Reasons why you need a professional designer for your Shopify website (2021)

People’s digital attention spans are growing shorter, and in this technologically advanced age, a new e-commerce brand has about 7 seconds (or less) to grab a customer’s attention. Therefore, setting up a new website can be quite a challenging task and even more difficult than other branding mediums like packaging or print.

One of the most popular and widely used e-commerce platforms today is Shopify. It ranks as the third most popular e-commerce platform in the world comprising almost 4% of all online stores all over the world. But, numbers aside, another reason why Shopify is the most sought-after e-commerce platform by the upcoming brands is that they offer convenience. After all, it allows you to create a professional looking website without requiring you to learn even a single word of coding. It’s quick, easy, and allows you to focus on business management rather than having you get tangled in the technical details of website design. But, instead of choosing one of the readily available templates on Shopify, we suggest going for a custom website instead. Not only does it help in the promotion of the business, but it also makes you seem like a trustworthy and serious brand in the eyes of the consumer.

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So, if you want your website to be successful from day one, make sure it attracts people to stay from the moment they have arrived. This boils down to a few design and branding factors, that can only be accomplished if you hire professional Shopify web designers. Mentioned ahead are a few major reasons why you should hire a professional designer for your Shopify website:

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Let’s be honest, if you are launching a new brand, you don’t want to use a theme that is already being used by many different stores. Hiring a professional Shopify web designer makes sure that your brand flaunts its own unique look.

If you know what your online store should look like, hiring a Shopify expert can help you execute it without you being caught up in the technical nitty-gritty.


Most of the readymade themes in Shopify have limited features and are created for generic use. It can get quite annoying and bothersome if you want to achieve a particular look for your online store.

However, a competent Shopify design expert can offer you limitless opportunities for customizing your website. While free templates are good enough to display your products and services online, they don’t meet the demands of every business niche.

A poorly put together website can cause you to lose a lot of potential customers. This is why a custom website is a safe bet that showcases your products or services in a professional way. Not only does a unique design make it stand out from the crowd, but also makes sure that all products and promotions are displayed properly, so no chance to make a purchase is missed.


Nothing turns off customers more than being caught up in a bucket load of unnecessary information. Too much-written information or unprofessional pictures will cause you to lose many potential customers.

If you want your website to be user-friendly and easier to navigate, you can use the help of a website designer to organize information for you in a creative way.

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Better ranking in SEO

Did you know that custom Shopify stores rank better in search engines as compared to templates? If you were unaware of this fact, then this piece of information can be a gamechanger for you. Google and other search engines have algorithms that are tuned in such a way that it prefers custom websites over free generic websites.

So, use catchy headlines, product names and other keywords to make your custom Shopify website even more SEO friendly. Once your website is properly optimized, it will be visible to more people in search engines, and you will see a big surge in organic website traffic flow.

Create a strong brand identity

A good first impression is really important, especially in business. Customers will form an impression of your business by visiting your website and taking a look at what you have to offer. This is why, when launching a new brand, an off-the-shelf look won’t get you anywhere. It may seem superficial and unnecessary to a few people, but trust us, these small details can make or break your new business.

A customized website designed by an expert will make sure that your brand comes across as a serious and professional business. A strong brand identity helps potential customers remember your brand long after they have left your website. Be sure that your print materials, such as shop banners, flyers, and business cards carry the same look and feel as your online store. This way your customers will develop a relationship with your brand and will be able to distinguish your brand from others.

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Continuous assistance

You may be tempted to save some money and get a free template but look at the larger picture. Hiring a website expert will make sure that you have a sharp looking custom designed Shopify store that keeps you among the industry’s leaders.

Plus, having a professional designer means that someone always has your back when it comes to website design. You don’t have to worry about the website crashing down or getting hacked. Your website will be looked after with complete focus and dedication if you decide to hire a Shopify expert.

Quick business growth

If you have ambitious plans regarding the growth of your business, then building a custom website with the help of a business will make sure it happens quickly. A website that reflects your brand vision attracts more customers and inclines them to make more purchases. The added benefit of ranking well in search engines will bring even more customers to your website, which will increase sales every month.


As the owner of a new e-commerce store, you should know that your website is everything. It’s your office, showroom, product catalog and sales rep all in one. So, if you want to maximize sales and give your customers an exceptional shopping experience, you’ll have to invest in an efficient Shopify web designer.

Are you convinced that hiring a professional web designer is the secret behind your brand’s success? Share your concerns or questions with us in the comments below, if any:


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