Top 5 Mobile Apps to Ease Your WordPress Management Tasks

WordPress is the best CMS of all time. It has proven its worth which is unparallel. One of the main reason for WordPress to gain such success is “Third Party Application”. The integration of WordPress with these third party applications aka WordPress plugins made the management of the website or blog easy and subtle.

The introduction of Rest API in 2k17 and the JSON format makes the WordPress development much simpler. API provides a lightweight platform (or medium) to communicate and trade data with Third party applications. This opens a number of ways to manage WordPress efficiently. With the JSON format, WordPress programming languages are more flexible than ever. And the best part of this is that they are supported by both iOS and Android. This results in the synchronization of mobile apps in WordPress.

The possibilities of Mobile app integration for WordPress: Reality Analysis

There is no doubt that the smartphones have a deep impact on everyone’s life. And as of now, it is one of the demands of the present dynamic business to manage things even if you’re in office and of to somewhere.

For a developer, the holy ground is WordPress and now it is much easier to sync mobile apps with WordPress.

As I mentioned above, management of WordPress is crucial for a developer. The introduction of apps to sync WordPress has eased the management and now voraciously used by them. This iconic integration has remarkably boosted the productivity and connectivity of the WordPress website.

Allow me to present you with a list of top 5 mobile apps ideal for WordPress management. These apps are promising when it comes to WordPress management. The list is given below.

  1. App
  2. Manage WP
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Blog Press
  5. Hootsuite
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1. WORDPRESS.COM APP App is developed by Automattic, available for both iOS and Android devices. This app has efficiently scaled down the WordPress dashboard which had made the blogging more convenient even if you’re on the move. You can access posts, comments and even the Reader tab of the WordPress dashboard. It looks like the WordPress dashboard had jumped off from your desktop into your smartphone as a mobile app.

It does not skip any of the features of the desktop version. It enables you to sneak up on the user stats. And the best part of it is the push notifications. It notifies you for all the comments and the updates related to the posts. With the jetpack integration on the app, you can publish posts from the mobile device.

Overall, the app version of is awesome in every way. And it makes the entire management super easy.


Managewp is a super sleek and easy WordPress management tool which is now available on Play Store and Apple Store (.apk & .iOS). With this app on your side, you can easily manage security checks, analytics and comment reviews from your mobile device from anywhere you want.

Its basic functions include,

  • With just a few taps you can manage the updates of your plugin and themes. The Update of WordPress core is also accessible from the app.
  • With this app you can perform backups quickly and remotely with your mobile device.
  • It is easy to manage the comments section remotely. It enables you to mark any of the comments as approved or spam or even delete it.
  • The Analytics of the app is very impressive and as sleek as it is in the website version.

3. Google Analytics

The Google Analytics app is very much the same as it is in the desktop version. With the help of this app, you can,

  • Track the key matrices in the reports.
  • Real-time data monitoring.
  • Custom report building with your own parameters.
  • Easy to save reports on your dashboard.
  • Easy to apply segments and date-ranges comparison.

4. BlogPress

BlogPress is one of the most popular blog management platforms which is now available in .apk and iOS. It is compatible with many blogging platforms however, it is considered best for managing the WordPress. The BlogPress app is developed by JSON feeds, which enables you for the following tasks,

  • The list of the updated post will be seen in the home tab.
  • Easy to post comments.
  • Interactive Material Design.
  • Enables you to access deeplinks test.
  • Well integrated with the Social websites.5

5. Hootsuite


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Hootsuite is the best way to promote a blog post in social media. It enables you to share the blog posts on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other social sites. These are the following functions you can perform with this app.

  • It enables you to create scheduled posts on social media.
  • You can monitor and publish posts and conversation from anywhere you want.
  • It enables you to create a better image of your business or blog from places far away from your desktop.

So, these are the top 5 mobile apps that are being used voraciously by the WordPress users.

Let’s hit a quick recap of those 5 mobile apps along with a one-line description.

#1→ An official WordPress Minified scaled app.

#2 ManageWP→ The Best all in one app to manage the WordPress website.

#3 Google Analytics→ Use Google Analytics through a fully functioned mobile app.

#4 BlogPress→ A multi-platform supporting app to manage WordPress blogs.

#5 HootSuite→ A perfect way to promote WordPress blog post via a mobile app.

So, these are the current heavyweights in the WordPress management mobile app. If you feel some other apps should be on the list, no problems, you can mention that on comments.

Author BIO – This post is submitted by Kiara Marsh. She is a WordPress developer and a part-time blogger. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd. and delivers custom WordPress plugin development services across the globe. When Kiara is not working, she likes to share insightful posts, covering WordPress design and development industry.

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