5 Things Consider When Choosing Best Cloud Document Sharing Services

Gone are the days where people preferred storing or sharing their documents physically. With advanced technology, a person or a business can store and share documents online. However, one must ask themselves a few questions before selecting an online storage and sharing service. Does it offer convenience? Is it safe? Is it secure? Who can get access to my documents? To answer these questions, we have highlighted tips that a person should consider while selecting an online sharing service.

1. Convenient uploading system

Cloud document sharing has gained popularity among internet users. One should select a site that will enable easy uploading of documents. The site should offer convenience in a way that allows document upload from a mobile phone app or online. Businesses share more files by a click of a button.

2. Track user activity

Internet is full of computer wizards and some are hackers. One should select a site that monitors the user’s activities. This is an easy way of knowing who logged into your account to view files and share them. A cloud site should offer the exact time and which device logged into it. This way a user can keep tabs on documents so that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the hands of wrong people

3. Consider paying for cloud services

These needs are at the back of the mind of any business owner. This will depend on how much storage a person would need. Some cloud storage services offer 15GB free storage. However, one may find that this is not enough. They ought to set aside a certain amount of money to buy extra storage for files. Files can be retrieved in the future and be shared with interested parties.

One may decide to have multiple sites to store documents. This is confusing, annoying and a lot of time goes to waste while searching for which cloud site someone stored a particular document. As a business proprietor, one should at different prices offered by several cloud storage providers. In the end, one can select a price plan that will work for their businesses

4. Look at features offered

Different cloud storage services have different features. A person should check the different sites to see which one has the features they need. Here are a few features that one should know about

Multi-device – one should select a cloud storage service that can work on all devices such as phones, PC, or tablets. This ensures that one can choose to share their files at any time of day or night on whatever device they have at hand.

Editing features – a person should select a site that allows editing within the cloud storage itself. This saves on time that would be used to opening the file outside the storage service. One can make the changes before sharing documents at the shortest time possible.

File sharing a person should select a site that allows cloud document sharing services. Multiple people share files with a click of a button.

Real-time syncingthis feature ensures that a person’s edited files will automatically have changes updated in the cloud storage service. Some sites make a person upload files manually which are tedious for a busy person. One should select a site that will make their work easier.

Make a choice between cloud storage and external hard drives.

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A person may argue that external hard drive is the best to store files to retrieve them in the future. However, documents can easily be lost when the drive crashes or gets lost. A person who is shying away from buying a cloud storage service should think twice. It may seem expensive in the short-run, but this is the way to go for one with a lot of documents. One should think of cloud storage as an easy way to store and access files at any time for sharing.

5. Security

This is paramount. In an age where businesses information is prone to leakage, one ought to select a site that will offer the security of documents during transfer. One should select sites that offer end to end encryption so that a third-party doesn’t know what’s in the documents shared.


Sharing documents online is common in the current generation. One can share both personal documents and official documents online with others when they are miles apart. One should select the best cloud storage service that makes document transfer easy and perfect.

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