What does your WordPress theme say about you?

WordPress is a very popular platform and many entrepreneurs are using it as a means to establish an online presence. But how can so many people use the same platform without it becoming boring or just get to a point where users are tired of seeing the same format over and over? One of the defining factors of a WordPress website, and of WordPress itself on some level, is the theme library. Using WordPress to launch your website gives you access to tons of themes which you can use to customize and tweak your website, so that it represents what you’re all about. That brings us to a very important subject, respectively the fact that WordPress themes play a much larger role than many give them credit for.  But how?

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The importance of establishing an identity

There are a couple of ways through which a website can solidify the identity it’s trying to sell to its users. The first one that the users come in contact with however is the theme. Through the theme, you can reinforce the idea originally established by your professional practice or the line of products you wish to sell.

A practical example would be how websites oriented towards children or parents have a lot of colorful elements and just a broad palette of colors, overall. This is because they work with the theme that the website is trying to sell. Now imagine if you were looking for a website that sells high end men’s suites. You probably wouldn’t trust them if they had a theme with a bunch of silly colors and elements. There’s a reason why all the commercials for clothes or perfumes use very serious colors like black and gold, because they make the product look sleek. This is just a bit of insight into WordPress themes. Be sure to learn more about on page SEO on Matthew Woodwards blog. You’re sure to find more content to interest you there.

Not settling on a theme

what wordpress themes say about you

If you’ve just started your website, it may take a little while before you finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together. But eventually, you will need to settle on a combination of design and theme that your audience can become accustomed with. Users are much more likely to access a website if they know what’s expecting them on the other side. Constant theme changes and whatnot means they will never get used to the website and it will always feel rather strange to them.  Just think of your favorite top ten websites and how you can already picture the layout and color scheme before you even open the tab. You can only achieve that effect by remaining constant and not changing your theme every other day. 

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