Tips To Start Your Successful WordPress Freelancing Career (2021)

These days, freelancers are in high demand. There is a great instability in the job market. Job cuts and frequent layoffs make news headlines every now and then. So, there are a good number of people who are still continuing their jobs, but they want to become a freelancer sooner or later to be their own boss, learn entrepreneurial skills and overcome challenges, maintain financial stability, and live a stress-free life.

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A WordPress freelancer is a person who is an expert in designing, creating, maintaining, and solving the issues of WordPress sites independently. As companies look for talented WordPress freelancers to get their important projects completed on time, you can have a bright future in WordPress freelancing if you take a few steps and live up to the exceptions of your clients/customers.

Therefore, in this article, we have introduced some fundamental tips that you need to adopt to strengthen your career as a WordPress freelancer. Just have a look at them.

1. Constantly Keep Improving Your WordPress Skills

As the world of Internet is changing rapidly with each passing day, companies and clients expect WordPress freelancers to have all-inclusive knowledge about the WordPress. It helps them to get the maximum return on the investment they make to buy the offerings made by the freelancers.

If you want to become a popular WordPress freelancer and earn reputation in the eyes of potential clients, increase your WordPress skills. Keep yourself up-to-date about the latest developments in the world of WordPress, updates, plugins, themes, security vulnerabilities, etc.

When you work as a WordPress freelancer, you should also have a decent knowledge of different programming languages, computing skills, digital marketing, etc. It will help you to get more projects from your clients and complete them with a professional touch. You can go through some websites to increase your WordPress skills.

2. Create a Compelling Online Portfolio site

When you work as a freelancer, it is very important for you to have a professional online portfolio site. It helps you to easily introduce yourself to potential clients, demonstrate your skills, highlight your past experiences and make it easier for the needy clients/customers to get in touch with you. Once you create your portfolio site, add your social profiles and email signature to make it more trustworthy.

Check out some professional Portfolio WordPress Themes for an inspiration 😉

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3. Start Building Your Network

In order to become successful in freelancing career, you need to get projects from clients and companies regularly that pay enough for your freelance assignments. It is not an easy job at all.

You need to introduce your ideas to in an expert circle and convince the needy individuals to get the freelance projects. You can do the following:

  • Just clarify What WordPress services you offer and what you don’t do. It will help your clients to identify your potential and contact with you accordingly.
  • Promote your offerings in social media groups and Question-Answer sites. (highly recommended is Linkedin)
  • Do guest blogging actively. It helps you to build a solid online presence and get projects from clients.
  • Attend the meetings of local developers, clients, freelancers and talk about your offerings.
  • Register on popular Freelance sites and look for relevant projects.

You should start freelancing as a side business at first. Don’t leave your job just for the sake of becoming a WordPress freelancer. It helps you to become choosy and work on quality projects only.

4. Establish Your Credibility

When you start working on freelance projects, you face a number of problems such as not avoiding distractions (movies, spending lots of time on social media sites, going out for vacation, dinner, social gatherings, etc,), loneliness, dealing with rude clients, time management, etc. All these problems affect your work efficiency and you fail to deliver the projects on time.

Always keep in mind that if you don’t do away with distractions and be consistent with your work, it may displease your clients and your reputation as a WordPress freelancer is ruined. As a result, your freelance business starts to decay little by little.

So, just avoid all these distractions and have a predefined work routine to streamline your work projects, ensure their flawless completion at the right time and timely delivery to the respective clients. This will help you to establish yourself as a reliable WordPress freelancer and you will get more work proposals.

5. Your Pricing

Most of the freelancers remain in the indecisive mode when it comes to set the right prices for the services they offer. When you start freelancing, you should keep your prices at a moderate level to penetrate the market and get projects from clients. When you establish yourself in freelancing career and your business starts to grow, you can increase your price to make a suitable and comfortable living. Genuine clients never bother to pay some more bucks if you please them with your excellent services that lift their web-based businesses easily and quickly.

6. Crackdown Financial And Emotional Exploitation

In your freelancing career, you will come across several irritating clients who are irregular in payments, look for several corrections in their projects after getting their delivery and hold your remuneration even if you deliver their projects on time.

To avoid such setbacks and get an appropriate remuneration for the services you offer, you can take the following action:

  • Display the Terms and Conditions of your freelance services clearly on your site. Don’t bow down before clients just to get projects.
  • Ask your client for an upfront fee before the commencement of the project and seek immediate compensation once the projected is completed and successfully to him/her.
  • Demand additional money if clients make bogus complaints in the completed projects and try to get new works done without making any payment. To avoid this, communicate with clients and understand their all needs fully.
  • Turn down the work proposals of extremely demanding and irksome clients. They create a fuss in your freelancing career and disturb your other projects as well.

Final Words

Although starting your career as a WordPress freelancer can bring about a promising future for you, you face many challenges in your way. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to erase uncertainty in freelancing and become a successful WordPress freelancer.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a proficient developer specializing in front-end development and WordPress theme customization. She is a prolific writer who creates engaging content for the readers. When not busy with writing or coding all things, she’s spending time with her family. You can likewise follow Tracey on twitter.

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