Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers (2021)

There are incredible plugins that you can use to improve your writing

Being a good freelance writer involves more than just checking for grammar and accuracy of spellings. You will need an upgraded game to keep your work attractive to clients. You don’t want just one visit, do you?

Plugins have made life so much easier. You do not even need to know web design to revamp your writing platform. The use of plugins is quite affordable and less time-consuming as compared to having to use code to program a website. When intending to add plugins to your writing job, you want to be sure to add the essential ones. You don’t want to add 1000 of them and unnecessarily slow down your computer. That is why we have compiled a useful list of some of the most relevant plugins every good freelance writer should have.

The best thing is, you don’t have to do all the hard work all by yourself! There are incredible plugins that you can use to up your game instantly and charm your readers.

So here are some of the best plugins you can make good use of!


It’s always a bonus to hire a freelance writer who has published his own books, right? The Novelist plugin, allows you to be that kind of writer. It provides you with a platform to create your own portfolio, listing the books that you’ve published.

Present your writing portfolio to the world

Novelist gives you the unique opportunity to present the books in an interactive grid form that includes purchase links, the number of pages, dates of publishing as well as the book covers.

You can also organize the titles better by their category. If you need more information about Novelist, you can check the documentation. You can watch it at any time to know more about the features.

Testimonials Widget

Get incredible testimonials

Some keen clients need more than writing samples to give you a job. They need proof that you are reliable. Thus, they may search for testimonials about your work from others who have worked with you. As a writer, you should make this information readily available and conspicuous. You could make use of the Testimonials Widget to get your clients to vouch for your writing.

This plugin provides you with a more convenient option of presenting this testimonial, which is in a more dynamic form. You can as well segment your categories, excerpts, star ratings as well as the testimonial videos. It integrates very well with the theme of WordPress.

Contact Form 7

You can uniquely add your contact details

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Other than boosting your brand as a freelance writer, you should also be keen on making it easier for customers to reach you. You may have made a move by adding your contacts to the header or footer of your work, but you can improve on this. The Contact Form 7 plugin allows your potential clients to contact you without actually leaving your site. You also have an excellent opportunity to add more fields if you want to inquire more about your clients, including, file uploads, captcha, custom notification messages as well as quizzes.

To add new fields, simply click the buttons in the main toolbar. You can also write them down manually in the main editor. You can then use a shortcode to add embedded forms to certain posts or pages.

Contact Form 7 also comes with a host of neat features. They include quizzes, captcha, file uploads and custom notification messages.

WP Links Page

You need to let your clients know that you are an experienced writer

Any person that wants to hire a freelance writer will first seek proof of their ability. The WP Links Page provides an online platform to showcase your writing experience and provide relevant samples. This plugin generates an outbound linked gallery that comes complete with screenshots.

Editorial Calendar

Every freelance writer has a deadline to meet. More often than not, we tend to see deadlines as the worst things to happen to us, almost like they are an obstacle. Hence, we end up rushing to finish the writing job with no keen consideration to the quality of the work.

An intriguing feature of this plugin is that it provides infinite scrolling on the calendar. This means that you can schedule writing activities as far in advance as you may wish thus making you more flexible. You don’t have to worry about scrolling this far ahead as you can always go back to the current date! You definitely won’t get lost in the scheduled posts.

This should change, and it does get easier with the Editorial Calendar plugin. This will help you better organize your workload. It is a virtual calendar that gives you a clear look at your schedule as well as helps you manage your clientele work. You will never miss a deadline with this!

This plugin allows you to have an overview of all your posts and when they will be published. You can easily change postdates using the much convenient drag and drop feature. You also have a pop-up window that lets you edit your drafts, post different titles as well as change dates and content quickly.

Nelio Content

You can use a plugin to organize your work to meet deadlines.

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Even if you are the most experienced writer, it can be a real challenge trying to juggle between tasks. Editing and analyzing your work can also prove tedious. Tweaking your work to meet the specifications of a client can also be overwhelming. The Nelio Content plugin allows you to not only organize your work around your deadlines but also to analyze your content thoroughly. This is a must-have for those who have much on their plate.

Nelio Content also allows you to automatically social share your work. It will also help you determine what your audience wants.

Hire Me Status Widget

Let your clients know when you are available for hire.

As a freelance writer, there are times when you receive many requests. This can be overwhelming and hectic. It may cause you to turn some clients down and thus make them opt for other writers even much later on. To prevent this from happening, you can install the Hire Me Status Widget plugin. It allows you to share your availability status thus letting the potential clientele know that they can reach you.

This is more of a widget than it is a plugin. However, it is instrumental in making you a pro freelance writer. This will help you get paid according to your time. It is an easy widget to set up and use. It is also much convenient for your clients as they get to see whether or not you are available for work as compared to having to search all over your calendar for availability. It saves you and your customer the unnecessary back and forth when trying to perform tasks.

About Me Page

Any thoughtful freelance writer will want to have an about me page where the readers or potential clients can get to know a thing or two about them. This is very critical as it is an advertising platform, a place where you get to let your clients identify with your brand, hence needing great attention.

The About Me Page plugin allows you to do just that. It will make it easier for your clients to learn about you thorough interactive designs and set a pace for your personal brand.

Social Media Feather

Show that you have social media presence through plugins

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For you to generate leads, you have to create a considerable presence on social media platforms. You can do this manually through social media links or buttons. However, it may prove difficult potential clients to click to access your account.

The best way around this is by using the Social Media Feather plugin that creates and adds attractive buttons for social media instantly to your website!


Get the right images for your posts through plugins

For you to become a pro freelance writer, you need to know how to spot and add attractive images to go with your writing. Most writers agree to have spent significant time searching for the right visual content to put up on their posts. Images have an effect of grabbing the reader’s attention while keeping them hooked and interested in your content. They are indeed a great addition. The ImageInject tool allows you to add royalty free images to your content without leaving the WordPress editor platform.


Becoming a great freelance writer requires you to take the extra effort. This may mean using plugins to make your content richer in quality. The internet has provided a great platform for one to become a pro at anything. Grab that opportunity by getting these much-needed plugins to make your writing job unique. This is the secret to generating more traffic to your content and keeping your readers loyal to your page. You can play around with you’re ‘about me’ section by making it more interactive and attractive to your potential clients. Get catchy royalty free-images as well as thoroughly analyze your content. Apply these plugin suggestions, and you are sure to get more leads.

If you have any experiences you would like to share on the use of plugins, feel free to comment.

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