20 Social Media Design Ideas to Get Noticed on Instagram in 2021

It is not enough just to create company accounts on social networks. You also need to issue them with high quality. Proper branding plays a very important role, as any Internet user is simply overloaded with information now, especially in social networks. There is a perception that an average person sees hundreds of ads and logos of various brands every day, both online and in reality. Do you not believe me? Then just look around, go to your favorite websites and count several corporate symbols surrounding you.

Careful design of social networks will help you stand out against a background of many visual “spam”. A solution for you is ready social media templates. It will also provide your business with a number of advantages:

  • With it, you will be able to attract the attention of users, to help them better recognize your brand, to highlight it against a symbolism of other firms and competitors.
  • You will manage to create a more complete image of your company by designing social networks.
  • Designed content looks more attractive than regular photos, videos or text.

So, if you are looking for ready solutions for your social media profiles, take a look at this social media templates collection with great tips below.

Instagram Colorful Banner Social Media [$22]

Instagram Colorful Banner Social Media


It is very important to present your profile perfectly. Nice photos, interesting and useful text — all of this makes you look professional for ordinary followers. Use these ready-made banners, edit a text and photos and share it on your Instagram. Photo is not included, but you can find a download link in a help file to used fonts.


  • 6 PSD files in 1080*1080px;
  • To edit them use Adobe Photoshop from CS2 to CS6;
  • 300 dpi resolution;
  • RGB color mode.

These templates are perfect for Stories and Post. Using IG Stories for guest publications has an advantage over traditional posts because a guest can post any number of stories without having to load an account with them.

Before you post in the account, you need to introduce yourself or announce your new topic to the audience. This is what this template is useful for.

Also, it’s a tradition on Instagram to thank your audience when you have a significant number of subscribers. Use this Instagram Colorful Banner Social Media pack for giving thanks to your subscribers. There is a combination of bold fonts, colorful shapes and beautiful backgrounds that you can customize and combine on your own. The result is stunning images for social networks that ensure that your subscribers won’t miss your gratitude.

Clean Style Instagram Story Package Social Media [$10]

Clean Style Instagram Story Package Social Media


One common use of stories is to show a backstage life. Storytelling is incredibly fascinating to users. For example:

  • Restaurants reveal a process of cooking.
  • Musicians show how they record an album.
  • Sports teams post images from workouts.
  • Fashion experts demonstrate the work on a perfect image.

Many companies use Stories for teaching. You can share tips or teach clients to do something (for example, use your products) using this template for tutorials.

Blog promotion is another way to use stories. Instead of just asking people to visit the blog, show them the key points of the post in Stories. Dissemination of content across multiple channels is a great way to ensure maximum coverage.

This pack is easy to edit at Photoshop thanks to a clean design. There are templates on such topics as photography, food, and coffee. Click on the link to look closer on Instagram story templates. If you have any questions, you can ask the support team via email, online chat or a phone call.

200 Ready-to-Use Entrepreneurial Quotes Social Media [$26]

200 Ready-to-Use Entrepreneurial Quotes Social Media


Everyone has good intentions, but often the motivation disappears as quickly as the stock of willpower ends. Quotes can come to the rescue. Great quotes speak for themselves. Therefore, it is the ideal format for seeing your business profile in a minimalist style while motivating others.

This pack includes 200 quotes in black and white style. There 4 color combinations to choose from.

People often subscribe to such publics for some fresh inspiration. Some of these quotes you can use as an affirmation, which is highly popular nowadays.

But it may not be just someone’s inspirational statement. Share a phrase from your last blog post or a quote from the CEO — if this is relevant to the audience, there is a high probability of sharing the post.

This pack will suit entrepreneurs, motivational speaker, influencer or a simple blogger.
These images are ready to use and easy to edit. You can add photos, change text colors or add gradients.


  • Guide on how to use this pack and where to get free fonts are included;
  • 200 PNG Images with a black text and transparent background;
  • 200 PNG Images with a white text and transparent background;
  • 200 PNG Images with a black text on a white background;
  • 200 PNG Images with a white text on a black background;
  • As a bonus, you will get 6 gradients.

Colorful Instagram Banner Pack Social Media [$10]

Colorful Instagram Banner Pack Social Media


Instagram is a great way for businesses to advertise themselves, their products and services. The Colorful Instagram Banner Pack ensures that you use the right sizes to make your products sparkle. Upload your images, your text, and brand with your fonts and colors, and you are ready for Instagram. This pack fits not only for posts but also for stories.

You can use this template to warm up subscribers when you are about to post a new post, hold an event or sale. In the subsequent story, the audience is expected to see the details of the sale.


  • The files in the pack have format .ai.
  • Use Adobe Illustrator C2 for editing the templates.
  • The size of the templates is 1080*1080.
  • Resolution is 300 dpi.
  • Color mode is RGB.
  • The photo is not included in the main zip file.

Plus – Pack Social Media [$22]

Plus - Pack Social Media


If you use lots of social media and you a universal solution to create your content on all of them, this multipurpose pack will help you. There are 75 PSD files for such social media as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Thanks to Smart Objects you can add your images to templates. If you have a blog or an online shop, this pack might be for you.

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This collection Plus is great for ready business or for a startup. If you are a beginner, here is a useful article about how to start an online fashion business, where you can find helpful tips.


  • Required Adobe Photoshop 5.5+ for editing;
  • For Facebook 1200*1200;
  • For Instagram Stories 1080*1920;
  • For Instagram 1080*1080;
  • For Twitter 1024*1024;
  • For Pinterest 736*736;
  • Elegantly designed.

1,000 Unique and Elegant Quotes Social Media [$30]

1,000 Unique and Elegant Quotes Social Media


Are you looking for a perfect template with the right size for Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook? Then browse through the template with 1,000 Unique and Elegant Quotes. The set offers many beautiful quotes on every topic and several customization options.

  • 53 Travel Quotes
  • 61 Eco Quotes
  • 150 Deep Quotes
  • 200 Aspirational Entrepreneur Quotes
  • 200 Essential Social Media Quotes
  • 150 Inspirational Quotes
  • 300 Short Quotes

Although this set is quite simple, this simplicity makes it only more attractive. The templates offer a simple background with a large variety of colors and a set of bold fonts, as well as text frames in various styles to highlight words in a quote. You can customize it by combining these elements in various ways. A great set to which you will return again and again and it will serve you for a very long time. There is nothing more universal for maintaining social networks than this pack.


  • 5 Free high-quality photos and 7 high-quality stock photos;
  • Quickly change text colors and colors with masking;
  • 8 Eco images;
  • Brush pack;
  • Link to free fonts;
  • 6 text gradients;
  • Ready to post to your social media;
  • 5 blurred backgrounds.

Animated – Instagram Video Templates for Photoshop Social Media [$30]

Animated - Instagram Video Templates for Photoshop Social Media


Nothing stays the same for too long on Instagram, especially for marketers.

The number of social network users is steadily growing, as is the number of brands choosing Instagram as their main platform for promotion.

But as competition grows, so does the complexity of the tasks, one of which is to stand out among others. Fortunately, now there are many tools that allow you to create eye-catching content. Do you think that creativity is not yours? Try this animated social media kit.

There are over 30 PSD files with masks and Smart Objects. You can edit fonts, text, photos, color, etc. There are multiple possibilities thanks to Photoshop CS6.

Photoshop can open mp4, avi, mov, and other video formats. It has tools that will help glue or trim video files, there is a timeline and much more.

You can use Photoshop to create:

  • gifs from video,
  • boomerangs,
  • slide show,
  • animation of elements,
  • cartoon, etc.

Developers prepared a video tutorial for you in the previews. Don’t forget, that you can easily create a picture from video by making a screenshot.

Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 6) Social Media [$22]

Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 6) Social Media


Create a close-up look at several social media profiles with this combo package for Facebook and Instagram. This package has ten great styles that easily work with Smart Objects for further customization. Simply insert your photos into these banners for instant results!

Perhaps you are aware of some interesting statistics on your niche. Mentioning curious data can be a good way to attract the attention of your audience before you publish something important.

If you are a marketer, blogger, fashion specialist or you have your business or your own brand, then this set will help you to look more professional.

Also, here you can find more useful tips about how to manage your social media profiles for business. If you need assistance or have any questions, send a message or leave a comment to the team.

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Social Media [$26]

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Social Media


It’s no secret that on Instagram, not only the quality of individual posts is important, but also the uniform style of the page. After all, many users decide whether or not to subscribe to a profile, just by the impression of an Instagram feed.

Are you not sure which design option to choose? Want to transform your profile and bring it to a new level?

Then choose minimalism, as provided in the kit. Such photos attract with their simplicity and awaken a sense of calm and serenity. In addition, the feeds, decorated in a minimalist style, do not distract from the main message and help to create a memorable overall impression.

This collection has a popular Instagram trend — puzzles. The main thing in this design of a profile that every detail should look like an independent image and have some meaning for subscribers. This is important not to annoy users with photos of some parts of the body and individual details.

Minimal puzzle grid includes such features:

  • 1 sliced PSD file into 27 pictures for posts;
  • 18 free stock photos in minimalist style;
  • Instruction how to use and edit this pack;
  • Ready to post;
  • Easily change colors and text with masking.

Facebook Templates. 10 Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline Bundle [$9]

10 Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline Bundle


Nothing compares to the new, clean look of modern design. This incredible collection contains ten Photoshop files with unique minimalist projects that you can use to show all your interests. Impress your audience with these professional, high-quality banner designs.

There are banners on such topics as:

  • coffee;
  • cafe;
  • creative agency;
  • consulting;
  • web design;
  • electronics;
  • floral business;
  • bar or restaurant;
  • auto services;
  • fashion.

Your Facebook cover should be as special as you. A design of this clean and is perfect for a wide range of creative professions.

“Great Product, I love it, will buy again from you soon. Thank you.” Johans Volta

“I am really satisfied. It’s so good, it’s really easy to use.” SANGHUN LEE

Facebook Cover Photo Design Social Media [$6]

Electronics Cover Photo For Facebook Timeline Social Media


The cover of the page in social networks is a showcase, which becomes the most powerful business card in the right hands. It is a great way to attract more fans and give additional conversions. A Facebook user spends a few seconds to assess a page. During this time, it forms a general impression, as well as a subconscious decision, whether or not to like the page.

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This universal Facebook cover will suit everybody who has something in common with electronics and modern gadgets. This template is created by a famous builder MotoCMS. So, no worries about the quality of this Facebook cover. It is designed very elegantly and minimalistic. If you need, you can easily add some photos or text for endless possibilities in Photoshop.

Below you will find positive feedback from a customer who has bought this item.

“Amazing facebook cover for my business. In the pack there are psd files easy for changes. Thanks.”Michael Rosenblit

Business Facebook Cover Social Media [$22]

Business Facebook Cover Social Media


When users go to a business page on Facebook, they immediately pay attention to the cover, because it takes up more than a third of the screen when viewing a profile. The cover is a central element of a business page. So, more technical requirements are imposed on it, than on a profile photo.

It doesn’t matter if you are using your page: for sales, generating leads or something else, the right approach to profile design and the subsequent optimization of your community is the basis of success.

Remember, Facebook Rules such as:

  • your cover is public;
  • covers should not mislead users, violate copyrights, etc.;
  • you can not force users to share your cover on their page;

According to the standards of the social network, you can not post on the cover insults, threats, information/images that include insult or threat. If you violate any of the conditions of Facebook, the social network can take action against your page, so you should take this issue seriously. Make sure cover dimensions are correct.

You can spend a lot of time on the selection and processing of images, and then it will look ridiculous in the header of your page because of its size. For example, if it is smaller than the required size, Facebook itself will edit and stretch a photo, which will affect its quality.

Choosing this ready business PSD cover, you will save your time and money. There are two variations of cover in blue and yellow colors. The used photo is not included, but you can easily add your photo in Photoshop up to version CS2. The resolution of this cover is exactly what you need 1640*624 px.

10 Fashion Instagram Template PSD Designs Social Media [$10]

10 Fashion Instagram Template PSD Designs Social Media


If your brand is associated with playfulness and fun, the ideal approach is to create an account in bright and rich colors. They attract attention and elevate mood. It is an effective tool for conquering a young audience.

There is also a tradition on Instagram to thank your subscribers when you have a significant number of subscribers. Choose 10 Fashion Instagram Templates to thank your subscribers using a combination of bold fonts, colorful shapes, and beautiful geometric backgrounds that you can customize and combine as you wish. The result is stunning images for social networks that ensure that your subscribers won’t miss your gratitude. To edit images use Adobe Photoshop CC+.

You do not need to limit sharing your bonuses only in your Instagram stories. Now you can create awesome posts that look amazing using this template set. Upload a photo of your gift, add your text and play with graphics and colors, and you will get a beautiful image.

YouTube Cover Template For Fashion Store Social Media [$4]

YouTube Cover Template For Fashion Store Social Media


The YouTube banner template is designed for creative people like stylists, makeup artists, and painters who create great and useful content on YouTube. No need to spend your precious time creating your own banners from scratch. Just add your own text in the template, apply color settings and use photos, which show different art images, and you’re done. This banner is universal and perfect for any person who has a creative personality.

Now you can go back to what you love most.

Show your style with this exciting design. This package contains a layout that you can use for almost any genre. With high-resolution covers at 300 dpi and access to free fonts, you’ll be happy to download this package.


  • Customizable PSD file.
  • Easy to edit at Adobe Photoshop CC+;
  • Friendly support team;
  • Great price.

SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle [$22]

SINBAD Social Media Pack Social Media


Pinterest is a repository for everything beautiful. That is why I have found a collection of amazing social network pack bundle for Pinterest users. First of all, a template set designed for those of you who want to advertise your products and services using Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook simultaneously. The template has many great images and customizable features to ensure that you can create an attractive Pin.

One noteworthy approach is to choose one color and stick to it. It will help to maintain uniformity and create a pleasant-looking look. But at the same time, it is important to choose an authentic and calm shade, for example, pastel pink. That is why I recommend this bundle in a minimalist style.

“A good bundle with a good price for all the clients who bought.” M O


  • Use Adobe Photoshop 5.5+;
  • All PSD files presented in 2 color variations:
  • Sources to free fonts;
  • Many images free to use;
  • 14 templates for Instagram in 1200*1200px.
  • 14 templates for Facebook in 1200*627px.
  • 14 templates for Pinterest in 1200*1500px.

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer Social Media [$4]

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer Social Media


A flower business will be always in a trend because of its beauty. It is possible to open a flower business from scratch even without a business plan, but the most necessary thing is the ability to attract customers.

Create your YouTube channel about it. You can share your tips about how to attract customers to your flower business. Sell decor items for floral business and create online courses for beginners, who want to learn how to become a florist. Increase the number of subscribers with this multifunctional banner on YouTube. This cover has a unique style with floral backgrounds and pastel color scheme. Download this cover today to enjoy the elegant banner design in no time!

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  • Created by MotoCMS builder;
  • Design in pastel colors;
  • Edible and customizable layouts in Adobe Photoshop CC+;
  • E-mail, chat, and phone call support.

Pastel – Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media [$22]

Pastel - Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media


This Instagram banner pack in pastel colors will suit for posts and stories. There are 15 templates (1280*1920) for Stories and 15 Square templates (1200*1200) for posts in PSD format. Both types of templates are presented in two colors.

IG Stories are stored for only 24 hours, so this method is very convenient for sales with a time limit. This strategy is often used by online clothing stores. Moreover, many online shops after launching a limited collection at stories sold it in 30 minutes.

You can also create lists. This strategy is using Airbnb. They publish lists of the best places to live, jobs in their homes, etc.

You can publish, for example:

  • Different uses of your products.
  • Interesting statistics and facts about the industry.
  • User Content.
  • Trends in fashion.

Usually, such lists as “The best books for bloggers” or “The most interesting things that we have learned from social networks this month” are also popular.

To encourage subscribers to browse their Stories, sometimes brands offer exclusive gifts or discount coupons in posts. This is also a nice move for online shopping. You can create a unique code for the stories to track how many sales this type of content generates.

Hello Pack Social Media [$22]

Hello Pack Social Media


Interaction with top bloggers and influencers is reaching a new level. Brands allocate separate budgets for the promotion of goods and services in Instagram accounts of consumers. The format of such cooperation can vary from a simple mention in the feed/story to a full-fledged advertising campaign with press tours and public relations events. It all depends on the level and needs of the brand being promoted.

After that, many new people need to subscribe to you. So that they immediately understand where they are, it is better to create a post-acquaintance.

The first impression is important, even for the service, where photos and video content are published. Attract subscribers with the very first post. If you are just registered in the service, then you will be interested to know how to write the first post on Instagram. The greetings to users will help you attract a large number of subscribers. There are many articles that can tell you how to create it and what to insert into the description. This bundle offers you a ready-made solution for creating visual content on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest simultaneously.

There are:

  • Free images and fonts for you;
  • 12 PSD templates for Instagram in 1200*1200px.
  • 12 PSD templates for Facebook in 1200*627px.
  • 12 PSD templates for Pinterest in 1200*1500px.
  • Edible at Photoshop up 5.5 version.

Fashion Promotional Instagram Social Media [$22]

Fashion Promotional Instagram Social Media


The Millennial Age dictates its own rules. Most of us are starting to refuse to offline magazines and spend up to 90% of our time online. But where do we find out about trends now, if magazines are almost out of fashion? Of course, in the most popular social network on the planet with the most popular bloggers like Instagram.

Sell and advertise your products with this professional set of e-commerce banners. They are designed specifically for posting on Instagram. This set of 9 designs includes fully editable elements that you can easily customize. Every template has a title to help you out in creating a fashion content.

Bring the world into your fashion world with these premium banner designs. Those nine great Instagram banners in this package with a fashion theme will surely inspire you. And since all vector objects are resizable, you will not lose image quality.


  • There are PSD files in 1080*1080px;
  • Resolution is 300 dpi:
  • RGB color mode;
  • Links to used fonts and images you will find in a help file.

Facebook Cover Photo Design Social Media [$22]

Facebook Cover Photo Design Social Media


Have you heard a lot about the possibilities of Facebook, but still do not dare to use this social network to develop your business?

I think every Internet entrepreneur has already heard that Facebook is No.1 social network in the world. Today it has more than a billion users and most of them are subscribed to business pages. It is not necessary to explain how many potential customers you lose if your business is not on Facebook yet.

Start to present your business with this creative Facebook cover. This cover has a unique universal design that allows you to add more personality to your profile. This is a multipurpose template that is great for many projects, so download this project to start working with it right away!

The cover has resolution 851*315px, and it is fully editable. So, you can create a color that matches your layout of Facebook. This cool cover has a sleek, modern design with angular elements that you can easily customize. Customize this cover with multiple favorite photos to add more information to your Facebook profile.


  • 4 PSD files in four color variations;
  • Documentation with instructions on how to use and edit;
  • HD format with 72 dpi and RGB Color;

To sum up,

In today’s world, success is measured by how many followers you have on social networks.
These 20 templates for creating images for social networks, which I shared with you, are just some of the many available social media templates on the Internet. So now you have no excuse for, why not create great images for social networks.

I would like to know which designer bundles presented here are your favorite and which ones you use in reality. So after you have uploaded your graphics, take a screenshot of your social networks and share them with us in the comments below. I would like to see what you come up with.
Good luck!


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