Trying to Create a Better Water Damage Restoration Website? Consider These 4 Tips

Being the owner of a water damage restoration business can be very challenging. Getting the right water damage leads is only possible with a great looking website. The key to restoration marketing is making sure that your customers are well informed about the services your company can provide. In order to get a pristine looking website for your company, you will need to work with an experienced web designer. If you already have a website, there are probably a number of ways you can optimize it to create a better user experience. Read below to find out what you can do to make your existing water damage restoration website better.

  1. Focus on Better Call to Actions

For the most part, when a prospective client visits your website they are dealing with an emergency situation. This means they need to find out information about the services you provide in a hurry. In order to provide them with this information, you will need effective and informative call to actions on your site. One of the biggest mistakes most people in this industry make when having a website designed is focusing heavily on getting visitors to fill out forms. This is usually time consuming and will make a visitor leave quickly if they are in need of service quickly. Your main objective should be getting customers to call you for a free estimate. Putting your phone number in the call to action will usually increase the amount of leads you get. Once a prospective customer calls, you will need to focus on what you can do to get their business.

  1. City Specific Service Pages are a Must

Does your water restoration company service a variety of different areas? If so, then you need to focus on making city specific service pages. Most business owners fail to realize how hard it is to get their homepage to rank high on Google search results. You will have much more search engine success by targeting specific areas with pages. When developing these city-specific, you need to make sure the content contains relevant keywords and that it is easy to read. Incorporating things like bulleted lists is a fantastic way to make content more readable for visitors. People are more likely to respond to a page that is directed at the area they live in rather than a generic homepage on a water damage restoration website.

  1. Quality Images are Vial

If you are trying to make your water damage restoration website look better, then you should put priority on using high-quality images. The last thing any business owner should want is to have their site filled with pixelated and low-quality images. This will usually give the person visiting the page for the first time a bad impression of your company. Working with an experienced web designer is a great way to get access to great images. Most web design companies will come out and take pictures of your actual business to give your site a personal and unique feel. By investing in a quality web design, you will have no problem garnering valuable leads.

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  1. Your Site Load Times Should Be Fast

Most people will quickly leave a site that takes too long to load. One of your main priorities as a business owner should be making sure your website is appealing and that is loads quickly. A web designer should be able to diagnose and fix slow loading issues with ease. Usually things like outdated plugins or videos will be the main culprit for issues like this. The longer you allow problems like this to linger, the harder you will find it to get leads from your website.

Working with professionals, like the ones at, is a great way to take your website to the next level. Without professional help, it will be difficult to grow your customer base.

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