4 Tips on becoming a Magento developer in 2020

Magento is an open source technology that helps its customers having an e-commerce platform to build websites that they want for their company or business that they want to have a website for so that they can sell stuff online. It is a system that lets people decide the functionality of the website with all the proper designing and the color schemes so that a completely functional website can be made then. If one wants to be a Magento Developer, he has to go about these things.

1. Learn new things and the basics

With time, everything is changing. Evolution takes place everywhere and as it is seen that the Magento development services are in demand these days as they are being preferred by many programmers and other developers from all over the world.

  • No matter how good a programmer you are, learning the basics so that you can have the Magento programming done, that is the PHP; you will have to know the proper basics of the whole thing.
  • There are tutorials all over the internet so that one can learn how to go about programming the PHP for the website that is Magento.

2. Take a certified developer exam

Whenever you have the choice, and you have chosen to become a Magento developer, the best thing that you can do is after taking the tutorials and learning new techniques you have to take an exam so that you get the certificate and are certified to become a certified developer.

  • While you are trying to get a good career, the important thing is that you get through the process so that when you apply for a job anywhere, this certification will help you get a better job.
  • The credibility of the person taking the exam would be high, and as a result of that, we can say that the people who are hiring you would know that you know the professional way of doing work and are capable of doing all the programming too.

3. Analyze over and over again

Being a professional coder does not mean that you would not make mistakes rather it highlights the fact that there are still chances that due to very silly mistakes in the code, the whole of your website is not functional or live for that matter.

  • Looking and skimming throughout the code so that you can check where you went wrong is the best way to make things right.
  • One should take his time on one project and not jump into a lot of projects because then that can be very challenging and hard for them to handle. This way, the concentration of the developer is also split, and that is something that would lead you to make more mistakes in the future.

4. Put question tags

One can really not emphasize any more on the importance of putting question tags in the code. It is something that is so important so that when there are some changes to be done, and you do not understand the concept of why you have used some specific function, you can make sure that you know what the logic was behind that.

  • There are chances that people forget as to why they had coded and so questioned tags help them in remembering stuff.
  • Programming is not our first language, and so we just cannot understand it right away, pointers as in the question tags help the programmers remember their code.
  • If there is a new person making changes in the code, it would be helpful if they knew why the previous developer had coded in that way.
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