The Need of Native Mobile Apps Among WordPress Publishers (2021)

According to a recent online study conduced by Flurry, around 86 percent of the mobile time of users is spent on using apps.

No matter whether you’re a novice WordPress blogger or a professional one, you can’t possibly overlook this statistics. In essence, it is very important for you to create a native app for your WordPress blog, as it will help expand your content reach to a wider reader base.

Below are some of the major reasons that will make you understand the significance of having a native app for your WP blog:

Place your content where your readers are

To promote your content (i.e. blog posts), it is important it should be readily available to the readers as and when required. In fact, your reader should be able to access your content in the manner that suits their requirements.

For instance, If your users want your content to be accessible across Apple’s iOS devices, creating a native app for iOS will help you achieve such an objective without much hassle. Likewise you can create a native app for other mobile platform of your choice. And it will also provide an optimal reading experience to your users, since native apps run faster compared to other types of app.

Having a native app, will make your users access your content in just one click simply by opening up their browser and typing in your URL. Let’s face it, most of us, spend a lot of time on our Smartphones. And thus, having an app, your brand icon will stay will always remain in the front of your readers device.

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Help you get discovered more easily

Android and iOS are two of the most dominating and popular mobile platforms in the market. And so, creating a native app and publishing it on the Google Play and Apple’s App-Store will increase your chances of being discovered by more audience.

But, with millions of apps have been published in the Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s app store, getting your mobile application noticed can be challenging. Fortunately, there are tools available on the web that can help boost the ranking of your app store pertaining to your target keywords. For example, Sensor Tower is a great tool that match up to such needs.

Keep your readers coming back

Having an app presenting your WordPress posts will encourage your readers to come back to your app time and again. However, you’ll need to figure out ways to turn your visitors into loyal readers. Also, you will have to convince them to download your app. Wondering how? One great way to fulfill such goal requires making use of smart app banners.

If your visitors have downloaded your app, then to make them revisit your app, make sure to add push notifications to your app. The best part is that native apps are considered to be the best source for Push notifications compared to its alternatives.

Display more content to each visitor

Nowadays, readers show interest in reading content that is available instantly and doesn’t make them travel to any 3-party site to access it. Thankfully, a native app aims at delivering the content based on  readers’ interests in just a single tap. Put simply, the app make your content accessible merely with a simple thumb’s swipe.

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Since most of the people own a Smartphone, they’re in a habit of performing swipe gestures to access content on their mobile phone. Thus, it is important for you to create a native app with touch-enabled gestures. When creating such an app, you can consider Facebook app (or any other app) as your inspiration, so as to understand how to embed swipe actions within your app.

Make sharing become a breeze

Native app comes loaded with built-in sharing options – available in both iOS as well as Android platforms. This make the process of sharing your content a hassle-free task via most popular services. Furthermore, you can share virtually anything via your native app that’s installed on your mobile device.

However, to make sharing your content even more successful, it is recommended that you should opt for social media networks, as they’ll help grow your traffic to a great extent. That’s because, your readers will most likely share your content they will like. And thus, creating social networks will make it easy for your readers to share your, which will eventually promote your content to a larger audience base.

Final Words

If you’re interested in creating a native app for your WordPress blog, then there are several great tools available online that makes the task of converting your blog to a mobile app a breeze. Some of the tools you can consider to obtain a native app is Mobiloud, Mobile App Converter, and many more.


About the Author: I am Amanda Cline working as a Developer with Xicom Technologies – Mobile Application Development Company. Apart from this I’ve gathered an excellent amount of expertise as an IT support personal, blogger, computer programmer, App developer, a mentor and a trainer. You can Contact me Via @amandacline111

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