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It has never been easier to start doing business on internet than nowadays. Whether you want to gain passive income only or whether you aim to run full-time business. You can make money online as part-time job or dedicate most of your time into it. Thanks to a directory theme you can start running the catalogue business with the minimum capital investment. So convenient, risk-free without big investments. Let’s have a close look at WordPress business themes for creating directory & listings websites. How can you use them for your needs? Read more

It seems the world has gone crazy about web design. Teens run their own blogs, adults bring their business web projects to the worldwide web, small to large sized corporations launch their own websites, and so on an so forth. But what are the basics that one needs to know in order to get online?

What kind of skills/experience is needed to present a personal or business project to the web or WordPress community? Let’s find answers to these questions and come up with solutions on how to launch your site either on your own or with somebody else’s help. Read more

Every business owner wants to increase the number of visitors and engage with them to see more conversion from website. To reach this means understand the behavior of users and their reaction to web design trends. Let’s have a closer look on what should web designers expect in 2017 and what shifts can we expect. 

For WordPress trends check our creative collection of Best WordPress Themes 2017 Read more