Why do PHP developers love Laravel?

Laravel is popular on the PHP framework market, so every professional php developer should take a closer look at it. This article is an excellent proposal for all those programmers who want to learn how to use the laravel framework and at the same time find out in which applications its huge potential can be used.

What are the biggest advantages?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that laravel has a built-in authentication system, thanks to which it can be started immediately with one command. The blade template system also deserves special attention. Dedicated blade templates are very simple, intuitive and, most importantly, they have all the necessary functions. Every experienced php developer is well aware of the fact that writing templates in dedicated systems is not one of the most pleasant tasks. However, in the case of blade templates, the situation looks completely different. At the very end, it is worth mentioning the excellent documentation, which significantly facilitates and accelerates work. Each subsequent version of the framework is described in detail in the documentation. 

Many software houses have recently switched on Laravel. One of them is a Polish company – ASPER BROTHERS, which uses this framework in many projects. 

What kind of application

Laravel Framework is not only very easy to understand, but also very powerful. It’s a great tool for those programmers who want to write large and robust applications. Thanks to the expressive migration system and closely integrated testing, it is possible to write even a very complicated web application. Laravel is an excellent choice not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers. 

Security of web applications

In a standard laravel installation, there are many basic middleware available. PHP developer also has a very simple way to create its own middleware layers, which can be used to filter HTTP requests. When sending requests to the application, it is very often necessary to filter and verify them. Middleware can be used to create a security that will work like a regular firewall. Simply put, middleware is a very solid wall, through which it has to pass a request before it reaches the application.

It is also worth mentioning that laravel gives you the ability to create middleware, which will be executed automatically just before sending a response to the client so that you can get complete control. PHP developer also has the ability to transfer its own parameters to the middleware, so you can easily block any uninvited modifications. 


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