8 Best Responsive Table WordPress Plugins (2021)

Your website is coming along. You have your logo, a theme picked out, and a ton of great content for it, but how do you incorporate all of that content in a cohesive, visually appealing way?

You use tables of course. Tables are a terrific way of storing and displaying any type of data and an excellent way of showcasing your site’s data in an organized, easy-to-read way. Unfortunately, creating tables can be a bit overwhelming for anyone who’s never done so before.

The good news is there’s no need to hire a coder or try to learn code yourself to add tables to your site. If you’re building your site with WordPress, which you should, a good WordPress responsive table plugin is all you need.

There is no shortage of WordPress responsive table plugins out there to choose from, but if you want to make your tables as elegant and powerful as possible, it’s important to pick the right one.

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Not every table plugin will be a good fit for you. To save you some time, here’s a list of the eight best WordPress responsive table plugins 2020.

Top WordPress responsive table plugins:


Useful Features:

  • Intuitive live editor
  • Customizable tables and charts
  • Chart animation
  • Several different chart types
  • Google Sheets integration

Visualizer is another popular WordPress responsive table plugin, but like wpData Tables, it’s also a chart manager. Although it can be used to create tables, its main selling point is its ability to create different types of interactive charts.

Visualizer is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers access to nine different chart types, while the premium version provides six additional chart options. Some of the charts it can create include table charts, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, timeline charts, and more.

With Visualizer, any of these charts can be easily created by embedding them in WordPress pages or posts in just a few clicks. Data can also be imported from a CSV file. Once created, tables and charts can be easily customized via Visualizer’s Live Editor. It even includes chart animation.

WP Table Builder

Useful Features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dynamic and responsive tables
  • Five elements
  • Cell management mode
  • Works with shortcodes

One of the best WordPress responsive table plugins is WP Table Builder. With it, users can generate dynamic, fully responsive tables for all screen sizes and devices. It can generate list tables, menu tables, Amazon product tables, pricing tables, comparison tables, and more, and do so really easily.

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The drag-and-drop table builder plugin features five elements: image, text, list, star rating, and button. All of these also have their own customization options. However, what’s really great about WP Table Builder is its intuitive cell management mode. This feature makes it easy to add or remove both columns and rows. The width of the columns and height of the rows can also be adjusted.

While WP Table Builder isn’t an ideal choice for making tables with huge amounts of data, it’s a great option for affiliate marketers and bloggers wanting to create dynamic tables. For most tables and most WordPress-powered websites, it’s tough to beat.

Ninja Tables

Useful Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Drag-and-drop data sorting
  • Table filters and duplication
  • Pagination-friendly
  • Import/export facility
  • Google Sheets and WooCommerce integration

Ninja Tables is another fully responsive table plugin used to create a variety of dynamic table varieties. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make making tables a breeze, and best of all, there’s no need for any other add-ons in order to enjoy a responsive look on any type of device.

There are several elegant table designs as well as a predefined schema, custom built-in schema, and custom CSS. Shortcode can also be used to post tables created earlier on a webpage, and pagination, filtering, and sorting can also be used in a fairly straightforward way.

Ninja Tables offers plenty of other features too, such as drag-and-drop data sorting, table duplication, and WooCommerce and Google Sheets integration. With so many different features, tables can be created for any site in a multitude of ways.

To top it all off, the plugin is completely free. However, a premium version is also available for even more features and functionality.


Useful Features:

  • Extremely customizable
  • HTML data cell support
  • Table header, footer, and caption support
  • Easy filtering
  • Import/export facility

TablePress is another powerful WordPress responsive table plugin that’s right up there with WP Table Builder and Ninja Tables in terms of popularity, functionality, and ease of use. Originally named WP-Table Reloaded, it can be used to generate and manage beautifully responsive tables.

Furthermore, any tables created with TablePress can be included in several different types of data and easily inserted into pages, posts, text widgets, and anywhere else on a site via shortcode. The plugin also has a number of advanced features like pagination, sorting, and filtering. Plus, there’s an import and export facility to easily transfer data to and from Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.

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Unfortunately, it’s only somewhat responsive “out of the box.” To make it fully responsive, some simple add-ons must be used. TablePress provides a number of add-ons to make tables both more responsive and functional. Aside from these, the plugin is completely free. Unlike other plugins, there isn’t a premium version, but some HTMLcoding know-how may be needed.

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wpData Tables

Useful Features:

  • Table and chart creation
  • Interactive and sortable tables
  • Compatible with conditional CSS formatting
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Built-in wizard

WpData Tables can create WordPress responsive tables in several ways. Not only can it display data in table, chart, and graphical form, but the data can be inputted manually or by uploading a file or pasting a MySQL query. You’ll notice a number of other interesting features when diving into the plugin.

One of these features is the built-in wizard, which helps make table and chart creation point-and-click simple. Cells, rows, and columns can also highlighted whenever you want. Meanwhile, each table created can be sortable and interactive, not just responsive.

Since it’s loaded with features and both a chart and table creator, wpData Tables isn’t free. However, it’s one of the best plugins for creating large data tables and a great solution for creating bar, pie, and other types of charts as well.

WP Table Manager

Useful Features:

  • Works with Excel and other editors
  • Customizable table themes
  • Import facility
  • Excel and Google Sheets integration and synchronization
  • chart.js file integration

WP Table Manager is a premium WordPress table plugin smartly built with an array of elegant features to create pricing tables, product tables, comparison tables, and more for any WordPress site. With its pre-built style themes, the plugin provides extensive functionality and a professional look for every table it creates.

Unlike many table plugins, it automatically syncs with Google Sheets and Excel files for quick and easy table creation and customization. Data can be imported from either of these as well as the WordPress database and other sources. In addition to tables, the plugin can also be used to generate charts simply by integrating chart.js files.

That said, the main selling point of this premium WordPress responsive table plugin is its pre-built templates. Thanks to these, creating a great looking table or chart takes nothing more than importing a little data.

League Table

Useful Features:

  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Sortable table data
  • Widget facility
  • Add and edit row, column, and cell data

League Table is another premium table creator plugin for WordPress sites. Despite being originally built to display sports-related data, it can be used to create a variety of columns and rows to display all sorts of data, not just sports.

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Thanks to its advanced options, League Table is fully customizable. The interface makes it easy to set up columns or rows, add table headings, and enter cell data. It also integrates with Excel, so this last step isn’t even needed. The table data is sortable as well, and mathematical formulas can be added to the rows, columns, and cells similar to Excel.

Post Table Pro

Useful Features:

  • Displays pages, posts, and custom posts
  • Tables can be searched, sorted, and filtered
  • Custom table fields and taxonomies
  • Able to add video, audio, and other multimedia
  • Well, there you have it. These are eight of the best WordPress responsive table plugins 2020, any of which can be used to create good looking, functional, and powerfully dynamic tables for WordPress sites.

Last up is Post Table Pro. This flexible plugin is a little bit different than the others and provides an entirely different user experience. Data can be displayed either as a post or as a custom post type. With both ways, there’s no need to manually enter table or post data. Instead, the plugin generates tables automatically based on a user’s WordPress pages, posts, or custom post types.

In addition to a genuinely user-friendly experience, Post Table Pro can give visitors flexibility as well. Not only can they choose how many rows they want to be displayed, but they can also filter by category or tag and additional filters can be added through the use of shortcodes.

Tables created by Post Table Pro are searchable and sortable as well. Plus, video, audio, and other multimedia can also be added to complete its modern, responsive look. Like several others, the plugin is available in both free and paid versions, with the premium version offering even more features and benefits.

There are dozens of able plugins out there to pick from, but these are all built with A+ features to not only create tables but create tables that look good, work better, and most importantly, attract audiences.

You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these choices, but we hope you’ll find at least one of these WordPress responsive table plugins useful and beneficial for your site!

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