Become A Social Media Marketing Expert By Enrolling In The Certified SMM Course

With the world going towards digitization and with the kind of technology advancements that are happening these days, Social Media has become a great source of marketing for organizations. Social Media Marketing plays a critical role in any company’s success. In fact, nowadays, companies prefer to spend on SMM more than mass marketing or the Printing press. Hence, a lot of companies hire Social Media strategists to handle their Social Media accounts and publicize the company on the right platform to enhance business. Many Institutes offer SM Marketing courses to young professionals and help them build their career in this path. One such example is the Certified SMM course offered by Atton Institute. Anyone who has completed his or her graduation degree or a diploma course can enroll for a SM Course.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing to an Organization:

  • It increases Brand Awareness amongst people. Social Media can help the company reach a wider audience network and create visibility about the company and brand in the market
  • The organization can re-evaluate its target audience and prospective consumers via the interest levels shown by people through social media. Sometimes we think that our business can cater to a restricted area or location, but when it comes to social media, your purview of business can go much beyond geographical boundaries.  
  • SSM proves to be a lot cheaper or cost-effective as compared to other sources of marketing like Television, Radio or Mass Marketing. If utilized effectively, social media can generate.
  • Social Media is also a good tool for taking feedback from customers about the organization and the brand. This feedback can further become a great selling tool or brand image for your organization.
  • One can also do competitive analysis through social media and constantly improvise on their product offerings
  • Social Media is the most convenient and fastest way to generate leads and make sales online
  • Without building up a professional website or without even designing any professional template, social media can give a boost to your company.
  • The followers and customers who connect through social media have a higher probability to remain as a long-term customer of your organization
  • Happy customers spread Word-of-mouth thus helping you build brand image. This is the biggest advantage of Social Media marketing that you get free publicity and reviews about your products. If consumers like your product, they would most likely share a review which in turn the whole world would watch.

SMM Management – The Importance

Adopting new styles and strategies for marketing of your business is imperative. When we think of SMM everything should be planned properly. Else, there is absolutely no use in spending so much of time, resources and money. Achieving positive results becomes an arduous task. This is where a professional marketing manager comes into the picture. They are adept to work on a marketing strategy so that you can communicate well with your target audience and understand their needs. It becomes easy for you to work efficiently and receive sustainable results to build happy customers in the future. When you plan to increase the social media activities and keep your presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it becomes difficult for you to handle it all by yourself. A professional with expertise in SM marketing will help you sail through the work successfully. In the initial stages, they would help in setting your profile, business details, and also assist your staff to speed up and update your profile daily. 

Eventually, the presence of your company will begin to make the presence in the market.

Embarking on a Successful career as a SM Marketing Expert

Many young professionals are opting for the marketing courses as it helps them boost their career. Companies are looking for professionals who can manage their social media handles for them, create a brand image, attract consumers to their website and also build a business in the bargain. A Social Media Manager is not only responsible for managing the company’s social portfolio bust also innovate creative ideas on how to publicize the brand by generating new and fresh ideas.

A SMM team of a company would typically carry out the following tasks:

  • Create a social media strategy- he will work in tangent with the organization’s goals and device strategies accordingly.
  • Create a budget and get it approved for all social media activities. It is his job to look at arranging events or campaigns to highlight the company in the public domain and budgeting around it is also a mandated task
  • Aligning Social Media marketing with other critical departments of an organization is also important as all communication regarding the company should be cascaded to the team handling their social media; they need to know every detail about the company.
  • Managing day-to-day activities of the social media accounts of the company, manage blogs, create new and interesting storylines, engaging with end consumers, sharing updates about the organization are also critical tasks.
  • Content Creation for Social media is also an important part of the job of a Social media manager
  • Apart from creating content and answering to customer queries, the Social media team also has to monitor the effectiveness of the tasks performed by the team. Hence gauging the efficacy of the campaigns or activities performed also forms a major part of their job.

To build a career in SMM and to excel in it; one needs to have some basic knowledge of what is the entire functionality of the social media business and what kind of value-add can be provided. Hence a Social Media Marketing course is most suggested to curb the learning curve and get a hold of the business faster. These courses typically teach you from the basics of Social Media to understanding Customer type right up to designing fabulous strategies to attract them. The Certified SMM course offered by Atton Institute is one of the best in the industry, which enhances a student’s potential to the fullest.

So let’s have a look at what are the contents of a typical Social Media Marketing Course:

  • Overview of Social Media, its impact and the power to influence
  • Benefits of Social Media to Organizations
  • Benefits of Social Media for Consumers
  • How Social Media is used as a Marketing tool
  • Various types of Social media platforms, their usage and their audience type
  • Introduction and in-depth understanding of critical Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • Similarities and Differences of each of these Platforms
  • A brief discussion of other Social Media channels
  • Understanding the marketing strategies of each of the channels and sites
  • Strategies to be created for various Social media platforms
  • Defining organization goals and integrating with Social media features
  • How to approach target audience via a Social Media platform
  • Understanding Customer thought process, expectation and requirement
  • Understanding today’s digital customer and his purchase patterns
  • Creating ideas to reach Customers hearts
  • How to create Effective content for social media – something that can click instantly and attract traffic to the webpage
  • How to build Social media campaigns effectively
  • Monitoring and Assessing Campaign success
  • Comparing Opposition strategies and product features
  • Capturing Customer VOC and cascading to relevant stakeholders within the company
  • Getting updated with latest Social media trends and practices
  • Utilizing Social Media optimally to enhance productivity and brand image

What is the eligibility criterion for enrolling in this program?

Anyone who is a graduate or attained a basic Diploma certification can opt for this  course. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to enhance your business strategies, a Content Writer, Marketing or Sales professional, a Digital Marketing professional or anyone who is interested in making a career in Social Media Marketing, you can go for this course and learn about the nuances of the Social Media World. This course generally does not come with pre-requisite clauses or mandatory education formalities; however, a basic understanding of the Social media functioning would be an added advantage.

How will it help to be beneficial to anyone attending this course?

The marketing strategies keep changing every year. With the advent of too many social networks, it has become important to understand the right kind of platform and work upon it. It is not a difficult task to do it yourself; however, some efforts have to be made to obtain fruitful results.  

If you are working in the marketing team of an organization, this course will definitely provide you with an edge over the other colleagues as this would take you through an entire tour of the Social media dynamics and enable you to use tools for best Marketing practices. So enroll now and get noticed amongst your team members.

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