Removing Disqus | Heyoya Plugin: Best WP Comments Alternative in 2021

When you run a website, changes often happen to keep it running smoothly. There are many different plugins and formats that offer choices for admins and users. The best way to keep your website current remains to acquire feedback from users and checking analytics regularly. One common change revolves around the use of Disqus. This comment plugin offers extensive tools for social interaction, however, sometimes a change becomes necessary when updating a site. The Heyoya voice comment plugin is making conversation easier than ever.  Users of Disqus become concerned about losing comments and revenue, however, when they plan to remove the plugin. Revenue increases with some simple steps.

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Removing Disqus

The main complication switching away from Disqus concerns loss of comments. Comments are big part of the social interaction on websites. Administrators may save and return to these at later dates. When changing over, concern about comment loss prevails. Safety measure exist, however, for this issue. Comments link to WordPress and remain accessible to the readers and owner of the site. Check the sync capability prior to uninstalling Disqus. The comments should relocate to the WordPress admin page. Sites other than WordPress fail to sync, causing the loss of comments. Take heed of the routine for uninstalling Disqus.

  • Reinforce sync of comments
  • Refer to admin page
  • Uninstall with confidence of saved comments

The Users Standpoint

Disqus works well for website developers, bloggers especially. The reactions of users, however, shows differently. Many website owners decide to pull the plug on Disqus due to user complaints, alone. It remains organized, and monetizes well, making it difficult to part with by many bloggers. Users complain of privacy issues, sign in hassles, and does not support multiple accounts. These are issues that may not affect website owners due to their savvy tech skills. The issue lies with the general population. Bloggers type fast. They login to a million sites every day. This also makes them less concerned about privacy. Website owners actually prefer to stand out. Website guests, however, may prefer to remain anonymous.

Website administration must do their best for visitors, while still maintaining a functional site. Disqus, however, caused some issues for many. Compromise eludes most of us when these situations arise. The guests usually win over the admin, due to the desire to retain clients. Monetary issues, still remain, however. Users found these items unpleasant.

  • Login hassles
  • Privacy issues
  • Failure to support multiple identities


When it comes to changing a major part of your website, monetary compensation prevails on the list of concerns. When switching plugins, make sure the rest of your site is in top shape. Content plays a big part in securing revenue. Prior to pulling out the Disqus plugin, get some new content ready. Your users need to stay engaged, and you may need time to implement the changes. Back-up content helps buy you some time. Remember to use everything you know about SEO, add some backlinks, and be sure to mention other relevant blogs. This all keeps conversations open across different platforms.

If you want to secure some feedback from your users about the change, write a short post telling them what to expect when Disqus exits the picture. This helps to avoid confusion with new logins and privacy statements, as well. Increase your revenue by maintaining relevant content and keeping readers engaged during the change. If readers want Disqus gone, you may increase visits due to your willingness to listen to your audience.

  • Prepare extra content using proper SEO tactics
  • Explain the change to readers
  • Find a more relevant plugin
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When going through a major change on a website, keep conversations flowing. If comments disappear, starting over takes time and effort. Write some extra engaging content during this time. Increasing income relies on bringing in guests. Get on your site and comment on your user’s comments. Stay committed and show your devotion to them to help keep the site going. These actions help to bring in new visitors, as loyal followers share your dedication. You want conversations to go past your blog and reach out to fellow sites. This usually makes a loop, bringing more people back to your site. Make the content relevant to something on a similar site so you can make the recommendation to your clients, or provide a link. Heyoya can help immensely with conversations, as the voice comment option makes interaction easier. Websites are a social endeavor, this stays relevant during the move away from Disqus.

  • Write conversational content
  • Engage with your readers
  • Link to relevant sites
  • Show dedication
  • Give readers a reason to recommend your site to others


While looking for a new plugin to please the masses, watch your income increase steadily. The WordPress comment basics remain relevant. Make use of the free items in your toolbox until a decision becomes apparent to you. Income depends on stability and growing visitors. Focus on this to keep the money rolling in. WordPress has a lot to offer. You probably used the basic comment offerings early on in the development of the site. Why not use it now? The dependable nature and easy access make it an excellent choice.

  • WordPress comments ready to go
  • Easily accessible
  • Familiar
  • Stable
  • Buys you some time


Changes always go much better when we are not alone. Gather feedback from your site users as you go. They may have preferences that make sense. Find out what your readers or clients want from you. This tactic works even when you aren’t in the middle of a major plugin removal.  Implement Disqus removal without a major upheaval by communicating well. This ensures income increase and stability. Feedback comes in comments, number of views on a post, and emails. Personal interaction remains the best way to find out what you need to know.

  • Reach out to guests
  • Send an email survey
  • Read comments
  • Check post views

Consider your Audience

The audience you serve changes over the years. Audience shift contributes to changes. The new age or gender group may prefer different tactics. Take some time to reevaluate the people interacting on your site. Adjustments in several areas may help to increase your visitation. Revenue increase follows when your audience is getting what they need. A business may consider a new product or color of merchandise. Bloggers may like to bring in a guest writer to reach out. Many methods help to reach the audience gathering on your site.

  • Acknowledge a changing audience
  • Consider new tactics
  • Get to know the new people
  • Give them what they want
  • Try something new
  • Bring in some help
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Take a Look at your Ads

A decrease in monetary compensation may have little to do with your comment plugin. Many of us install an ad campaign and never look back. AdSense and Word Ads are the most common monetizing tactics. Even if you do not change the one you use, take a look at the presentation on your site. Change things up if necessary. There may be some different placement options or ad types that bring in more interest. Your ads may not be representative of your site or your audience, either. To increase the money you make, try out some new add options. While working hard on a change, make as many as you need.

  • Look at the ads your visitors see
  • Change the format or placement
  • Try something new

Brush up on Old Skills

If you have noticed a dip in your income, take a look at what has changed. Many people put much more effort into their sites in the beginning. If you have been running your site for a long-time, complacency can set in. Daily maintenance becomes routine and sometimes boring. Snap out of it! Get excited about your site again. When writing content, SEO is a big contender. Perhaps you stopped researching keywords as thoroughly, or rarely check on content trends. Pull up an article on SEO and look over popular searches. This helps you stay current and gives you the knowledge to produce relevant content. This may all be stuff you already know, but have not implemented in a while.

  • Review SEO tactics
  • Put in some extra effort
  • Research some better keywords
  • Write something relevant
  • Get excited!


There is no shame in bringing in some help every now and then. Many people outsource their website content needs or organization requirements. Sometimes a fresh piece of material can stir things up perfectly. Look on a writing site to hire a writer, or find a freelancer to reorganize your site. A guest blog can be a great way to network, as well. Trade blog posts with another website owner. When you look at the same webpage every day for years, a fresh outlook does not prevail. You can even simply bring in a friend or family member to do a light critique of your site. Everyone sees things differently. This helps you find a way to reach your audience so you can maintain your income.

  • Hire a writer or website designer
  • Ask friends for a fresh perspective
  • Consider a guest blog post

Promote Yourself

It is easy to get comfortable with a familiar following and the same niche. Sticking to a subject works, however, a little variation helps keep people interested. Think about how long it has been since you advertised yourself. Email and social media promotions may help bring in more traffic. If you have merchandise or another site, mention it on the website in question. Get your name out there. Stop depending on word of mouth form your guests, take control of the situation. Ask friends to mention you on their social media, as well. Comment on other websites to keep networking. The more people you know, the better.

  • Do an email promotion
  • Advertise on your social media and make sure it’s linked
  • Promote merchandise if you have it
  • Comment on other blogs to increase your circle
  • Enlist your friends to spread the word
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Expand your Marketing

Monetizing a website is the hardest part. Some plugins are easy to install and run, however, other add options require more effort. Many website owners simply get stuck in a rut because they never move forward with the marketing aspect of the site. There are several things that present as options. Some people sell advertising space. A site about baby health, for example, could easily run ads for organic baby food. Affiliate marketing takes some effort on your part. You may have issues with promoting a product you do not believe in. Personal convictions often get in the way. This option works well, however, when you find a product you love.

  • Bring on another add plugin
  • Sell advertising space
  • Try out affiliate marketing

Show off your Talents

Website owners are often very creative individuals. Many do art or crafts on the side. Maybe you are an excellent chef or love to paint. Go ahead and show this part of yourself to your followers. It makes for some interesting content and might bring in a different type of sale. If you have an Etsy shop, advertise it on the website. If you sell your famous homemade bread on Facebook, share the link. Your readers may surprise you with a sincere interest, giving you a little income boost.

  • Explore your other talents
  • Sell your creations
  • Share your links

When you take into consideration all of the ways you can increase your income, you may realize Disqus complications had very little to do with your issues. Even if Disqus failed you, there is plenty you can do to make a comeback. Your income expansion has to do more with the effort you put in on a daily basis. There are many things that change over the years when you run a long-term website. The audience, marketing, and connections all need regular assessment. You may need to put yourself back out there when it comes to promoting and advertising. Choosing a new plugin for trending features can also help. The Heyoya voice comment plugin makes guest conversation flow more freely. Think of this time as an opportunity to star over a little bit. An income increase often follows sincere efforts.


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