5 Tips for Creating a Successful Industry Event

Networking is essential for the growth of any business, and it’s an often overlooked component of a successful marketing strategy. Hosting an industry event gives you the opportunity to mingle with influencers and competitors in your niche, as well as find new prospects and opportunities in your market.

Here are 5-tips you can implement to launch a successful industry event.

Choose a Premium Location

Location is everything. The venue for your event is possibly the most critical component for its success. Choosing a low-cost, thread-bare establishment, will virtually guarantee that the majority of your guests won’t show up.

Choose a classy venue that’s within your budget and ensure that there is service for meals and beverages. Arrange your space with comfortable seating during the speeches, as well as standing tables and bar stools for you networking session.

Create a Blog Post on LinkedIn

Promoting your event is all about creating awareness. Start your promotion campaign by creating a blog post on LinkedIn.

Add your agenda, list of speakers, and focus on the benefits attendees will receive. Tag any industry influencers and share your post with as many groups on the platform as possible.

Promote Your Event with Social Media

While LinkedIn should be your primary social channel for promoting your event, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are helpful as well.

Share a link to your LinkedIn post on Twitter and add any relevant industry hashtags. After you’ve created the Tweet, generate a list of influencers and mention them in a comment that directs them to your post.

Do the same for Facebook and make sure that you share your post with as many groups as possible. In the two weeks before your event, consider spending $5 to $10-dollars a day on advertising your post to a targeted audience.

Facebook ads let you target anyone interested in attending your event using keywords. You also have the opportunity to target prospects in your geographical location.

Offer a Networking Session

A networking scrum gives you the opportunity to engage with your attendees. Host the session after your guest speakers are finished delivering their content. Prep your team beforehand and give them each a list of attendees to target.

Let your team act as brand ambassadors and make event-specific lapels pins that promote your brand or company while they work the room.

Follow-up with Prospects

After the dust has settled, send a thankyou e-letter to all your attendees, even the ones that didn’t show up. People despise the fear of missing out on something important, so use this phase as a chance to create excitement for your next event.

Include photos and video from your event, as well as links to any content you create on social channels that reviews your guest speakers and testimonials from attendees.

Reach out to any prospects that were interested in your services using your social platforms. Create a buzz around the evening’s activities, and you’ll improve your attendance for your next event.

Wrapping Up – Survey Your Guests

After creating your follow-up campaign, it’s time for the final step. Receiving feedback from your guests will help you understand your attendee’s impression of your event and what you can do to improve the concept.

Create a survey asking your guests for their opinions on the venue, the food, and if they received value from the speakers and the networking session. This feedback will help you discover what worked and what you can do to make changes for future events.

If you implement this phase correctly, then you’ll eventually refine your formula for hosting events into a streamlined process that brings you more business.


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