Top 10 WordPress Themes for Educational Websites

There are hundreds of websites found on WordPress with amazing themes. Themes play an important role in drawing the attention of the readers that’s why themes must be carefully chosen and finalized. The unique and novel themes are going to benefit you because more people will click your website and you can also improve your website after getting comments and feedback from the readers. Educational websites have helped students a lot in every subject area and students also look for the best websites to make their notes and assignments. Teachers also consult such websites for making lectures as well. So, educational websites shouldn’t be made randomly but with great caution and attention. Top 10 WordPress themes for educational websites are discussed in this article.


WPLMS is quite new and stunning educational theme found on WP. This online educational platform is multi-dimensional and multifunctional. This theme is basically designed by keeping in mind different academic institutes. These institutes sell their educational content on different courses online. This theme assists you in recording activity, private messages, group notifications and user groups. The active support theme is constantly working on it to make students experience optimized by helping them with any educational guidance they need. This theme is easy to use and you will never get confused with its features. WPLMS is the best educational theme. Live example of this theme can be seen at Career Plot website which is an education and career related website.

2. Academy

academy educational wp theme

This theme is devised for all those institutions who want to make their educational institutions one step ahead. It is basically learning management system to make learning and online teaching easy and accessible. It is quite easy to interact and you can easily use it without getting confused with technical features. It is made just to assist the students and teachers. You are also allowed to change your background, font, slider setting, create sidebar and much more. This theme provides you a platform to create online courses on all subjects. You can also get rating and feedback from the readers, which is helpful in knowing the position of your theme.

3. The Keynote

The Keynote is quite simple, clean and easy to use. It has appealing features which attract the readers and people always show their satisfaction with this theme. This theme is best because it organizes up the conferences, congresses, exhibitions or seminars. You can also create speakers’ list and event’s schedule which will help the people in understanding the theme and importance of upcoming lectures and conferences. This theme is important for students because they can attend the conferences on their subject areas which will help them in understanding different concepts. You can pay through PayPal for getting tickets to attend these educational conferences and seminars. These conferences are equally important for students and teachers as well.

4. Grand College

Grand college is another active educational theme on WP. It has nice and decent style. It is quite eye catching and people also like this theme a lot. This theme is customizable and you are allowed to change the features of this theme as per your choice and feasibility. You can translate your educational content with the help of this theme. Furthermore, it also provides you a search engine and you can search different other educational websites as well. Students really like this theme because it is easy to understand and use.

5. Clever Course

This theme is also devised for various institutions that are looking to sell their educational courses. There are different courses available and students can choose their preferred courses from the list. The payment system is quite easy and students get their desired courses in just few days. There are different quizzes and tests available for the selected course and you can check your performance by solving these quizzes online. You can buy your course by easy payment method through PayPal. This theme is WooCommerce friendly and you can get your progress report as soon as you complete the quizzes for different courses.

6. LMS

This theme is quite famous among students. You are allowed to create different quizzes, rating systems, and support video hosting on this theme. This theme has a nice professional design and it is also supported by other devices as well. This theme is also recognizes as one of the highly responsive theme on the WordPress. You can now choose free as well as paid courses.

7. Master Study

Master Study is the educational theme created with vibrant colors and fonts. You can create your educational hub by using this theme for students. This theme has free and paid courses available and students/users are allowed to choose according to your requirement. This is the most active and effective learning theme. This theme allows its users to access free plugins. Your pages get ready in just minutes without much hassle and your content also looks good on different devices without losing its charm on different devices because this theme is responsive and supported by all the devices. So, if you are on a noble mission to spread the education on different subjects then this theme is just perfect for you. A good example of this theme can be seen at etutoredu website which is an online learning website for elearning and exams.

8. Avada

This theme is also recognized as one of the best wordpress theme on the WP. It is beautifully designed multipurpose theme. You can style your education website in any way you like, this theme assures you in attracting more users/readers as it is simple to use and interact with. You can also get free updates and notifications about this theme. Live example of this theme can seen at Assignment Hub writing service website which is an assignment assistance service for students.

9. EDU

This is quite easy to use educational theme. Different students are its users and it is highly responsive as well. You can customize this theme without using difficult coding languages. Users get list of video lectures and presentations on almost all the subjects. This theme is quite informative for students of all levels.

10. Magicreche

This theme was basically designed for preschool kids. Parents rate this theme the best because they can easily use it and get useful content for their preschool kids.

These are the 10 best educational themes of WordPress.

Author’s Bio: The writer of this guest post is Hannah Ervin. She is a writer and mostly covers topics related to education, technology and students’ issues. She is working for various blogs and websites as content marketing advisor.

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