Web Design Trends That Will Boost Conversions (2021)

Most of the today’s web designers simply apply whichever visual style that is trending. However, not everything trendy is as functional as you might think it would be. An appealing web design can make or break your business and of course your websites’ credibility.

Most viewers or audiences take only less than a second to view your site and decide whether it is worth their time or not. Thus, we have gathered the most common design trends, listed below, that will be hugely beneficial to you when it comes to converting visitors into loyal customers.

If you use any of the following design tips, you can count on boosting those conversion rates, whether you’re working on behalf of a client or with your site:

Monochromatic Colour Palette with Contrasting CTA

Gone are the days when using one single colour intimidates designers. Recent findings note that using a monochromatic colour palette could be a more appealing. And monochromatic colour options can, in fact, work with any design projects.

The concept of using a single colour is rooted in the hot idea, colour theory. But the point is to use one single base colour and then blend it with its different shades, tones and tints. Also, each designer will have to consider the meanings behind each chosen colour, including its associations. Just be sure to choose a colour that’s also great to look at, and not something that would hurt the eyes.

Then, your Call-To-Action (CTA) should stand out on its own as well and complement the chosen monochromatic colour option. That’s why opting for bright, contrasting colours against a neutral backdrop is always a good idea as it catches the attention of your online visitors.

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Full-Width, High-Quality Images

Lots of studies show that large images make people stop and take notice. That is the kind of attention you want to incorporate in your web design, as it significantly contributes to higher levels of conversion.

Remember to choose photos that are relevant to your brand and not just something you randomly found online. Use your high-quality photos if possible (and if your budget allows), as it gives that personalised feel. Check out some free HQ pictures on pexels.com.

Prioritized Navigation Tabs

If given with too many options, users are less likely to convert because some of them might get confused as to where to go or what to do first. So better tuck away all those secondary navigation in a hidden menu icon and prioritise where you want people to go.

Noticeable Call-To-Action Button

Honestly though, what is a better way to capture leads than to ask without any distractions simply? Since your CTA is the most important part of your page, keeping it visible is always a good thing. By placing it on a prominent area paired with an enticing offer, you’re ready to go!

Informational, Persuader Videos

One of the biggest barriers between an online visitor and making a sale is TRUST. However, merely explaining your product or service with a use of an eye-catching video is no longer enough to close a deal.

The 21st century has now relied on informational, persuader videos. These videos make use of real people who will genuinely provide the many benefits of using your product or availing of your services, overcoming any possible objections. Closing a sale has never been this close.

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Card Design Layout

The Pinterest-inspired trend allows your online visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly. Aside from that, it also helps your site look neat, aesthetically pleasing, and super trendy!

So, did you find something interesting that you haven’t tried before? Web Designers in London highly encourage you to try out these design trends. They may seem simple, but it will boost your conversion rate.

Age-Responsive Design

Your landing page and social media marketing should cater to a diverse demographic, whether you are reaching Gen X, Y, Z, or Baby Boomers. Thus, it is wise to know how these specific demographic prefer to view your website concerning font size, colour style, or navigation.

Thanks to a massive metadata available, you can now hit the bull’s eye by customising user experience according to their respective age group. They efficiently respond to your website’s content if it aesthetically targets their age group.

Cinemagraph Hero Images

Let’s face it, the subtle movements of a part-photo, part-video are eye-catching and easily makes us take a second look. It’s also strategic enough to make a busy-type website audience pause and read the content.

In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook cinemagraph ads receive up to about 60% higher click rate compared with static ads. This means that cinemagraphs matched with a compelling CTA (as mentioned in #4 above) are a bonus for your marketing tactic to boost conversion.

Value-Based Exit Overlays

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online shops or businesses do not have the advantage when it comes to reading customer’s social cues. Thus, the website’s owner or salesperson could not readily respond the moment the audience exits the site.

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This is where pop-up windows are handy but, in this case, value-based exit overlays. Yes, it is true that pop-up windows are bothersome at times. But when used strategically, such as exit overlays, then they’re kind of advantageous.

How? As your website visitor is about to exit your site, using value-based exit overlays helps you make the last effort in making an offer the visitor cannot resist, be it free shipping, discount, or even a freebie. Pop-ups can sometimes go a long way.

These are but a few of some web design trends that will help boost conversions. Since the power of the Internet is drastically evolving on a daily basis, paying attention to user behaviour and responding to them will contribute to accomplishing each site owner’s goal in making conversions.

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