 50-70% commission for each sale
  • non-exclusive – 50% commission

The price range of the templates: $10-$175

Join Mojo Marketplace


ThemeForest is a part of the Envato company, which also includes CodeCanyon, another HUGE marketplace, and a personal favorite of mine when looking for premium WordPress plugins. According to research from Freemius, while only 28% of the Themes on ThemeForest are WordPress Themes, the WordPress themes are driving 80.5% of the total revenues. 

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • WordPress themes
  • Landing pages
  • HTML5 templates
  • E-Commerce templates
  • CMS templates, etc

Commission rate: 

  • 55% – for non-exclusive author
  • 12.5% – 37.5% – for exclusive author
  • Themeforest also has what they call an elite program. This is to reward sellers that cross certain thresholds when it comes to total sales volume. The first level is once you pass $75,000 in total sales, you will get a reward with an elite badge, a 12 months tuts+ subscription, and Google Analytics on your seller profile. 

The price range of the website templates: $16-$10k

Join ThemeForest Marketplace


Started in 2018, ThemePlanet is a recent marketplace selling HTML, WordPress, e-commerce, and other models. It offers users an extensive collection of free and premium themes, theme bundles, plugins, etc.

You’re welcome to register your store account and sell templates with ThemePlanet. Its in-house team will check and approve your submissions. 

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • WordPress themes
  • Shopify templates
  • HTML5 templates
  • WooCommerce templates

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • You’ll receive 60% commission on all purchases.

The price range of the website templates: $19-$79

Join ThemePlanet Marketplace


Graygrids, a place to find some beautiful Bootstrap templates, admin templates, HTML 5 templates that you can use on your project.

If you are a Bootstrap developer, you can sell your designs in this marketplace.

Types of products that you can sell there:

  • Bootstrap templates, 
  • admin templates, 
  • HTML 5 templates

Becoming a digital products vendor, you will: 

  • Earn 60-80% of each sale

It seems to be the most generous marketplace due to its commission rate. Rates depend on the number of sales. You can refer to the table below for sales and associated rates.

The price range of the website templates: $8-$30

Join GrayGrids Marketplace

Selling Online Sum Up

So, you’ve been selling your graphics as a freelancer, and now you feel it’s time to become a part of a big web design marketplace. While lots of thousands of designers make a fortune selling everything from icons to PrestaShop templates, it’s going to take more effort than merely offering one of your old, unused designs and waiting for the huge purchases.

Today, I want you to show some useful tips for turning your design by-products into some serious cash flow each month.

Tips for designing and selling themes with success

Making necessary changes to a template, polishing the documentation, creating screenshots, and uploading the product will take some time, but it’s worth it. 

That’s why I encourage the sellers to create unique products.

So, please, pay attention and make the next changes in:

  • the topic of the template

I suggest you make your template SEO-unique. It’s better to change its niche, or by changing its topic to a similar one.

  • name and branding

You need to enhance your brand. To do this, follow these simple steps:

    • Change the name of the template. Pick a creative title that reflects the purpose of your product.
    • Don’t forget to set up a logotype.
  • color palette

Changing the colors used in the design of your theme is one of the first steps of giving it a unique, aka attractive for customers look.

  • documentation

If you are going to launch your product, you should polish even the smallest details of it.

Thoroughly study the original documentation (yes, you can freely use it as a basis) and replace the unique branding, names, and links to your own.

Also, provide links to your website, social accounts, and other places where you sell your products.


The strength of these digital marketplaces and the value they produce is what keeps them going. The stronger the community they have, the more significant reach of the audience you’ll find.

In that way, deciding where to sell your work is just as much about deciding which community is the best fit as it is about profits. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of high-quality options for just about every designer!

Designing, coding, and selling themes can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that the experience isn’t about building a visual playground for yourself. 

People always like products that solve their problems. And if a product looks like it can be used in a real-life project, it’ll sell well. If you want to try out the next big trend in web design, save it for your weekend projects!

Don’t miss this great opportunity, and join any of these online marketplaces to sell your designs. So Just visit & check all of the marketplace websites. These marketplaces can be the best places to reach out to an extensive range of customers and create a signature for yourself and your brand.

If you are already one of the customers or contributors to any of these marketplaces, you can surely write down your experience below in the comment box. 

I will love it if you suggest to me any other marketplaces similar to these, with which I can extend my list and create a complete resource of selling digital products online 🙂


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