Print on Demand T-shirt Business Model (2021): An E-commerce Guide

Are you searching online looking for business opportunities? Have you heard about “print-on-demand?” Print-on-demand is an attractive business model, all you need to get the ball rolling is access to a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection.

If you think you have what it takes to make it as a fashion mogul, give this idea a try.

Create a Storefront

The first task in establishing your t-shirt empire is locating a print-on-demand platform. POD companies allow you to upload a t-shirt design, set your pricing, and create a storefront for your t-shirt.

All you do is upload your design, and the platform takes care of the rest. If a customer purchases your t-shirt, the POD platform picks the order, packs it, and ships it to the customer. They handle all customer returns and service, all you do is focus on selling your t-shirt.

Analyze T-shirt Trends

What’s trending in t-shirt design? Use a tool like Buzzsumo to analyze current trends in social media to find hot topic ideas for your t-shirt design. It doesn’t matter what niche you select; what matters is that it sells.

Don’t get sidetracked looking for elaborate designs in specialist niches. Visit POD platforms and look at the top selling t-shirts available. Use these ideas to formulate a t-shirt that has the potential to go viral.

Design a T-shirt

Once you’ve settled on a theme for your t-shirt design, head over to a site like Upwork or Fiverr and look for an e-commerce graphic design artist. It’s possible to get an outstanding design from one of the talented design artists for as little as $5. Brief the designer with your idea and let them come back to you with a few samples.

Select the best design and upload it to your POD storefront. The site will provide you with a link to your storefront sales page that you can use to promote your t-shirt online.

Promote Your T-shirt

Once you have your link, it’s time to get busy promoting your t-shirt. Open a fan page on your Facebook account and populate it with compelling content related to t-shirts and other apparel. Then create a Facebook advert with a picture of your t-shirt and a call to action in the description that entices people to click on the link.

When your prospect clicks the link, they’ll be pulled through to your POD platforms sales page where they can order your t-shirt.

Promote your advert using Facebook ads. If you want to receive as many orders as possible, it’s vital that you be as specific as possible when you target your advert at an audience. The more you refine your targeting, the better your sales will be.

The chances are that your first ad-set won’t sell. Create 5 to 10-adverts with different images and calls to action. Promote each ad-set with a $5 budget. You’ll be able to tell which ads are working after as little as 48-hours.

Focus your advertising budget on promoting the ad-set that works and pause all the other campaigns.

The Final Thought – Scale Up

Once you’ve experienced success with your t-shirt, reinvest your profits into your business and scale up. Create 50 to-100 t-shirt designs and promote them in the same manner as your first successful design. All it takes to experience success with this business model is patience, hard work, and persistence.


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