FULL WordPress.com Hosting Review (2021)

Sometimes it may happen to us that we forget about the updates, security patches, latency glitches, and the disk space issues. But, when using WordPress, you do not need to worry about these little things as Automattic has already provided a hosting service that allows installation of third party plugins and templates.

As we all know, WordPress Development is a very popular CMS and powers nearly 29% of all the web. Hosting your own WordPress website lets you add plugins, customize the behaviour of the software according to the requirement. But, with the hosting, you may need to deal with lot of updates, security problems and various other issues.

However, WP.com hosting is highly considerable among developers and there are various reasons behind this consideration. In the below article you will find those reasons because of which the WP.com hosting is preferred by the WordPress enthusiasts. Read on the article and find out whether you should use this WordPress.com hosting, the hosting that is supported by Automattic.

Updates & Upgrades Made Easy

When you have your own self hosted WP, you may need to perform updates on a regular basis just to keep the installation secure. WordPress team made it easy and simple such that with some written permissions, you can update the WordPress website in few minutes. If not updated, your site may get out of date. With the WordPress.com hosting, not only the minor version updates, but also major upgrades can be done in a very perfect and smooth manner.

As the WordPress.com hosting is run by the experts who maintain the database of the WP.org, the entire update and upgrade processes are made easier and smooth with the host.

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Load Balancing is Necessary

Most of the developers these days do not understand the value of load balancing. Performance of the website matters at a great level. When the websites are developed at a great speed, it is necessary that they should not be hosted on a shared hosting. By getting your site loaded on any shared hosting, you may face issues like increased load, CDN problems are to be faced for delivering content globally.

If your WordPress website is live globally, you might be getting visitors from any corner of the world. It is necessary that your website should work perfectly and must be fast in any place in the world. WordPress.com hosting will smartly balance your load and will perform global distribution so that your website works perfect globally. Regardless of the size of your website, WP.com will handle the global audience of your website perfectly. Also, it comes with cloud hosting services which makes it a distributed network across the globe resulting the instant visibility of the your WordPress website globally.

Upgraded Security

It is a golden rule that if the WordPress site is not updated, you will end up having an insecure WP website, which can be hacked up easily with simple scan of few vulnerable WP versions on the web. Even if the hosting used by your WordPress website is up to date, it only requires few steps for the attackers to take over your website. These kind of attacks may be faced by every WordPress website owner. With the global distribution nature of the WP.com host, the impact of DDoS attacks is minimized to the lowest possible ways as every patch is applied automatically to WP.com hosting services.

Also, the hosting services make sure that the bogus changes are immediately removed if the attack is detected. They also patch the security holes found in the website during the attack.

Maintenance & Upgrades of Server

If you are owning a WordPress website, you might be aware that there are several major upgrades available to the platform. Wp.com hosting makes the safer upgrades compared to the hosting that are entirely relied on PHP and MySQL. When you use these self hosted softwares, the server upgrades does not happen often, hence when it happens, it becomes a time consuming process which may involve various settings again. Higher the number of the customers on your website, more servers will be required to keep a track of.

But, with the WP hosting, the maintenance of the upgradation becomes easy and avoid the problems in the mid and long run. WP.com professionals will manage the entire procedure along with major upgrades and thus the process will be handled smoothly. Hence, with WP.com host, you may not need to worry about anything, but use it.

Hence, managed WordPress.com is the ultimate solution for the finest hosting services. WordPress runs nearly a third of the internet and the managed solutions are the finest inventions by the WordPress community. With the recently added support for themes and plugins, there might be some damage caused to the website with WP.com, but there are various competitive agencies they provide services to handle the entire WP installation for better working of your website.

WP.com host is the solution to a lot of problems which are generally very hard to handle by the self hosted services. One of the major benefit is the platform solves the issue in less charges than the dedicated server. Though with some limitations like being unable to modify certain software, it covers a wide range of uses with its flexibility.

Author Bio: The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a professional WordPress development company &; global IT consulting firm. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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