WP Engine Reddit Reviews (2021)

WP Engine set the standard for managed WordPress hosting in the industry. As a pioneer, the company has grown steadily to become one of the top brands for premium hosting services honed exclusively for the WordPress platform. On Reddit, you’ll often find it mentioned whenever hosting WordPress sites is discussed, with users commenting based on their personal experience with the web host. Below is a compilation of Reddit reviews on WP Engine.

WP Engine Pros

Here are the great things Reddit users said about WP Engine’s hosting services. You can click on each comment image to view the full thread on Reddit.

On whether WP Engine is worth it

Hosting plans on WP Engine can be daunting for small website owners looking to move to a managed solution. It’s no secret that WP Engine is quite expensive and targeted at growing businesses. However, it seems the perfect fit for these users:

WP Engine’s best features

Some of the most appreciated features included in WP Engine hosting plans are test and staging environments, solid customer support,

Server security

Responding to a thread about the most secure WordPress hosting, this user highly recommends WP Engine:

Customer service and support

On a thread where a user complains about WP Engine’s customer service, these users were quick to defend the company:

WP Engine Cons

Of course, users have had bad experiences with WP Engine, too. Here are what some of them have to say.

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Server downtime

Some users report on experiencing several outages than normal. Downtime is sometimes unavoidable but that’s where the support team comes in. Here’s a thread with responses from other users who’ve had similar site uptime issues.


Expect sales pitches if your websites are nearing or exceeding hosting plan limits.

Expensive costs not for everyone

It’s clear that WP Engine’s hosting plans aren’t meant for smaller websites.


WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting services clearly have a target market. This user sums it up nicely:

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