Meticulous Integration of Instagram and Email for Escalating Sales (2022)

From the time of its initiation, Instagram has captivated the minds and heart of the audience quite rapidly. The Instagram founders may not have the marketing purposes in mind when they thought about creating this platform. However, like any other social media platforms, its growing popularity took no time in arresting the attention of the online marketers. Though Instagram had several social media platforms as its precedents, none of them could even slightly match Instagram in matters of offering visual appeal to the audience.

Today, there are more than 600 million Instagram users, and about half of them use Instagram daily. With such a large user base, no any company or business can afford to not reach out to the larger masses of an audience at Instagram. In fact, the highly appealing visuals at Instagram have now become one of the leading mediums to attract the potential customers. However, many of the Instagram marketers appear to be lagging behind in integrating email services with Instagram.

Significance of email in marketing

It needs no reiteration that email has been an effective medium for online promotions. In fact, email has been one of the oldest ways of online marketing. Yes, many of the marketers may not speak highly of email marketing. However, email services remain as the front runner in the field of online marketing. So, if the email service has not been integrated with the Instagram profile, it is strongly advised not to delay anymore. The effect of email marketing service may not appear instantly, but in due course of time, the result will be saliently visible.

Conversion of leads into sales

Many marketers or business owners are not well familiar with the advantages of Instagram and email marketing. Even among those familiar with the benefits, some are confused about how to use these marketing mediums in combination with each other. In fact, one can cash in on the Instagram and email marketing only if the leads generated by these mediums are nurtured and converted into sales.

Ways to integrate Instagram profile with email services

If you have never tried to attach the email services to the Instagram profile, it may appear to be somewhat confusing in the first instance. However, it is not a complicated task. Here is how the email service can be added to the Instagram profile:

Optimize Instagram profile by adding email sign ups

How will the visitors or the followers of your Instagram profile sign up for the email messages or newsletters? Well, it will not be possible unless you have the email address or the required relevant information. However, it is not a difficult task to allow or invite the followers for Instagramor users sign up. You can do it by just adding the sign-up form to your Instagram profile. The sign-up form will enable you to collect the email address and the useful information to collect quality leads.

In fact, there are several email marketing services. The Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, AWeber Active Campaign, and ConvertKit are some highly popular email marketing services. You can get help from these services and prepare custom Sign Up forms. The sign-up form once added to the Instagram will automatically enable you to get the required information and help you generate leads.

It is very much essential to add the sign-up form to the Instagram profile, but it is not the end of everything. It is just the beginning. What many online marketers forget is to have slots in the sign-up form to collect information. The information gathered should, again, be studied. The in-depth scrutiny of the information proves to be helpful in understanding the customer behavior and their buying patterns.

Even after signing up, many of the followers may shun you if you fail to keep them engaged. So, to keep their interest alive, it is important to come up with incentives. Not only will this retain the existing customers, but simultaneously, it will also entice the potential customers to sign up. The promo codes, product samples, contests, free downloads, and discounts can work as incentives, and you should, surely, utilize them to maintain and escalate the number of customers. You can approach Gramista to maximize your likes and followers for your Instagram account.

Nurture the leads with authoritative, genuine, and relevant contents

Nurturing the leads by enriching the user experience of the customers is important. Though the ultimate goal is to boost sales, it is not possible to increase sales without providing the leads an excellent experience throughout. It will keep the customers happy, engaged, and excited. Word of mouth will spread, and you know how powerful it is.

Though many online marketers know the significance of enhanced user experience, they know not how to enrich the user experience. Truly speaking, it is not possible to keep the audience excited and engaged unless you provide them what they want. So, in the first place, it is very much essential to understand the preferences, interests, expectations, and the purchasing habits of the customers. Moreover, this will not be possible to know all such things unless you research. So, paying attention towards the recent purchases, gender, location, interests, buying history and purchasing patterns would help you understand your followers and customers, and this will prove to be helpful in gently pushing the potential customers towards a sale.

Create email lists for driving sales

Sending the emails and newsletters to the inboxes of the signed up customers will not prove to be beneficial unless the content is compelling, interactive, and engaging. As they have subscribed to your email messages or newsletter through your Instagram profile, they would expect that you provide the offers and deals as per their expectations.

Sending the right contents to the customers is important if you desire to convert the leads into sales. For this, it is advisable to build the list of emails and categorize them in such a manner that their inboxes receive the appropriate and useful email messages. In fact, it will be easier for you to reach the customers in a more focused way.

So, it is not sufficient to merely integrate Instagram with email services. It is also equally important to understand the tools and techniques to utilize these email services in the best possible and highly efficient manner.


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