6 Modern Content Marketing Examples You Can Learn From

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The best part of content marketing is that you can always get better at it! Here are some great modern content marketing examples to learn from.

In the modern marketing world, there are more opportunities to get in front of people than television and radio. Digital marketing is growing in popularity and one of the major forms of digital marketing is content marketing.

One of the best ways you can make your own inbound marketing efforts thrive is by looking at content marketing examples.

Continue reading this article as we show you content marketing that hits the mark.

Must-See Content Marketing Examples

Whether you’re doing HVAC marketing or marketing for another type of company, content marketing can help you gain more leads and more conversions. Check out these examples.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool and is great at getting the word out about their services. Buffer was very focused on getting the word out to and through the people that influenced the people that they wanted to do business with them.

They used guest posting to go from 0 customers to 100,000 customers.

2. GE

You wouldn’t think a business like GE would be posting all over Instagram but alas they succeeded with their Instagram campaign. GE has always been good at putting a spin on their somewhat boring products and this campaign is no different.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot always makes the list when people talk about content marketing. Hubspot creates free tools, education, content upgrades and more.

Even their Inbound conference is a content marketing tool they use to get people to pay attention to their company. Thousands of people come to learn from this giant in a very “if you can’t beat them then join them” manner.

4. Superdrug

Superdrug got a lot of attention through publishing placement and social media as they brought attention to the issues around body image.

The showed how each country had a different standard of how women were supposed to look by photoshopping a model to fit those standards. The differences were shocking and it got over 1 million social shares.


AARP is great at listening to its readers and bringing them the type of content they crave. It reaches 22 million households and the readers actually want to get it.

The success behind the content marketing strategy of their magazine is listening to user feedback.

6. Glossier

A great example of getting attention through user-generated content is Glossier. Not only does user-generated content cut down on the workload of the content team but it makes people engage with your brand more. 

The company has over 1 million Instagram followers and showcases it’s Instagram content and engagement on their homepage. More people pay attention and engage because they’re hopeful they’ll be the next to appear on the website.

Increase Your Business Savvy

Now that you’ve seen these great content marketing examples, it’s time to learn more about business. We’ve put together more articles to help you win in your business so make sure to bookmark your favorite posts on our site today to come back for more great reads.


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