Popularity and use of Instagram as an e-commerce platform (2021)

In the initial stages, not even the founders would have ever pondered over the capabilities of Instagram as an e-commerce tool. With its inception, it gained rapid popularity as a photo posting platform. However, with the passage of time, it proved to be one of the leading online platforms for marketing. Though it has highly innovative and user-friendly features for marketing, the experts have not put a moratorium on their efforts of adding new and lavish features. In fact, the experts keep adding new features to enhance the excitement of using it significantly.

The user-friendly marketing tools at Instagram can be used with great ease

What are the Instagram tools or features for e-commerce? Well, for most Instagram users, it may sound quite an old question. Some may even consider it as a ridiculous question to ask at this state when Instagram has come a long way. However, many of the people may still sense the significance of the question at some corners of their minds. In fact, with scores of handy features for clicking, editing and sharing the photographs with the facility to connect with various social media platforms; it is, indisputably, the best mobile-desktop application of its kind.

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Some reasons for Instagram being an ultimate e-commerce tool

Almost all the Instagram followers or users, surely, know how the activities related to e-commerce take place at Instagram. However, many of the users that have not yet started reaping the e-commerce benefits may, often, wonder why this has become an integral tool for e-commerce. Truly speaking, there are various reasons why the users love to accomplish the e-commerce ventures at Instagram.

Most visually appealing platform

Something that is visually appealing is sure to reach the core of the heart. Yes, the impression of something beautiful or eye-arresting spontaneously get in place in the hearts of the viewers. The captivating photographs of the products posted or shared through Instagram compel the viewers to pay attention towards it at least for a while. The viewers may not have the immediate urge to empty their purse in buying the product, but it eventually starts making room in the mind and heart of the viewers leading to converting them into clients or customers.

The Shop Now Button

It is pretty straightforward and quick to buy the products. What one requires is just to press the ‘Show Now’ button and follow the instruction to make an instant and hassle free purchase. The Show Now button has become one of the lately introduced features that are gaining rapid momentum.

Sharing stories through photographs

The social media platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, etc. have become one of the most used platforms for e-commerce activities. However, when it comes to sharing the stories through a photograph, none of those platforms have the potential to equal the benefits facilitated by Instagram. Yes, they are highly suitable for sharing the stories in the content form, but Instagram proves to be better when it comes to sharing the stories through photographs precisely matching the context.

Linking up the checkout page within the Instagram stories

The charm of Instagram does not end in just unfolding the stories with high-resolution photos. What adds to the convenient of the desiring buyers is that they can, without any hassles, click the Checkout Link. Once they land on the Checkout Page, they can simply follow the steps and make the final purchase of the product. So, the followers of Instagram do not need to find a particular place for integrating the link leading to the checkout page. 

Instagram tactics

Know the tools and tricks to market the business through Instagram

There are various techniques to market and through Instagram. However, the mere availability of the features or techniques would prove to be of no use unless they are properly used. However, it is of utmost significance to learning the features and their impact. Here are some best examples of how one can get more viewers and convert them into customers.

Use of Geotagging

It is a facility to add the particular location in the Latest Updates section. The location can be added to the image shared with the Instagram followers. Be it the physical location, or you are traveling anywhere; you can inform the followers about where you can be found by using this feature of Geotagging.

Use of Hashtags

If you are a Twitter user, you know the eternal significance of hashtags, the same can be utilized on Instagram photographs. Using the Hashtags relating to the industry of business, you can make it far easier and convenient for the people to find you. If you have no idea of how and which hashtags to use; you can look for the hashtags being used by the businesses or industries similar to that of yours.

Encouraging the images of the users

The users of your products can prove to be the best marketers. Supporting the user images will not only make the users happy, but simultaneously, the viewers will have the positive images of your products when they see the happy users.

Hold exciting contests

Who does not want to win a prize? The joy and excitement of winning a prize in the competition are almost indescribable. What you can do is to hold a contest inviting the users to send their photographs along with your products and choose the winner and give out a prize. There are various other ways to hold contests and keep the followers engaged without even letting them realize your original motif.

Marketing the events

Whatever business related activities you organize or participate, you should market them by making your Instagram followers about it by sharing the photographs. Not only is it one of the best ways to push forward your business, but simultaneously, this also provides an excellent opportunity to remain connected with your followers and build a brand on instagram.

Instagram has all the potential to render a phenomenal boost to the e-commerce activities; however, one needs to know the tricks and techniques and meticulously use them.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is a well-established digital marketer with one of the leading mobile application development companies. He has extensive knowledge in social marketing, especially gaining and marketing to followers for Instagram.

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