Movavi Review (2020): Record What Happens on Your Computer Screen

Sometimes we find it difficult to capture the moments that pass on our computer screen. Now is he era where live streams dominate our computer activities and for some occasions, some scene must be perpetuated. In this context we do not need the whole video but only a few scenes. We need what’s called a screenshot! Unfortunately, screenshots are easier to do on our smartphones and it feels more complicated to be obtained using a PC.

Today, the majority of computer users in the world use two types of OS; Windows and Mac. Therefore, whatever screen recorder software we use, it must be compatible with the two operating systems. There are many software available on the market and Movavi is one of the best..

What makes Movavi worthy of being the first choice

This software is very feasible for use on various screen recording activities. You can record live streams, gameplay and also explain concepts to your peers. Whatever you imagine about recording the screen, all can be provided by Movavi. Some renowned educational institutions have used Movavi as a supporting software in explaining the subject matter.

Many similar software that we can find on the market but which is able to provide the recording along with the commentary audio is only a handful. Movavi is one of them. One interesting thing is this software has been integrated with YouTube so through the shortcut you can directly spread the results of your recording via YouTube. You can provide YouTube-ready reviews, walkthroughs and so on.

If you are a popular gamer, comic in-game glitches can attract your audience. With Movavi you can record and analyze your gameplay and instantly share it with your fans. That way you can “put your influence” on your fans, keep them waiting for updates from your channel.

If you are a businessman who wants to maximize your sales

Movavi’s screen recorder can be used to record Skype-based interviews and calls that may be needed in the future. Not only record interviews and calls, this powerful software can also save time in training your employees by providing effective training videos. This is magical software for various demos and tutorials needs.

A few notes:

  • You do not need any hardwareSometimes some similar software requires hardware to grab videos. By using Movavi, you can be free of any hardware as you only need Movavi’s screen recorder tool.
  • Complete coverage of screen recording
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You can use any source! You can capture video while adding audio freely. You can even use webcam with mic.

Clear Full HD

Some screening software produces recording results with image quality that is not as good as the original version. Movavi acts beyond that. This software provides Pristine Clear Full HD with 1080p Full HD quality at 60 frames per second.

From the various things mentioned above we can conclude that Movavi is more than enough to meet all our needs regarding screen recording.



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  1. Valuable information. Thanks for the sharing. I’d also recommend Acethinker Screen Recorder which I have been using for many years. It’s a free web-based application to record computer screen right from the browser, share it here as an alternative to Movavi.


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