6 Techniques to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online (2021)

Want to make money from your blog? You can! Bloggers do it all the time by employing a variety of monetization techniques to help them achieve the highest profit from their blog site.

Of course, not every blogger achieves monetization success. Part of the problem is their blog’s content lacks value. You need to have this value first before you can ever hope to successfully implement a sound monetize strategy.

Here is what you can start with! Gary gives you basic idea in this video:

With that in mind, here are 6 blog monetization techniques to help improve your chances of making money online:

Establish Value

Start with the fundamentals. Establishing value comes from having important foundations in place. Without these, any monetization technique you attempt to implement will be futile. Fundamentals include:

  • Pick a valuable niche (find a key demographic and appeal to them)
  • Design and build a professional site (build a platform that will compliment your content)
  • Create incredible content (entertaining, interesting, informative, practical, useful, etc.)
  • Grow a following and nurture it (connect with subscribers via social media, etc.)
  • Keep your followers happy (if you want your followers/subs to stick around, keep them engaged and interested).

Monetize over Multiple Channels

Don’t forget, many of your readers are going to be accessing your content via different devices, including desktop and mobile. In addition to regular online advertising, mobile advertising will also be important if you are hoping to generate revenue from your mobile users.

This not only includes mobile web monetization but may also include mobile app monetization. This is especially true if you have an app that will be useful to your followers and that you’re advertising via your blog, social media, YouTube channel, etc. You might find that a mobile advertising platform like Appnext, AdMob, StartApp, etc. can help you find mobile monetization success if apps are relevant to your blog.


This is a type of performance-based marketing that is effective for many bloggers. Essentially, you partner with an outside company (often an e-commerce business), and you include links to products or services offered by this company via their affiliate program. If a visitor clicks this unique link and purchases the products or services, you’ll get a percentage of the cost or a fixed commission.

Amazon Associates, ClickBank and LinkShare are all great examples of popular and effective affiliate marketing programs. Just remember that if you go the affiliate marketing route, it’s imperative for you to only promote products relevant to your niche and that you have personally tried and would actually recommend. You should also include a disclaimer on your site about earning commissions from some of the products/services your recommend, so you don’t mislead your readers.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

One of the easiest ways to monetize is to implement PPC advertising. Essentially, you make a bit of cash every time someone clicks on a link or banner. This type of monetization strategy is usually most beneficial for blog sites that cover a large range of subjects, compared to those with a highly focused niche.

You can run these types of advertisements on your site by connecting with an ad network, such as Google Adsense (the most popular), Rev Content, and the Blogger Network.

Sell Ads Directly

You might find that selling ads directly via your website (e.g. selling banner ad space) is lucrative. The reason is instead of having to rely on a middleman who takes a cut of the money, you can negotiate the price and terms on your own. Most bloggers tend to charge a flat rate instead of PPC ads.

What’s more, the blogging platform you use can help you with your goal to sell ads directly via your site. For instance, if you use WordPress, there is a WordPress ad management plugin you can use. This helpful WordPress monetization tool can help simplify the process. Consider seeking the assistance of the marketplace BuySellAds to find advertisers best suited to your site.

Sell Your Product or Service

Beyond relying on others to pay you to promote their products, services, etc., you can create your own product/services to sell. Ideas of what you can offer include digital products like eBooks, videos, webinars, online courses, etc.

Keep in mind, whatever product or service of your own you choose to promote/sell via your blog site, it needs to be relevant to your content and your readers. For instance, if your blog is about skin health, creating and selling a special recipe eBook of healthy snacks and meals that are good for the skin may be of interest to your followers, etc.

Get Experimental

Ultimately, you can’t afford to choose only one monetization strategy for your blog. Different techniques will work in different ways for different brands. You won’t know which ones will work and be profitable until you try them. To secure the highest return on investment, you’ll need to have patience and experiment with different monetization strategies.

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