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It seems the world has gone crazy about web design. Teens run their own blogs, adults bring their business web projects to the worldwide web, small to large sized corporations launch their own websites, and so on an so forth. But what are the basics that one needs to know in order to get online?

What kind of skills/experience is needed to present a personal or business project to the web or WordPress community? Let’s find answers to these questions and come up with solutions on how to launch your site either on your own or with somebody else’s help.

So, what are the requirements that one needs to take into account when launching a website? One needs to know about the possible web platforms on the basis of which the future site will function. It will be great to have general understanding about the current web trends and coding standards. Programming skills are a great benefit, as well as the possibility to create designs on your own. However, what if a person doesn’t have such knowledge? Does it mean that he will be left without a site forever? No way. There are plenty of free educational courses available. One of them was launched by TemplateMonster.
The company is well-known as one of the leading developers of website templates. They have been on the market for 15 years already, so they know about all the things related to building sites on the basis of pre-designed themes. They boast a rich inventory of over 50,000 themes suited for any web project and topic possible. The collection includes both niche-specific and multipurpose website templates, as well as the ones that can be installed on an unlimited number of web projects. The company keeps a close eye on the latest web developments and innovations. They not only make trendy  and inspiring web design stuff of the highest quality, but also teach others how to launch their projects online. One of such free educational resources is TM Certification Center.

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TM Certification Center

The project targets both web design beginners and experienced webmasters. TemplateMonster Certification Center is made up of series of educational courses and tests intended to check the knowledge of its participants.

As per the course for beginners, TM Certification Center teaches the basics of how the most popular CMS and eCommerce platforms perform. Thus, one can learn how WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop Themes are organized, how the admin panels work and feel, how their settings can be managed, how to work with website templates, as well as expand the functionality of the latter with extensions. The course for beginners includes both theoretical and practical tasks. The latter are commonly scheduled for weekend, thus giving you more time for their completion and creative thinking.

If you are not new to web design and know how to work with ready-made business themes (and the ones launched by TemplateMonster in particular), then you will be interested in passing the course for pros. TM Certification Center for experienced webmasters is a set of quizzes that check your knowledge and the level of expertise of working with WordPress, ZenCart Templates, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop based templates. Once you successfully complete the quiz, you will be provided with a certificate from TemplateMonster and get an opportunity to be listed on their Web Studios Catalogue.

TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue

This is a list of all TemplateMonster’s partners who have successfully passed certification and can handle any theme from the company’s inventory. The Catalogue will be of special use to both ordinary customers looking for qualified specialists who can help them customize the chosen templates, as well as webmasters searching for the ways to expand their client base.

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The Catalogue features advanced filtering options, allowing you to pick a web design studio based on web platforms they work with, as well as their location. All web studios are ranked based on the number of projects they have launched with the help of ready-made website templates. The more projects one launched, the higher is their position on the chart.
Moreover, you can learn more about each web studio by reaching their profile pages. This is where additional information, a list of the launched projects, as well as contact details are listed. At the bottom of each profile page, there is an integrated contact form. By filling in a few fields only you can send a theme customization request to the chosen freelancer or web design studio.
That’s pretty much it. Choose your path, learn more about web design or pass a certification to be listed on a partner’s list. Deepen your knowledge and expand your client base with TemplateMonster!
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