6 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN with Your Smartphone (2021)

We carry our smartphones with us at all times. These mobile devices are used to handle everything from posting pictures on Instagram to online banking. This is all quite convenient, but it also poses a security loophole. Well, fortunately, we have Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) at our disposal. They are not just for people who obsess over privacy or garner paranoid notions. Anyone can utilize them to reroute the data through an encrypted server and stay on the safe side of the internet.

It improves the overall level of security

VPN acts as an intermediary, a middleman between your device and the internet at large. Therefore, it ensures your connection is secure and browsing private. Basically, you send your data through an encrypted tunnel before transmitting it over the open internet. This makes it rather difficult for anyone to snoop on what you are doing. Your overall level of cyber-security is boosted considerably and you are well-equipped to face all the dangers that roam around the internet.

Flying under ISP’s radar

You should use VPN if you do not want to risk Internet Service Provider (ISP) poking its nose in your business. In other words, VPN preserves your privacy and anonymity, preventing ISP from monitoring every bit of information you send or receive. Even if you are not doing anything embarrassing or special, the thought of being spied on is not the most pleasant one. So, download a VPN app, connect to a secure server, and encrypt all your data.

Use public Wi-Fi safely

If you often connect to a free, public Wi-Fi on airports, hotels, and cafes, you are putting yourself at a great risk. These hotspots often use unsecured connections that can easily get hacked. Since it gives you an encryption shield, using a VPN on the phone minimizes the chances of someone getting the hands on your data and traffic. To be more precise, wrongdoers will be able to see only a bunch of nonsensical, scrambled up data.

Accessing restricted services

One of the common reasons why people use VPNs is gaining access to content that is restricted or blocked in the home country. Namely, you gain the ability to, let’s say, watch US Netflix from the UK. This is because your real IP address is hidden and you can make it appear like you are situated in another country. Other websites you connect to are no longer able to see your IP address and therefore track your real, physical location. All they can obtain is the IP address of the VPN server.

Additional features

VPNs do not just direct your internet traffic. There are many VPN providers out there and they differ in terms of features, ease of setting up, and pricing. Some solutions serve as excellent ad blockers, filtering these pesky things from a known list of websites. Others specialize in creating a private session between and you and your work. That is why many remote workers use it. By doing your research, you can find a service that is tailored to your specific expectations and preferences.

No good reason not to

There are no big downsides of using VPNs. You do not need a bunch of technical know-how to put them to good use. Besides, trusted solutions offer sturdy privacy policies and keep their systems up-to-date. Many claim that your internet speed takes a big hit, but that is not entirely true. Running most VPN services reduces the speed only slightly, so that you barely notice any difference. Thus, there is hardly any justification to forgo your internet security and privacy.

The verdict is unanimous

There are several really good reasons to consider using a VPN on your smartphone. In fact, the pros of having this kind of protection significantly outweigh the cons.  In the age of spectacular hacker attacks and eroding privacy deregulation, you have a chance to thwart any attempts to undermine your freedom and data integrity. So, do your homework and figure the VPN solution that best suits your needs. Gain a much-needed peace of mind.  

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