OnAir2: The Perfect Radio Station WordPress Theme Review (2020)

If you are wondering “how to make a radio station”, you may already know that the website for the radio station is almost half of the work. In fact, an online radio is mainly composed by two parts: the stream and the website.

To create a radio stream there are now tons of online services, and the costs are not even high, but then when it comes to the part of building an audience and attracting traffic, as well as exposing your artists and a returning visitors traffic, these crucial tasks can only be achieved through a good quality radio station website.

This is where “OnAir2 Radio Station WordPress Theme” makes the difference. This WordPress theme makes it easy for anybody to build a complete and professional website full with all the functions you may need, in fact it doesn’t only connect to any mp3 radio stream to play the music (such as the popular Shoutcast and Icecast streams) but it also makes easily available functions as creating a weekly shows schedule (or multiple ones), adding team members, events, sponsors and much more.

Easy to use

This theme has been conceived with the idea of making available to anybody the creation of a radio website, by simplifying any function and providing a detailed and illustrated manual to explain any procedure, but it won’t mostly be necessary if you have a little WordPress knowledge, as the pages creation passes through a “drag and drop” procedure.

No coding, no struggling!

For instance, the Home page looks like this in the admin:

In fact this theme features an extended version of Visual Composer, including 20 extra shortcodes such as carousels, sliders, schedules, sponsors, radio app icons and more, which will make the page creation simple as 123.

One Click installation procedure

The installation part is the best, in fact the installation procedure is guided and takes 5 minutes top, with automatic plugins installation and a “one click” demo installation procedure to make your site just as the demo, and kick-start your creation process.

With this radio station WordPress theme the creation of a radio website is fast and easy, and you can obtain a super professional result that will help you increase visitors, monetizing your website and valorizing your artists, singers, speakers and djs, with a WordPress theme built on purpose for this.

Most of the WordPress themes can’t offer that wide set of tools for radios, and that’s another major winning keys of this theme, in fact you can stop struggling to integrate plugins and tools that crushes together, conflicts graphically and makes your website heavier: OnAir2 has all the features you need already built-in, which guarantees that all the functions works perfectly together, in great harmony.

The radio player

To build a successful radio station website, the music player is a must, and this theme offers just as many options as you need. There are 2 ways to implement your mp3 radio stream: an in-page player and a popup player.

The in-page player can host as many radio channel as you want, and it works with any mp3 stream, including the popular Shoutcast and Icecast. You can even link any static mp3 file!

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Plus, if your radio has a valid Shoutcast v2 song feed, it could also display your songs feed, so the listener can know which song is being currently played.

Responsive music player

And what about mobile? Onair2 doesn’t back off: the player offers premium responsiviry, turning into a perfect “mobile radio player” while opened in your iPhone or Android device, and allowing your to listen to the music anywhere.

The amazingly fast performance offers the perfect tool for the modern mobile-first crowd of visitors, which are now more than half of the internet traffic, to guarantee that your website doesn’t miss any listener!

Non stop music

The theme comes with its own Ajax Page Load plugins, which provides the capability of listening to the music while navigating without interruptions.

Popup player

The theme offers also a popup player, which can be popupated using a special “popup player” page template, or you can just point at any existing html page, even from other domains, to open it from your main menu just as if it’s yours, making the music implementation a breeze.

Show Schedule

It wouldn’t be a real radio station website without a proper schedule of the shows. With OnAir2 creating a schedule is fast and easy, and you can add it on any page with a drag and drop shortcode.

Feature Days, Weeks or Months schedule in an elegant way with automatic time and day detection, allowing the visitor to always know which is the show of the moment.

And with the schedule you can also display the “now on air” show, an upcoming shows carousel and an upcoming show slider, plus a full schedule weekly or monthly table.

Single show page

Music Charts

For a radio station WP template the music chart is essential: it allows to create a top 10 chart of tracks for any radio show, week, month or whatever you want. Create an engaging chart with a beautifully integrated music, video or SoundCloud player for each track, including also tracks position and thumbnails.

The OnAir2 Music Chart allows you to create charts with unlimited tracks and display them anywhere with a drag and drop shortcode.

The chart key feature is dedicated to the most professional radio channels, and is the capability of associating a chart category with a show, which will display all the charts of a certain category directly within a radio show page, automatically updated every time you have a new chart.

In this way every show can have its own “top 10 “ serie, for the most professional result and maximum user engagement.


Radio owners know how much the people loves to listen again to the past episodes of their favorite shows, that’s why OnAir2 has a built-in podcast feature with just as many options as you need, in fact you can create chart posts out of YouTube videos, SoundCloud, Mixcloud or mp3 links: the theme will display the chart in a beautiful and elegant way, embedding automatically the player from the provided URL. No need to copy and paste complex embedding codes.

Events and Events Calendar

Events are a must for many radio websites, to promote all the events organized, supported or streamed by the radio station itself. With OnAir2 each radio station can beautifully integrate events in his website featuring a super cozy auto-hide feature for past events and a cool animated circular countdown for the upcoming ones.

Thanks to the bundled “QT Places” plugin is also possible to include event details and location details with an in-page Google map, and the automatic address geolocation makes it super easy to find the correct coordinates.

The theme has you covered also by the commercial point of view, thanks to unlimited “buy ticket” button capability, allowing to display any link to internal or external selling pages.

Team Members

Who doesn’t want to showcase the artists of a good radio? With OnAir2 you have a dedicated post type to do it, and each artist can have his own social media icons, biography, role in the company and profile picture.


As key point of each big radio, sponsors are often the main juice of the business, and is important to display them in a fashionable way: that’s where OnAir2 takes action with a dedicated post type, and you can add an animated sponsor carousel to any page with the click of a checkbox.


Ever heard of “live preview customizations”? OnAir2 has it! You can customize colors among 10 color pickers, font families among 600+ Google fonts, including many typographical settings, header and footer colors, widgets, secondary header, footer text, logo uploader and much more!

With this radio WordPress theme is super easy to reach the result you need in few clicks, achieving endless possibilities.

Tons of custom shortcodes for drag and drop action!

Visual Composer is customized with 20+ custom shortcodes, to easily add and customize live elements on your pages!

Including but not limited to:

  • Video galleries
  • Featured events
  • Events list
  • Post slideshow
  • Post carousel
  • Podcast carousel
  • Members archives
  • Podcast archives
  • Radio Shows schedule
  • Radio Shows slider
  • OnAir Show Hero
  • Upcoming shows carousels
  • Typographical captions
  • Responsive spacers
  • Hero post
  • Posts grid
  • Music charts tracks
  • App icons (App store, Play store, Winamp, Media Player and more)
  • Post lists
  • Post cards
  • Buttons
  • Sponsors carousel
  • And more to come!!

Endless possibilities

All those features are just a small part of all you can do with the OnAir2 theme!

OnAair2 is complemented and extended even further with the efficiency of a Page Builder. Create almost any web element you desire with the Drag & Drop simplicity of the #1 top selling Plugin for WordPress, Visual Composer.

  • Fast and responsive
  • 11 Post types
  • Shoutcast/Icecast player (requires public mp3 stream, contact us for pre purchase test)
  • Shoutcast V.2 Song Titles Feed
  • Popup player
  • 7 Custom widgets
  • Totally customizable in colors and fonts
  • Lots of shortcodes
  • Visual Composer included (some modules are dsabled as incompatible with ajax. We can reenable them if you need, disabling ajax plugin)
  • Show schedule with automatic sliders and “on air” show info
  • Working contacts page with form and map
  • Ajax capabilities
  • Pixel perfect design

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

When it comes to satisfaction, we never give up and offer a 1 week money back warranty, because we are sure you won’t ask it! All our customers are super happy, because the software is very easy to use and in case of any problem, we are here to help in less than 24 hours!

Constant updates

This theme is not a cold rock, but a volcano of improvements and new features!
We take in great consideration every user feedback, and provide constantly new shortcodes, templates, functions and settings, to help you craft the radio station website of your dreams!

And you can update theme and plugins automatically with a single click, to always have the latest version at your fingertips, no FTP, no struggling, no coding!

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