Top WordPress Plugins of 2021 (UPDATED)

 Collection of premium and FREE WordPress Plugins for your WordPress website. Professional must-have plugins 2018 with BEST features and usability.

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Google Analytics WD WordPress Plugin


top wordpress plugin - visual composer

This WordPress Google Analytics plugin provides the easiest way to your website’s analytics right from the WordPress dashboard. It’s the official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program, and that’s why it comes with the most advanced tracking and reporting functionalities. You can quickly see your website’s real time visitors and also dive deeper into stats reports of your audience and overall  site performance. Apart from the built in reports it also allows you to get custom reports on any metric and dimension . If you have AdSense and AdWords accounts, you’ll be able to get tracking reports also for them. Also, check your sales statistics with its Ecommerce tracking functionality.  You can filter out specific IP addresses, users, cities and countries from the tracking and exclude any of their interactions from the reports. Google Analytics WD comes with an outstanding goal management feature to track targeted activities, such as viewing a selected page more or less than a specified number of times. The plugin comes with the comprehensive visualisation of the stats and allows you to export them to PDF or CSV formats, or email.

Best Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

membership top wordpress plugin

top wordpress plugin - visual composer

WordPress platform is extremely versatile and ridiculously flexible system but the real power of its variableness is hidden in vast integrations, extensions and plugins. Plugin is the detail that makes your business sell, that makes your website useful. With plugin you can receive payments, set up social logins, create mind-blowing sliders, increase security, change language, adjust accessibility, offer membership, do SEO optimization, schedule content, change the loading speed or start selling instantly. Basically you can do whatever your mind desire. At the moment there are close to 40.000 official WordPress plugins out there. Some are for free and some are premium. Free are great because you do not have to pay but often the effectiveness of the plugin is not enough. If you really want to take your website creation to professional level it is definitely worth to pay few bucks. The difference is considerable and the result is substantial. The Ultimate Membership Pro is the tool of tools. The package is stuffed with only useful things. For few dollars you get answers to all your questions, patches to all your issues. Instead of wasting time you have the right plugin set up in a moment so you can deal with more important things. The list of main features is very long and the benefits seems endless. Ultimate Membership Pro can probably solve 95% of all the problems you have. The Ultimate Membership Pro is the #1 selling membership plugin and most probably the most complete membership solution on the market. This toolbox is great and anyone who wants to do something serious should think about it. There are many ways how to save money and using free plugins is not always the right one.

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Google Maps WD Plugin for WordPress

google maps wp plugin

top wordpress plugin - visual composer

Google Maps WD is probably the most dynamic, feature-rich and, yet, the most easy to use WordPress Google Maps plugin for adding responsive Google maps to your website. The plugin comes with a set up wizard to help all of its users to easily jump to creating maps. You can easily drag and drop unlimited markers on the maps with custom everything, and also create marker icons with its built in icon maker. Adding polygons, polylines,circles and rectangles to the maps is matter of a few clicks,  and so is their customization. With its store locator feature you can highlight a number of locations within a specified radius.  Moreover, the plugin identifies  user geolocation and is able to provide directions to get from one location to another with driving, walking, bicycling or transit modes.  One of its outstanding features is the availability of customizable themes and skins, that you can use to give the maps unique feel and touch. The live preview option allows you to create and edit the maps with ease and  saves you lots of time.

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid Plugin top wordpress plugin - visual composer Essential grid is one of the TOP wordpress plugins on themeforest currently and it will definitely be one of the bestsellers in 2017 as well. It’s really effective and handy solution for showcase on you website. You can choose from 30+ predefined skins which all look very professional and one of them fit your needs for sure. Everything is easy to setup because of visual skin editor where you can build skins with drag and drop feature. Plugin comes with tons of features, such as, 100% responsivity, WPML, WPMS (multisite compatible), visual editor, etc. With essential grids is everything possible, build blogs, portfolios, woocommerce shops, price tables, services, etc. You can also easily import and export your grid, skins, meta data for usage in themes or for easily moving them to another wordpress installation. Plugin is fully supported and it comes with detailed documentation, support and regular updates. Theme has been released by one of the most reputable authors and I can ensure you about high quality! I recommend to visit live demo and see all version before you make any decision. Feel free to contact the author about with any type of pre-sale question. Make sure you showcase your best work in order to convert your visitors into your clients.

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Visual Composer Addons Plugin

visual composer plugin extension

top wordpress plugin - visual composer

Ultimate addons it’s extension of famous visual composer plugin which is included in this collection. This addons are also in bestsellers section on themeforest and they make around 200 sales per week. Visual composer is part of almost every wordpress theme on themeforest and it’s truly very helpful plugin. You can easily put together good looking and trendy layout with just drag & drop moves. Setting up wordpress website pages has never been easier before. Addons comes with features, such as, responsivity, parallax / video backgrounds, training / video tutorials, flip box, advanced buttons, timeline, icons, counters, price box, iHover, fancy text and so on. If you have visual composer installed on your wordpress ultimate addons plugin will make it rock even more. Feel free to contact author developers team to ask your pre-sale question, to make sure you will get exactly what you need for your website. There are tons of videos with tutorials which will help you work with visual composer. Don’t waste your time by figuring out by yourself. If your wp theme doesn’t have visual compose, make sure it’s compatible before you purchase the plugin. Not all themes are compatible and this can cause you headaches.

EventOn – WordPress Plugin

best wordpress plugin for events top wordpress plugin - visual composer EventOn is one of the best wordpress plugins for creating events on your wordpress website. Template comes with tons of features which allows you to manage all events and setup calendar for your visitors as well. EventOn has features, such as, 100% responsivity, multiple custom languages, additional data fields, search filters, event categories, featured events or integrated google maps. If you’re running business which requires to organize a lot of events than EventOn will save you a lot of time and it’s gonna be one of your most helpful plugins. You can easily customize plugin and CSS styles to adjust colors or dimensions. Plugins is one of the products from portfolio of elite author. These badge from themeforest tells you one thing for sure. You can be sure about quality of the plugin. EventOn is well documented, regularly updates and comes with premium support! Since 2012 it has been through plenty of updates and its been changed to its perfection. Template has minimalist design and it can fit to almost any website. In case it won’t match your branding or website colors, feel FREE to customize. Visit live demo to get better idea about plugin and its functionality. In case you would like to post pre-sale question, just contact author via themeforest comments.

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UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

best menu wordpress plugin top wordpress plugin - visual composer Definitely one of the TOP wordpress plugins for wordpress websites! With ubermenu you setup professional navigation for your website which can contain tons of information. Menu simply rolls out in bigger panel where you can add amazing stuff, such as, banners, trending news, background, products on sale, maps, custom HTML, etc. Layout is very dynamic what allows to create plenty of different version with different number of columns, different size, various type of information etc. It’s very easy to setup and customize. Uber menu is fully responsive and ready for mobile device. It’s very advance and I definitely recommend to check out live demo for better overview. Uber menu is supported by one of the elite authors from themeforest. It has more than 50k+ sales and that proves quality of this product. Most of the premium templates has it built-in and they call it mega menu! Ubermenu product is much more advanced and constantly updated according requirements of users.

Ninja Popups for WordPress

top popups wordpress plugin

top wordpress plugin - visual composer

Ninja Popups is one of the TOP WordPress plugins for every single business website! For marketing purposes it’s definitely the most converting plugin you can find on market. It can bring you amazing income if you do it right. Ninja Popups plugin comes with build in themes which are very handy and easy to use. With amazing email subscription popup you can increase more than 700% of email subscribers and fans! Plugin comes with pre designed features, such as, 40+ popup themes, 8 FREE optin panels, full compatibility with woocommerce and wordpress,  responsivity, page level targeting, WPML translations, statistics etc. You can also take advantage of plugin’s FREE updates, documentation and support forum access. You can easily integrate email tools such as, mailchimp, freshmail, get response etc. Facebook, twitter or google+ are also ready to be integrated in few clicks. For tracking you use combination of analytics and A/B testing which will help you to optimize for the best conversion. Don’t hesitate and jump on plugin’s live demo where you can try out all the features and test users experience by yourself. You can’t go wrong with this plugin, it has 16k+ happy customers on themeforest and that number for sure means something!

Wordfence – Security Plugin

top wordpress plugin for security

top wordpress plugin - visual composer

WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites in the world! Therefore, it becomes also a target of various online attacks. If you have wordpress based website you should definitely consider security! One of the easiest ways is to install and activate wordpress fence plugin which is definitely TOP wordpress plugin for security purposes. Very popular among wordpress developers and designers. It has more than 1 million active installations and it’s being regularly updated! It comes with premium version as well which is able not just to detect malware or virus but it cleans the files as well! Having premium version is amazing advantage because then you don’t have to care about security at all. Plugin will take care of it. Pricing of the plugin is very affordable, you can get keys for 10 websites for only $15 / year. If your running serious project online, definitely consider securing your website. This website where you’re now has been attacked 2x in last 6 months. Once you get a lot of traffic, you have to be careful.

Visual Composer


top wordpress plugin - visual composer

Visual composer is top wordpress plugin and definite BESTseller of all plugins ever! Drag & drop features of visual composer are the best time saving options you can use for creating of your website. Once you get use to it you’ll be very quick in creating of your layouts. Very simple to use and well documented.

Revolution Slider


Revolution Slider it’s TOP slider plugin! With it’s 50 000+ sales on codecanyon it’s has become the most popular slider solutions for most of the modern wordpress websites. It’s premium plugin so it comes with dedicated support and FREE updates. It’s compatible with wpml, youtube, css3, etc. Revolution slider is responsive and it has fully functional backend with more than 200 custom options. Most of the Creative WordPress Themes are using Revolution Slider for creating dynamic animations.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


   Yoast is the most used plugin for SEO purposes and it’s very effective and very well documented. I have a lot personal experience with this plugin and I’ve used it on every single website I’ve ever created in WP. Best feature of Yoast is it’s analysis, after you publish you get results of your optimization and explanations what to improve as well! You can generate sitemap, connect to webmaster tools, alexa, etc.

W3 Total Cache


Speed of your website is essential factor for your visitors experience and google ranking. W3 helps you to speed up your website and decrease your loading speed in order do lower your bounce rate! Google robots will notice this improvement straight away and that a big plus for your rankings. It’s very easy to use and all you need is just to activate it. But there also plenty of settings which you can set up and make it to run even better.

Contact Form 7


I can 100% bet you’ve been filling this form already somewhere on the website. It’s the most common solution for contact pages in wordpress. This plugin is very easy to set up and place on your wordpress web.

Share This


Social medias are very essential for SEO and bringing traffic to your website. It also saves a lot of time if you publish something and you would like to share on your social channel. On the other side, for your visitors it’s very convenient to share your content via buttons directly on your website. Don’t hesitate and go social!

NextGen Gallery


NextGen is very easy solution how to create photo gallery on your wordpress website. Top wordpress plugin for creating gallery on the internet! With NextGen premium version you can make even more awesome stuff. It has more than 6 million downloads, that’s quite crazy number!

WPML – One of the TOP WordPress Plugins for multilingual sites

The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Hola? Guten Tag? Do you speak english?

If you need to translate your website and make multilingual version there no better plugin than WPML. It’s been here for ages and it went through best updates and it’s definitely TOP wordpress plugin on market for multi language websites.

Woocommerce Plugin


Woocommerce is definitely my favorite plugin. It’s FREE and it’s amazing! Woocommerce allows you to run your eshop so easily and make all the important settings ready in few hours. To run online business has never been easier.

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