5 tools for e-commerce business to close more leads (2021)

E-Commerce industries have sky-rocketed in the last decade. The progress of Amazon alone explains a lot of the wonders e-commerce holds. But before we delve into this further, let’s look at how e-commerce works differently and what exactly is the hype around it.

What is e-commerce?

The predecessors of e-commerce used a series of tedious actions to bag a sale. The lead generation process included manual work and wasting a lot of precious time trying to find the target audience for their product. The strenuous work did not end at lead generation; it continued until you had satisfied a customer enough to buy your product.

You know how older mothers and almost all grandmothers still believe in visiting a physical store instead of buying things online? That is precisely the point we are trying to bring across. E-Commerce saves you from the hassle of physically heading out to the store and makes purchasing as simple as tapping on your phone a couple of times. From groceries to plane tickets, everything is available online!

While we’re talking about online shopping, have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had plans of purchasing a specific gaming console or precise shade of red lipstick, and it has magically appeared on your social media ads? Well, that is precisely how e-commerce works. It redirects buyers to sellers virtually with the help of e-commerce link building tactics. What that means is converting a view to your store into a sale.

How lead generation works

Since we have established some ground rules about what e-commerce is and how it works, we shall now proceed with the concept of lead generation and some essential tools for e-commerce link building for businesses to close more leads.

According to Wikipedia, a lead is alotted to someone to follow up and judge whether the said lead equals to a business opportunity. It further undergoes a couple of long and unnecessary processes to eventually become a sale. This is a fundamental approach which does not work for e-commerce. The fast pace of the twenty-first century does not wait for you to manually inculcate a conclusion about which lead could become a sale.

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E-commerce and lead generation

The mindset, price, and product should trigger the deal instantaneously. The apparent lack of deliberation adds to the speediness of the process. You don’t need to think long and hard about buying a deep blue skirt the way you would cogitate about purchasing a house. Lead generation for an online store mostly begins from a sixty-second video on Instagram and ends in a sale within the next ninety seconds.

Your realtor will not give you a fifteen percent discount on providing your email address the way an online store would. Nor would they gift you freebies on a purchase exceeding an absolute limit.

Five tools for expanding leads for e-commerce businesses:

Here is the list of tools that will help online businesses to sharpen their lead generation and growth.

1. Social media

Social media has revolutionized the entire process of marketing. Long gone are the days when people gravitated towards ridiculous advertisements in print and on television that sang fake praises. People are more likely to buy products recommended to them by their favorite social media influencers or even the ones subtly placed in beautiful photographs on Instagram posts. Kylie Jenner’s famous lip kits and their success is clear proof of how social media boosts sales and generates leads.

After all, that is precisely how renowned beauty brands like Huda Beauty keep their target audience hanging by for each post. Not only do they use their name but they also involve social media celebrities closely linked to their niche. The stars garner undiluted attention to the product, and it starts the cycle of sales and building loyal customers that cannot have enough of the products their icons and mentors love.

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2. Benefits

Potential customers are always attracted to the added benefits they can avail from shopping at an online store the same way grandpas loved complimentary diaries and calendars from insurance companies in the former days.

Thus, whether you are a budding online store or a well established one, your customers always expect you to offer something unique. Discount codes work the same way the tag of sale works. Getting a few dollars off by merely providing an email address would not only get you brownie points from the customer but would lead to repetitive purchases from the same customer. If you have sent PR to a social media influencer, offering a discount code to their followers will get you multiple sales within the next few hours. Freebies have the Midas touch. They not only help in bringing customers but also create a positive image among customers. The success of Jason’s Deli largely depended on their free icecreams after each purchase.

3. CRM

The new age has heightened appreciation for customized services. People appreciate the special treatment from the business. This translates to the imminent need of employing reliable CRM WordPress plugin and established top-selling CRM service providers like Salesmate.

CRM providers like Salesmate not only accelerate your sales but they also keep track of your goals. Improved sales pipeline and smart email options add to the advantages. Customized services that provide mobility makes any CRM Providers irresistible for any online business trying to find more leads and growth.

4. Cookies

How many times in a single day do you deal with online popups about cookies in a single day? These pesky visitor cookies are technically a lead. They prove that someone has shown interest in a product you’re trying to sell. Cookies are a great way of redirecting viewers to your website.

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However, cookies cannot be trusted. A lot of people block cookies, and they eventually expire too. Whatever the case, cookies are generally great for lead generation, and it deserves the attention.

5. Call to action

One of the best digital marketing solutions provider Setalks suggest some ways CTA can work for lead generation in any online business. Taking a look at Hubspot shows us how extensively they utilize CTA to keep the client hooked to their service and maintained the strings pulling in their favor. Encouraging any form of action from your clients improves your chances of closing the sale.


An online business has better chances of growing than any other industry today. People’s increasing interest in social media and prefer to purchase products online keeps the opportunity alive. Employing cookies and CTA on your store would bring in more customers. Hiring a CRM service that takes care f your needs would only decrease the burden for you. Involve as many social media channels as you possibly can, and you’re all good to go!

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