Best Tools To Design Your Logo in 2021 (FREE & PREMIUM)

A well-designed logo conveys messages about a brand or a business. Many modern businesses hire skilled and experienced logo designers to design attractive logos.

However, there is another way.

In this post we will review some alternatives to graphic designers using online tools and software. If you are new to logo design don’t worry, there are different guides to designing logos, once you know what to do you can make your own logo.

If you are willing to spend some time crafting your own logo you can make one that is truly unique, and full of love and it all starts by choosing a logo maker tool.


Canva is a popular business and it maintains an online portal where it highlights the services it offers to its clients or customers. Check the website of Canva and you find that it helps to design various document types, it helps to do photo-editing jobs and it helps to create different graphs, charts, and Venn diagrams. The Canva offers online photo-editing software tools, it offers an online color palette and it helps to select the right font combinations to create attractive logo designs.

Using the online tools is easy as the user requires uploading a photo to start editing. Post editing the user can download the edited-photo for use. The color palette offers the user a combination of a number of colors. The user requires uploading the photo and uses the color palette to create beautiful designs as well as documents. The font combinations allow the user (logo designer) to apply fonts in the design. There are available a number of fonts to choose from the font combinations section of the website.

By using the different logo designing tools the user can design attractive logos for business use. The premium software can be used to design and create logos. The software can be used to collaborate, design and do editing as a team.

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is a photo-editing platform and is widely used to create attractive logos for business purposes. It is premium software. However, logo-designers can use the trial version initially. The Pic Monkey is used for photo-editing and it is used as a designing tool.

The login section allows the users of the tool to create an account with Pic Monkey. Irrespective of your designing needs or requirements (whether you want to use this software for editing, touch-up, design or collage).

If you intend to design logos then you can use the design section to start your design. If your need is to create collages then you need to use the collage section to create beautiful collages.

Before starting with the free trial, you can go through the different tutorial resources to learn things and get inspired.

Be Funky

Be Funky is an amazing tool for creating attractive logos. If you are new to design there are lots of tutorials, tricks, and tips for designing logos.

Be Funky’s photo-editor has a number of hand-drawn graphics, free fonts that can be used to design as well as create logos. Besides designing and creating logos, the software can be used to create attractive collages.

You can also upload photos to create cool collages. You can choose from a collection of customizable layouts to create lucrative collages. If you do not know how to use the Photoshop then you can use this tool to make fully customizable graphic designs.

Visit the website of Be Funky to learn more. You can refer to the FAQ section to know more about the software tool. You can also contact the customer support if you have any queries pertaining to the tool.


The Crello graphic designing tool can be used to create attractive logo designs for business purposes. This easy to use designing tool is used for creating attractive visuals.

It comes with 1000’s free templates for designing purposes, customize the same for projects. There are 33 formats, 240 fonts and 12000 templates available for designing purposes. Crello also has a photo-editor as well as design tools.

Registering to use Crello is simple and if you have any question you can get in touch with the customer support.

Logo Smartz

So, far in this post we have looked at online platforms, but there are also lots of logo maker software applications that you can use and one of the best ones (for beginners) is Logo Smartz.

This is a superb logo designing tool.

There are as many as 18000+ readymade attractive logo templates, 5000 beautiful symbols and vector graphics, more than 1500 slogans and taglines, 300+ fonts that are important for logo creation.

The designed logos can be exported in more than one format. The software tool supports formats like jpg, Tiff, PNG, Gif, Pdf, and Bmp. This software is available for both Mac as well as Windows operating system. This is premium software and the user requires buying the product, online.

Get Designing Today

Designing a logo has never been easier or more affordable. If you don’t have the budget to have a professional designer create your new logo, you can use one of the above options.

Your logo is the first step in creating your brand image so don’t neglect it, and get designing yours today.


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