TOP 8 Tips To Boost Your WordPress Skills (2021)

I am a website developer and using WordPress has always been my specialty but recently I feel like I’m lagging behind and I have no idea why. – We have often heard developers and even expert website designers saying this out loud. Every now and then, developer and a marketer get stuck in his own web. This is the time when he needs to review his performance and find out what is he doing wrong. The most common error found this way is the lack in upgrading the skills and techniques one uses for the web and mobile development purposes. Thus, you need to ask yourself this question whenever you find yourself stuck at a place – “Did you upgrade your techniques and knowledge according to the latest development trends?”

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Those facing problem in their career often does not answer in affirmation. WordPress is a leading blogging and writing platform and it offers all the best features. Developers using this rarely find any problem but even then, WordPress platform needs developers with high skills to ignite the sense of style and development through it. Therefore, here are the top eight tips you can use to hone your WordPress skills. These tips are approved by the leading advertising agency and social media marketing services providers in terms of their productivity and good use.

The eight beneficial tips to hone your WordPress skills are as follows:

1. Get regular updates from the WordPress codex

One of the best tips is to get in touch with the resources which update your WordPress knowledge and gives you an insight of the most developed techniques and strategies required to make full use of the platform. The WordPress codex is a similar resource that offers numerous benefits. The codex section of this leading platform is described as follows:

An online manual for WordPress and a living repository for WordPress information and documentation.”

It is an official source to get all the latest information regarding the WordPress. Whether you are a beginner or an expert who wants to level up his skills, using this online update source will help you a lot.

2. Define your goals before it is too late

Next in line is the task that most of us ignore a lot. We do have the main goal of achieving success in our minds but we need to refine it even more. You need to figure out certain things and see how far you can take them. First of all, decide whether you want to improve your skills just a little bit or to a larger extent? This helps to measure the effort that would be required in achieving the goal. Moreover, decide whether you want to become a front-end developer or a backend developer? Once you have decided these things, you can then compare them with your business goals and see how well do they look together.

3. Learn the latest target skills

Every developer knows that the game of digital transformation, web development and online promotion of the business brand requires the use of latest techniques. Along with this, the developer needs to master the latest target skills as well. Same goes for those who use WordPress as their main platform.

The first target skill to master is the use of coding programs. HTML and CSS are the main ones while JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and jQuey are the additional languages that developers must use and learn once in his career. Next, you need to learn how to tackle libraries and frameworks. Altogether, these target skills produce effective results and enhance the quality of the website that is being developed.

4. Use the JavaScript and WP Rest API resources

Coming back again to the resources where you learn a whole new world of WordPress techniques and latest strategies. These are specifically designed for the users to study and learn from them. Their authenticity and professional training are what inspires us to add them in our top 8 tips to hone your WordPress skills list. Josh Pollock, an expert on WordPress developed his online content on REST API. You can study this one and get a complete introduction to the platform, the basic training and learn how to customize and build an app using the REST API.

Similar resources are available for learning the Javascript language. You can learn a whole new lot of things about WordPress using these programming languages.

5. Delegate tasks when it’s time

Being a WordPress developer is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that the developer has to do. From designing to coding and managing all the expenses and budgeting system yourself is a daunting task. You are the in charge of your project and you need to keep things organized. Thus, if you plan on extending the project, a time comes that you’ll need some extra set of hands to look over areas like accounting and management. This is when you need to delegate the tasks to other people and keep a check on it. The bigger your project gets, the more staff members you’ll need. Acknowledge the situation when it’s time and act accordingly.

Delegation tool tips: trello & basecamp

6. Have a growing mindset and abundant technical know-how

The versions of WordPress keep on changing every year. With this, the designing templates, themes, coding options, toolbars, and security system changes as well. being a developer it is your job to keep your knowledge up-to-date with the latest trends and changes. Only then can you compete with the other developers and make a website that is worth the shot.

7. Design an interactive and responsive WordPress website

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The use of smartphones and tablets is on the rise which makes it essential for the developers to design a website that works well on all the devices. Things that they need to keep in check are the loading speed of the website, its overall appearance on different devices, navigation options and the bounce rate of the website. Moreover, it is now necessary for the developers to develop a website that offers an interactive platform to the viewers. The consumers these days like an equal opportunity to interact and participate in making useful decisions for the business brands as well.

8. Learn how to market your product

A talented developer must know how to market the product he has made to earn the profit. Whether you have developed a theme or a plugin, your job is to find the targeted audience and market your product to make sales. Most of the developers who lag behind as a developer are poor marketers. This is the domain that they need to improve in order to achieve good results.

These are the top eight tips that you can use to the fullest and achieve great results. At least try two to three of them and you’ll see an evident change in your progress as a developer. Each one of them is designed to add to your career’s progress and is a guaranteed ticket towards success.

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