Steps For Migrate To New iPhone X from an Old iPhone

iPhone X, the latest buzzword in the society since the Apple event 2017 held in September 2017. iPhone X is the most brilliant invention of the Apple devices developed till date as it was launched on the 10th anniversary of the Apple Inc establishment. This revolutionary device has been finally launched at Steve Jobs theatre on 12th September 2017. The iPhone X comes with the Amoled screen and facial recognition and therefore home button is gone. You might have heard a lot about this tremendous device.

Undoubtedly, those iOS lovers who have been using previous models of iPhone will surely look forward to buy this enormous phone. But, migrating your data from the old iPhone to iPhone X is not a simple task as it was, earlier.

Along with old iPhone, you should also upgrade your Apple watch. If you have an Apple watch, you can pair it up with iPhone X. Migrating to iPhone X can be done in many ways. There are total two ways to complete migration of iphone data from old ones to the latest iPhone X. Below mentioned are the three ways with the help of which you can migrate from any old iPhone to the iPhone X. Read the entire one and begin using your newest iPhone X.

Through iCloud

Migrating to iPhone X begins with the backup of the old iPhone through iCloud is something that is easiest of all other ways of migration. Unlock your iPhone through iCloud and follow the below steps to migrate:

  1. Open Settings on the iOS device
  2. Tap your Apple ID
  3. Go to iCloud
  4. Tap on iCloud Backup
  5. Tap Backup Now
  6. When your device will be plugged in charger, locked and connected to WLAN network, it will be automatically backed up.
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Note: You must have an iCloud account for managing the backup of your old device.

Now, get your iPhone X, set it up and after setting up the basic things like language and network, go to restore from iCloud backup option, sign in to the Apple ID  and select the backup to restore. In sometime, iPhone X will be perfectly ready to work.

Through iTunes

As I said earlier, there is not only one way to migrate from the old one to the latest iPhone X. Migrating through iTunes is also a great way to migrate from older iPhone to iPhone X. Also, if you haven’t backed up your data with iTunes, it is a necessity to do. Follow the below steps in order to take the backup of your old iPhone into iTunes.

  1. Launch iTunes on the Computer
  2. Connect Your old iPhone with USB Cable
  3. Click the Device Icon on iTunes.
  4. Turn to the Backup Module
  5. Select Backup Now

Now, take your new iPhone X, Follow the below steps:

  1. Tap Restore from iTunes Backup
  2. Connect iPhone X to iTunes
  3. Select the Backup
  4. Restore it to iPhone X
  5. Once it is done, there are few steps to go to complete the update
  6. Here is the new iPhone X ready to use

Also, this process can be performed vice versa, if you want the data of the iPhone X to restore iTunes, you just need to connect the iPhone X to iTunes, and then click on restore backup on the middle of the panel.

Note that iTunes backup to the iPhone X will clear all the existing data. Taking backup with the help of iTunes will let you keep your data secured from further disruption and the safety of the data is assured.

But, both iTunes as well as iCloud has certain limitations. Therefore, there are certain different ways through which the data can be migrated to the new iPhone X.

Not only iPhone, but all the iOS devices can be migrated to the latest iPhone X. Be it an Apple watch or an iPad.

For pairing up the Apple watch, all you need to do is unpair it from the previous iPhone before setting up a new device. It can be restored easily after it is paired with the newest iPhone X.

Enjoy the new iPhone X with the latest iOS 11 and get your iPad or an Apple watch!

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