Wix Logo Maker Review (2021): Create a Professional-Looking Logo

The logo is at the heart of a business’ brand image. As your organization grows and expands into more markets, it is your logo that people recognize and remember. Whether you have a new business or you want to rework your logo, you can now do it yourselves. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in hiring the services of a logo designer, you can have your logo designed in minutes with the Wix logo maker.

It is not just the cost that matters. There are many reasons why you should be using Wix Logo Maker to create your business logo. Explore these reasons in this review.

1. Easy to Use Online Logo Maker

This is not a graphics designing software, but an online tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Anyone with basic IT skills can design their professional-looking logo by following the following simple steps:

  • Enter your company name
  • Describe your business, its vision, mission, and theme (these factors should also define your logo’s design). Wix Logo Maker provides options for you to choose from.
  • Once the answers are submitted, online software’s algorithm provides you logo suggestions.
  • Choose a logo design from the suggestions.
  • Edit and customize the logo design using the online editor. It’s easy for anyone to use.
  • Download the logo design once you are satisfied with the customizations.

2. Dedicated Logo Design Editor for 100% customization

This online logo designing program allows you to edit and customize the chosen logo design with ease. It provides you with an online editor that can be used by anyone – without any need of designing experience. Achieve 100% customization by editing the:

  • Fonts
  • Size
  • Colors
  • Textual information
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And more.

The editor has different sections for customizing different elements of the logo, including Name, Tagline, Frame, Icon, and Palettes.

  • Name: Make changes to the textual fonts, colors, letter spacing, opacity, and alignment.
  • Tagline: From this section, you can change the tagline text’s features similar to the above-mentioned features of Name.
  • Icon: This section allows you to choose from a vast range of vector-based graphics (offered by Wix) to be used within your logo’s design. You can also replace the present icon that may have already been there in the logo.
  • Frame: From this section, you can determine the outline or frame of your logo. So you can choose from a variety of frame designs, ranging from circular to square ones.
  • Palettes: This section provides you color options to choose from.

3. Download High-Resolution Vector Files

You can download a normal resolution file of your logo’s design for free. This file can be used to evaluate how the logo is going to perform for use in different areas. Then there is the option to download a high-resolution SVG vector file of the logo. You can download the file in this format after you are fully satisfied with the final design.

  • The free, low-resolution file is available for free download.
  • Another option is to sign-up for a paid account and downloads the professional logo in SVG format. The vector image file is scalable without any limits. It can be used for the biggest prints without any worries of distortion in pixels. Compress and use the high-resolution logo file across all your online properties without losing quality.

4. Logo Files for Social Media

Wix also offers a social media kit containing logo images that can be used on your social media profiles. Include the high-quality logo images in your profile pictures, cover photos, and your regular posts. Build a professional image with your logo designs without losing resolution, and gain a competitive edge. You will also get access to brand guide, fonts, and hex color code, and print-ready logo design files along with the paid account.

5. A matching business website for your logo, designed by Artificial Design Intelligence

As already mentioned, the Wix Logo Maker is based on an AI-powered platform. And Wix has a much larger scope than being a logo designing platform. It is also a website designing platform that is trusted by more than 120 million people worldwide. So once you have designed your logo, you can also use the AI-based system to create your website.

Similar to logo design, most of the website creation process is based on answering a few questions, customizing the suggested design created by the AI algorithm, and getting a 100% customized website. If fact, Wix’s platform already creates a website for you, based on the input information from your logo design process, and you need to do is click to view your website.

6. Print Business Cards to Match Your Logo

As already mentioned above, Wix is a vast platform and offers various services. Once you have designed your logo, you expect to use it on all your marketing materials. You can take advantage of the option to order and print your business cards that perfectly match your logo design. Thus, your business card is going to have not just the logo, but also the logo’s theme.

7. Don’t Have an Eye for Design? Retouch Your Logo by a Professional Graphic Designer

Even when Wix logo maker provides an editor for 100% logo customization, you can still opt for the services of a professional graphic designer from Wix. The company allows you to get your logo retouched and refined by an expert. This is an option that is aimed at the more design-challenged individuals in the pack.

Thus, there are many reasons why Wix Logo Maker is the perfect online tool for you to create your business’ logo. It is easy for anyone to use, and offers everything you will need. And the list of additional options adds more value to the overall experience.

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