SendPulse Review (2021): Platform For Browser Notifications

Looking for a service to take care of your email marketing?

There’s a perfect solution of all your online marketing problems and would-be problems – SendPulse.

SendPulse offers sending not only email campaigns, but SMS and web push ones as well. Service is famous for successful combining of these 3 methods of online marketing. Every service in particular has a wide range of both popular and innovative features that will make your business boost.

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I’ve already used web push notifications and will dwell on this service in details a bit later.

Since, email is probably the most widespread communication channel, it’ll be the starting point.

EMAIL Service

Features of the email service in SendPulse are aimed at maximizing email open rates and CTRs. This is achieved with the help of the following features:

  • Free pricing plan

Sounds great, yeah? SendPulse allows to send up to 15 000 emails per month to less than 2500 subscribers. It can be used not only as a test drive but as a permanent tariff since it perfectly fits the small businesses. Besides, the free pricing plan isn’t deprived of the most important and useful features.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Not so many services today can offer this functionality. With the help of AI, you will be able to send campaigns at the best time for EVERY subscriber and via the best communication channel.

  • Automations

Automation360 is a new feature in SendPulse. It allows to send campaigns basing on customers’ actions, such as registration on a website, purchase, abandoned cart etc.

  • A great dozen of free email templates
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Subscription forms
  • Responsive email templates design
  • A/B testing
  • Resend emails to unreads
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There’re so many features to choose from, you can apply them all for better engagement. If there are any difficulties, contact 24-hour technical support which is really helpful.

Web Push Notifications

It’s hardly to find a person who hasn’t heard about push notifications. Push notifications are a must if you are in ecommerce or if you have a blog.

I’ve chosen this method of online marketing due to several reasons:

Browser is a third party

Since browser is a 3rd party between a marketer and a user, there’s no chance of information leakage. Browser can’t buy, sell and “give” subscribers to anyone. When a user allows to receive web push notifications, a special code is generated and sent to a website, it’s shown nowhere and means nothing elsewhere.

In addition to this, you’ll have only real and relevant information about your users, since the browser provides you with it.

Web Push channel is less competitive

Which campaigns do you receive every day more: email or push ones? Sure that your inbox is getting more crowded day by day. Still, web push channel isn’t so crowded. Perhaps, because people are more aware of notifications, because the only obligatory thing to receive them is Internet connection.

Push campaign is easier to create and send

If you have ever tried to create and send an email campaign, you certainly realize how much time and efforts it takes. You have to think over an original subject line, creative email body, attractive email template design, make sure your email isn’t too long and wordy but still informative. Of course, you’ll test it on several devices to avoid mistakes and only then send. Special attention should be given to a service that you use for your emails not to get into spam.

What’s with web push campaigns?

You need just to write up to 3 sentences for users to catch your message, insert a link and send.

The difference is quite obvious.

What are the benefits of sending push notifications via SendPulse?

  • Free forever
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It is not a misprint! Web push notifications are free forever in SendPulse and there are no restrictions regarding their number or anything else.

  • Availability

Almost all the browsers support web push notifications, for example, the most popular like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari do.

  • Statistics

Like email statistics, push stats is available as well. Monitor the sent, delivered web pushes and click-through rate to improve and optimize your campaigns.

  • Scheduler

Use scheduler to plan push campaigns for future. This feature will be also helpful during non-working hours, special dates etc.

  • Personalization and segmentation

Make every your message personal and unique with the help of these methods! Create different variables corresponding to the information you have, like name, last name etc.

  • Image

What can be better than an informative and attractive image in your web push notification? Most of your subscribers are visuals, so they’ll appreciate it. In SendPulse, you can add a large image to your push campaign.

  • Automations

Automations will make your work with the service easier and much more fruitful. Automation can be sent as a response to a subscription. RSS campaign will keep your users informed about the latest news of your website, like after a new article.

Additional settings

  • Push lifetime

You can set the specific time for a web push delivery, because it may be not actual in 24 hours.

  • Send throttling

If you send to a large list of users, use this feature to avoid overloading on your website.

  • UTM Codes

UTM codes will help you to know more about your campaign performance. You’ll get more detailed analytics.

To learn more about the features and how to implement them, read the Knowledge Base of the service, which has 4 main categories, subcategories that cover all the features that SendPulse offers.

So, SendPulse has a really wide choice of features and everything is for free. Take your chance to improve online marketing and try the service!


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