7 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers in 2021

A WordPress developer is someone highly trained to create websites and blogs using WordPress. They can design themes to style a website to a particular need or develop plugins to add functionality to websites. These developers are responsible for creating visually appealing and functional using the specific tools allowed by WordPress. Although developers can design their own plugins for their websites, developers also use third-party plugins to make their jobs easier and launch websites quicker.

These plugins can streamline aspects of development and design or add components to websites that increase functionality. Some plugins work to alter existing components. In turn, plugins contribute to a better user experience. Some plugins are better than others, and developers should look for plugins that help them with specific components of the design or testing process that come from reliable sources. With the hundreds of plugins available for developers, it can be difficult to know which are the right ones to use. These are the seven best plugins for WordPress developers.


As a basic tool for any WordPress developer, the plugin Developer creates an organizational function to help developers manage their projects. This plugin optimizes the WordPress developer environment to keep track of their work and find resources, such as additional plugins. The plugin makes recommendations with each installation so that it can show users even more functionality options. Users can activate and deactivate plugins with one click. The plugin Developer also makes setting suggestions for the development of the environment.

When recommending other tools, this plugin curates options based on whether development focuses on creating themes or plugins. Anyone starting out in WordPress development can use this plugin to get acquainted with other plugins and the environment. Beginners can have a Developer help them pick the exact tools they need for a project. Especially useful for theme developers, this tool has a debug function. This is a free plugin that is directly available through WordPress. It is also open-source through GitHub so that users can continually make improvements and offer suggestions to make the plugin more powerful.

Query Monitor

Query Monitor primarily serves as a debugging tool that helps developers review and track queries and API requests. The primary use of the plugin is for website optimization. This plugin goes beyond simply checking PHP code for accuracy even though it does provide that function. It helps developers working with AJAX and REST API find and monitor issues, calls, redirects, and requests. This helps define problems in their code for poorly running plugins or identify superfluous queries. It automatically monitors the time it takes for each query to complete. By tracking database queries, it can help developers improve efficiency. The interface for the plugin involves the installation of a query bar on the administration bar. The data automatically displays so that users can find information easily.

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The target of this plugin is advanced developers. People who use this plugin should have a firm grasp of PHP, AJAX and REST API. Query Monitor easily organizes the output, but the language is highly technical. It creates a section that lists each duplicate query to make it easy to find solutions for slowing websites or functions. The tool also contains a list of each development component of the WordPress site along with the corresponding number of queries and total time a component spends running queries. Users receive notifications of duplications and high run times.

Theme Check

Theme Check is a must-have plugin for developers working on creating themes and developers using third-party themes. It helps make sure that themes comply with WordPress guidelines before submission. A theme in WordPress is the design and style of the website. It includes different templates and components. WordPress comes with many available themes, but many developers want to create their own themes, alter themes, or use professional-level themes to specialize their websites. Theme Check analyzes the components of the latter types of themes to check for WordPress compliance. It gets accurate results by using the same analytical tests that the WordPress team uses when it reviews themes.

Users get a detailed report on any inconsistencies between WordPress requirements and the theme. The plugin breaks errors into different categories and marks issues in the development process that require changes to pass WordPress tests and further recommendations for elements for optional changes. Interpretation of these notices does rely on a basic understanding of PHP, WordPress core, and theme guidelines. This plugin works best for developers who want to have the themes they create added to the official WordPress directory.


Wordfence is a plugin that helps developers protect their hard work from cyber attacks and malware. Not only is it imperative for developers to protect their work with enhanced security measures, but it is also vital to protect client data and data of any users of the website. Wordfence is one of the most popular options to provide that protection. This includes protection against malicious signatures and IP addresses. The plugin acts as an easy to install a firewall for WordPress websites. It scans for avenues for infection through backend development by checking components against repositories. Applying security measures to content is difficult for many plugins, but Wordfence scans content, identifies SEO spam and can analyze backlinks for dangers.

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The notifications are easy enough to read that even developers just starting out can understand suspicious or malicious activity on the website. It is a popular plugin across experience levels. After installation, users get a tutorial of the plugin, its features and how to use it. The dashboard keeps all of the security information in one easy-to-read area. It tracks the number of malicious attacks and allows users to enable and disable specific security components. This plugin can even be useful for securing a website with administrators in different locations, as it allows developers to immediately suspend logins from administrators with hacked accounts.

W3 Total Cache

The power of W3 Total Cache helps the developer improve load times and website speeds, especially for mobile and eCommerce websites. By using a cached system, frequently used data can be stored in cache memory that allows for faster retrieval of data. WordPress uses a complex system to retrieve data that can slow downloading speeds. This plugin creates a cache memory system for websites. This means that website visitors can download pages faster, access more content, and enjoy a more user-friendly experience. A Google Page Speed feature enables users to monitor data for Google-specific SEO implications. Improvements from W3 Total Cache can improve search engine ranks and increase conversions.

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In addition to creating a cache memory system, W3 Total Cache also compresses page sizes to increase speeds. Users can also manipulate the plugin to link to one of the many global content delivery networks to increase download time for static images. Developers with at least an intermediate grasp on WordPress development would find this plugin easy to use. Users can find plenty of documentation for more efficient use of the tool, but many of the features are advanced and require a foundation of knowledge in caching and APIs.

Monster Widget

The Monster Widget WordPress plugin combines multiple theme development functions into one to save developers a lot of time. It is from Automattic, so developers can trust that the tests are accurate. The plugin comprises the WordPress core widgets to help users test their themes. Rather than developers having to activate thirteen different widgets to test their themes, they can install the Monster Widget plugin and simply click a button. The plugin appears in the sidebar and shows what the core components look like and how the components will feature on the website. Developers can monitor and test aspects like RSS, recent posts, comments, categories, and archives. Once the tests are complete, users can remove the widgets by deselecting the plugin. Users can also increase functionality when using it in conjunction with bbPress.

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Even beginning developers find this plugin easy to use. It is as simple as installing the plugin and selecting it. It can only show users how the current widget appears. For testing purposes, it cannot locate broken features. Instead of using Monster Widget for production purposes, the testing emphasis allows developers to see problems in the sidebar widgets and fix those issues.

User Switching

For developers with multiple clients, the User Switching plugin makes it easy to switch between accounts without having to log in and logout of different accounts. This speeds up account switching for developers as there is no need to input passwords. The plugin can be especially helpful for developers working with eCommerce companies that might have more than one store. User Switching can also be handy in the testing phase so that developers can see exactly how a page looks like a different user.

The plugin has many security features to keep data safe. As security protection, only those designated as administrators can switch between different websites or blogs. This means that only those with top access can use the function. Businesses can find this useful as it gives access only to those designated, such as IT managers, who can have the ability to utilize the function while restricting lower-level employees. The plugin also has password protection. There is no way to copy passwords, nor can passwords insecurely auto-populate in fields. For even developers just starting with multiple clients, this plugin can save lots of time.

WordPress plugins work with developers to make their jobs easier. This often involves speeding up development processes so that users can make their creative work live sooner. These plugins focus on theme testing and development, security, ease of use, and widget development. As a developer, these are the best plugins to streamline work and save time building in WordPress.

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